This is the story of how I managed to lose 25 pounds in a year without any major changes to my diet. I did this by adding in some simple changes that I hadn’t done before, but that turned out to be the key to good weight loss.

This is a must see for all of you people out there. This is all about how to stop the labels, how to make the “sugar” in our food toxic so we can stop the addiction of the brain to “sugar” and how to make sure we get our “sugar” from healthy fruits, vegetables and grains instead of the junk food that is hidden in them.

You know how kids should never eat too much candy? The same advice should apply for adults, especially since candy has increased in popularity. Candy companies try to hide the fact that sugar is a toxin by labeling their products as natural or healthy foods, but will tainting your body with this poison really make you feel better?. Read more about is sugar toxic and let us know what you think.

(Unfortunately, the video is no longer accessible.)

This is a great 60 Minutes story. This is a necessity. Dr. Lustig begins by assuring us that sugar is poisonous (in the amounts regularly consumed in America today).

Then, according to another expert, a calorie isn’t always a calorie. Fructose (sugar) is a different story; it has a variety of negative impacts on our bodies. She stopped consuming sweets after learning the truth.

A third expert describes how sugar feeds common cancer cells, according to his study. When he found out, he stopped drinking lemonade.

A fourth researcher demonstrates how sugar intake feeds the reward regions of the brain. This is comparable to the effects of narcotics such as cocaine. Conclusion? Sugar is a highly addictive substance.

In a nutshell, sugar is poisonous and causes more harm than any other calorie. Sugar is both addicting and feeds cancer cells. This is something that the sugar lobby representative should attempt to clarify towards the conclusion of the presentation. Not a lot of success.

As if the flawless 14-minute story on 60 Minutes wasn’t enough, the Internet is full with fascinating extras. Take a look at this:

The Toxic Truth about Sugar and Children

(Unfortunately, the video is no longer accessible.)

Are we inadvertently giving poisons to our children? Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a father of three, shares his thoughts on how a normal family should approach sugar consumption (4 minutes).

From Fructose to Cholesterol

(Unfortunately, the video is no longer accessible.)

Dr. Gupta speaks with a scientist who examines how much fructose we consume is turned to fat in our bodies. It’s an excellent two-minute movie.

Fructose’s role in belly fat storage

(Unfortunately, the video is no longer accessible.)

2 minutes on belly fat, which tends to rise when you consume too much fructose.

Calories aren’t all created equal.

(Unfortunately, the video is no longer accessible.)

Learn more about how fructose differs from other calories in a research. Even in young, slim, healthy individuals, it raises risk factors for heart disease in only two weeks (2 minutes).

Sweetened drinks vs. fruit

(Unfortunately, the video is no longer accessible.)

This is a nice short film that explains the difference between sweetened beverages and fruit. Few individuals receive as much sugar from fruit as they do through regular lemonade drinking.

Tell people that sugar is harmful.

Sugar is poisonous (in large quantities). To stop the terrible epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, more people must realize this. One of the finest stories I’ve seen on the topic comes from 60 Minutes.

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When you see this, what do you think?

In 2011, the New York Times’ venerable health columnist, Dr. Michael Pollan, did something no one else had ever done before: He sat down with the food industry to openly discuss what it takes to make their ingredients safe. In the weeks that followed, consumers began to demand clear information and more transparency about the food they eat, and the food industry started paying attention. Since then, companies like General Mills and Nestle have launched websites like Meanwhile, 60 Minutes did a story on the connection between sugar and obesity.. Read more about sugar and cancer and let us know what you think.

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