Maycoll Calderón

Chef Maycoll Calderón was born in Venezuela, and grew up with a passion for cooking. He embarked on a journey to Spain to launch his career under the mentorship of chefs including Karlos Arguiñano, Juan María Arzak, and Ferran Adria, learning from some of the best in the world. He eventually landed in New York, where he worked for Jean-Geroges Vongerichten, developing and opening several restaurants around the world with him, including Jean-Georges and The Mark by Jean-Georges in NYC, Fern in Puerto Rico, and J&G Grill in Mexico City. Eventually Calderón landed in Mexico City, where he partnered with Walter Meyenberg to create Huset and Hanky Panky. A voracious perfectionist, Calderón oversees his restaurants down to the last detail, spending his days and nights in the kitchen, interacting with guests, and constantly creating new dishes. The success of Huset inspired Calderón and Meyenberg to bring their forward-thinking, truly Mexico City-style of cuisine to Los Angeles with the opening of Tintorera. This seafood-centric, outdoor Silver Lake treasure will be reflective of Calderón’s signature cooking style – unique Mexican preparations of fish, meats, vegetables, and perfectly handmade tortillas. Expect a menu laden with crudos, fresh flavors, and stunning plating. Calderón now splits his time between Mexico City and L.A., as well as the kitchen and the soccer field.