The HCG Diet Phase 3 Foods List is a list of foods that can be eaten on the third and final phase of the HCG Diet. This diet plan is intended for those who have completed the first two phases and are ready to lose more weight.

The phase 3 hcg diet sample menu is a list of foods that are allowed on the third phase of the HCG diet.

When moving from HCG Phase 2 to Phase 3, you may have concerns regarding what foods you may consume on P3 and whether or not you’ll be able to maintain your weight. This HCG Diet Phase 3 Food List was created to assist you in making the best decisions and avoiding some of the traps that may jeopardize your success in maintaining your weight reduction with the HCG Diet. I hope you find this list of HCG Diet acceptable meals useful as you embark on your HCG Diet adventure.

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Phase 3 Foods on the HCG Diet – Protein

A broad range of proteins, including all animal proteins, eggs, and dairy, are available. On Phase 3, your body is largely in a Keto state, so you don’t have to worry about fat content or quantities. Rather of monitoring calories, portion your proteins to fulfill your appetite. It’s essential to note that Phase 3 is when your body establishes a new calorie need, so don’t continue dieting at this period. It’s important to consume a lot of healthy food since it sets the tone for your new, quicker metabolism. Instead of excessively sugared, salted, and preserved meats, select complete, unprocessed protein for your HCG Phase 3 meals. Meats that are organic, wild fished, free range, and grass fed are my favorites. Eat whole foods, read labels, and stay away from anything that has been processed or cooked with sugar.

Angus beef (All cuts)

Chicken is a delicious dish (all cuts)

Fish and seafood (Fish, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, etc.)

Pork chops (All cuts, uncured bacon and ham etc.)


Dairy and Cheese (See below)

Protein powders made from whey, peas, and rice (unsweetened and sweetened with Stevia or other natural, sugar free, sweetener)

Vegetables on the HCG Phase 3 Foods List

It’s OK to eat any non-starchy vegetable with a GI of less than 30. Variate your diet by choosing colorful, nutrient-dense vegetables. Winter squash, green peas, maize, and root vegetables like potatoes and parsnips should all be avoided.

Greens (chard, spinach, mustard, etc.) with lettuce

Bell Peppers, Jalapeos, Anaheim, Pasillas, and other peppers

Cauliflower is a vegetable (A low carb staple that can be roasted, pureed, and used a variety of ways)








Garlic with onions

Herbs are plants that have medicinal properties (All fresh and dried herbs are approved)

Brussel Sprouts (Brussels Sprouts)




HCG Phase 3 approves all other non-starchy veggies.

Fruits on the HCG Diet Phase 3 Foods List

On P3, you may eat as much fruit as you want in moderation. However, watch your amounts; some dieters have greater difficulty maintaining their weight if they consume too much fruit. Choose low-sugar fruits such as fresh berries whenever feasible, avoid dried fruit owing to the concentration of sugars during the drying process, and avoid drinking fruit juices. When possible, eat your fruit whole, with all of the fiber, peel, and nutrients. Avoid eating too much pineapple and watermelon on P3 because of the carbohydrate and sugar levels, and avoid bananas entirely until you reach Phase 4 Maintenance.



Berries are a kind of berry that is (Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries etc.)

Melon is a fruit that comes from the (Honeydew, cantaloupe and other melons)



Nectarines with Peaches



Plums are a kind of fruit that grows in (avoid prunes)

HCG Phase 3 includes all additional fresh, entire fruits. In moderation, it was approved.

Phase 3 Foods on the HCG Diet – Oils and Fats

Coconut oil, olive oil, and real butter are my favorite cooking oils and fats. On Phase 3, most oils and fats are permitted, and you may confidently use them in your cooking. Trans fats and artificial goods like margarine and Crisco should be avoided. Many oils, such as canola and vegetable oils, have been declared unfit for human consumption or contain GMO components. Technically, any oil may be used, but select the healthiest fats you can.

Coconut Oil is a kind of vegetable oil that is

Olive Oil


Oils from nuts and seeds (Hazelnut, Walnut, Grapeseed, Sesame, flax, almond, etc.)

grease from bacon


Nuts and Seeds on the HCG Diet Phase 3 Foods List

On Phase 3, you may eat as many nuts and seeds as you like in moderation. Because certain nuts and seeds include starch, check the Glycemic Index and avoid nuts and seeds that have a high starch content (cashews and sesame seeds have a higher starch content for example)

Almonds are a healthy snack (One of my favorite HCG Diet Snacks)


Peanuts & Peanut Butter (Note: When consuming Peanut Butter, some dieters have difficulty staying on P3)





Chia Seeds are a kind of chia seed that is

Due to their increased carbohydrate content, the following Nuts and Seeds should be used with caution.


Seeds of Sesame

Pignoles are a kind of pignole (Pine Nuts)

Sunflower seeds are a kind of sunflower.

Foods to Avoid on the HCG Diet Phase 3 – Dairy (optional)

When you’re on Phase 3, you may consume whatever full-fat dairy product you choose. Skim or low-fat dairy should be avoided since the milk sugars may interfere with stability. Processed and fake cheeses should be avoided.

Cheddar (most full fat, unprocessed, unsweetened cheeses are acceptable)

Cream, whole milk, and half-and-half

Yogurt from Greece (Unsweetened full fat varieties only)





The phase 3 hcg calorie intake is the phase of the HCG diet. This phase allows for a person to eat more calories than they did in phases 1 and 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat carrots on HCG Phase 3?

Yes, HCG is a plant hormone that helps you lose weight. Carrots are not a food that would interfere with your diet plan.

Can you lose weight on HCG Phase 3?

Yes, you can lose weight on HCG Phase 3. It will be slow and gradual, but it is possible.

Can I have oatmeal on HCG Phase 3?

HCG Phase 3 is not a weight loss program. It is designed to help you lose fat and gain muscle. Oatmeal is high in fiber, which can be good for your digestive system, but it also has a lot of sugar. Sugar can cause insulin spikes, which can make you feel tired and sluggish.

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