*CMEs, a ketogenic diet, and a ketogenic lifestyle have long been considered to be the holy grail of fat loss. But then there are the flaky, the carb-averse, and the downright lazy who aren’t sure they want to adopt this lifestyle. Why not? Because the ketogenic diet is a method that solely focuses on burning fat and shedding weight, instead of incorporating high-carb foods into your diet. And yes, you can lose weight without counting calories, carbs, and fat grams.

SlimFast says it has a new plan for people trying to lose weight—one that depends on the kinds of fat their bodies are able to burn. Called the SlimFast Keto plan, the drinks and shakes are made with a combination of ingredients that SlimFast says help people burn fat instead of carbs, which will help them lose weight. SlimFast says the plan comes with a money-back guarantee, and also contains other ingredients like whey protein, which promote weight loss in other ways.

SlimFast is making some major changes to its original low-calorie shake, SlimFast Keto. While SlimFast Keto remains a low-calorie version of the original SlimFast keto plan, it now includes fat bombs, meal shakes, and more. If you’re not sure if you should try SlimFast Keto, check out this SlimFast Keto review.

SlimFast is now Keto-friendly!

When I learned that SlimFast now has a new SlimFast Keto diet, I had to double-take! SlimFast has been making goods for almost 40 years, the majority of which are low-calorie diets and specialized meals.


Meal bars, fat bombs, meal shakes, MCT oil, and keto creams are all part of the new SlimFast Keto diet plan. Extras such as test strips for determining ketones are also available.

This is a better choice than a candy bar if you’re short on funds and need something to keep you on track on the road. In any event, I’m hoping they compete with the Atkins brand (as well as other keto-friendly goods) to provide some competition (and keep prices down).

SlimFast products may be found at Walmart, select Target locations, and online at Amazon.com.

What are your thoughts? Do you want to give these goods a try?

Get your body right for your next bodybuilding competition with the new, advanced Keto SlimFast plan. The fat loss plan is designed to help newbies and bodybuilders alike lose weight without the carbs. It features meal replacement shakes that are faster to prepare than traditional shakes. Plus, the shakes include snacks that can hold you over until your next meal.. Read more about slim fast keto shakes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many SlimFast Keto fat bombs can I eat a day?

The recommended amount of SlimFast Keto fat bombs is 2-3 per day.

Is SlimFast Keto shake a meal replacement?

No, SlimFast Keto shake is not a meal replacement.

Are SlimFast Keto fat bombs Keto-friendly?

Yes, they are keto-friendly.

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