On the third day of HCG diet, your body will begin to stabilize and you will start seeing weight loss. You should also be able to maintain your weight on this phase for a longer period of time in order to reach your goal.

The hcg phase 3 steak day didn t work is a diet that has been around for a while. It is designed to help people lose weight and stabilize their weight on the HCG Diet Steak Day Phase 3.


Get assistance with the HCG Diet’s Steak Day Phase 3

Harmony C. Grace, Author of HCG Diet Made Simple – Guest Blog Post

To begin, double-check that you’re using the proper weight to determine whether you’re more than 2 pounds overweight and, thus, need a Steak Day. The weight you want to remain within 2 pounds of on the day you take your final HCG dosage is the weight you want to stay within 2 pounds of in either direction. This is NOT the lowest weight you recorded on the first morning of P3, which is 72 hours later!

Why do some people need a Steak Day on Day 2 of P3? The weight on the “First Day of P3” is usually 2 to 3 pounds less than the LIW (Last Injection Weight) (also called LDSW or Last Sublingual Dose Weight, if you are taking HCG sublingually). Many individuals on the HCG Diet are provided incorrect information, causing them to believe that they need a Steak Day if their weight is more than 2 pounds higher than it was the morning they started P3, which is completely false. Trying to remain within 2 pounds of your starting weight on the morning of P3 is a formula for P3 misery, since it’s almost impossible for most people. It may be exhausting to do a Steak Day, Protein Deficiency Day, or a different kind of Recovery Day every other day in P3. Not to add that, in most instances, it is completely unnecessary IF you are using the proper weight, as measured on the morning of the final day of hCG treatment.

Another error is not consuming enough protein before beginning P3, which would induce water retention owing to protein shortage, as Dr. Simeons warns us during P2. To increase your protein intake, he recommends eating two eggs for breakfast, a big steak for lunch, and another large steak for supper, along with a substantial serving of cheese. To prevent suffering what Dr. Simeons refers to as “hunger-edema,” continue P3 after that, but with considerably more protein than you were consuming before.

Why do we rapidly recover the weight we lost during the HCG Diet’s first 72 hours? When starting to consume regular quantities on P3, whatever weight is lost after 72 hours following the last HCG dosage is usually soon recovered due to replenishing glycogen reserves. Glycogen reserves in the muscles and liver are reduced throughout the diet, allowing fat stores to be utilized for fuel instead. Because each gram of glycogen requires 2.5 to 4 grams of water to be stored, you’ll gain at first, but it shouldn’t be more than 2-4 pounds from the glycogen, which is usually 50-100 grams in the liver and 300-400 grams in the muscles (although that muscle glycogen might not all be restored until P4 when you eat more carbs). As a result, the final few days of weight reduction are always rapidly recovered, and you utilize the last dosage day weight rather than the lowest you achieve after 72 hours.

Harmony Clearwater Grace, Love with Blessings

The HCG Diet Made Simple, Harmony’s excellent guidebook, is available for purchase HERE.

I hope you find this post on the HCG Diet Steak Day Phase 3 helpful, and a special thanks to my buddy Harmony for sharing this important information with us.

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The why does steak day work on hcg is a question that has been asked by many people. HCG Diet Steak Day Phase 3 Stabilize Your Weight on P3 is the answer to this question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lose weight on HCG Phase 3?

Yes, it is possible to lose weight on HCG Phase 3.

How do I stabilize my weight after HCG?

It is important to eat a diet high in protein and vegetables.

What can you eat on p3 HCG?

You can eat anything you want on p3 HCG.

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