I am a man who has recently experienced a great tragedy. I lost my mother, Alice Hibbert, on October 28, 2012. She died in my arms after a long battle with cancer. She was the one person who knew me inside and out. She was my confidant, my best friend, and she was always there to listen to me. She loved my children and my grandchildren, and she was their rock. She loved her garden, she loved her cats and dogs, and she loved her home.

Grief is a painful and often debilitating experience, and it’s easy to feel alone in your pain. But you’re not alone. We’re here for you. We’ll be sharing our experience as we try to get through this difficult time. Don’t let your pain get the best of you. Stay healthy, stay strong, and stay safe.

A few days ago, I was told that one of my best friends had died. In a way, I couldn’t believe it. We’d been through so much together in such a short amount of time. It was such a shock. “Why now?” I wondered. Why pick me to be the one to hear the news? I was the last person to see him alive, and I was the first to hear the bad news.

Susan Hibbert, Dan Hibbert’s wife, encouraged him to take better care of himself and emphasize health and exercise early in their marriage. Dan had to overcome his sorrow and find the courage to continue the path when tragedy struck, for the most essential reason of all: his children.


Susan Hibbert, Dan Hibbert’s wife, pulled him aside one day in the late 1990s.

Dan had been overeating, relying on food for consolation during stressful times, and his health was suffering as a result. Susan, concerned about his health, urged him to make some adjustments.

Dan, from Calgary, Canada, recalls being “probably 40 or 50 pounds overweight” at the time.

“My wife sat me down and said, ‘I’m worried about you and want you to be well,’ bless her heart. And it was fantastic. It gave me a huge kick in the pants, and I was able to lose all of that weight and keep it off for a long time.”

Dan and his family before Susan, his wife, became ill.

Then something horrible occurred in 2011.

Susan was given the news that she had colorectal cancer. She fell into a deep melancholy as a result of sleep deprivation and worry after numerous operations and intensive chemotherapy.

Susan took her own life in August of 2012, despite everyone’s best attempts. For Dan and their five children, it was unexpected and devastating.

Dan, 40, understood it would be difficult not just to work through his sorrow after losing Susan, but also to care for his five children, dog, and family company. He did, however, make a choice.

“As soon as I learned of our family’s suicide, I felt it was my life’s duty to care for our children.”

“I didn’t want them to be defined negatively as a result of this. Dan adds, “I had to be there for them.”

Dan took the steps he needed to assist himself and his family cope. Exercise, especially CrossFit, was one of his greatest outlets.

Dan’s previous emotional eating habits reappeared after a few years.

Dan sought solace once again in the form of food.

Every night, he found himself reaching for a beer or glass of wine. And social occasions became justifications for overeating. He could feel his weight creeping up after a time.

“It’s like, ‘Okay.’ When you have to go out and purchase new pants, it’s like, ‘Okay.’ He chuckles as he says, ‘Problem.’

Dan, joking aside, was concerned about his weight increase. He was well aware of the necessity of looking after his own mental and physical well-being.

Dan experienced a “moment of truth” when he watched the scale go into the 220s.

Dan considered his children and his particular duty to help them. “I thought to myself, ‘If I keep going down this path, I won’t be a decent father.’”

And he remembered Susan. Dan claims that if his mother had been there, she would have interfered.

“However, she wasn’t. So it was one of those times when I realized, “Well, I suppose I’ll have to step up and do this on my own.” For the sake of my children. ‘As well as for myself.’


Susan, Dan’s late wife, continues to motivate him to remain healthy and active for himself and his five children.

Dan thought about his choices. He could undertake some kind of six-week transformation challenge, but the effects would be short-lived. Besides, he was well aware that he need some assistance and responsibility.

He’d been following Dr. John Berardi for a while and finally decided to join up for Coaching.

Dan was able to reset his old comfort eating habits and adopt new, healthier methods because to PN.

He adds, “The training really extended my toolbox of understanding what to do and the actual capacity to execute it.”

Dan was a firm believer in the program from the beginning. The regular check-ins and the opportunity to monitor his development were very beneficial to him.

Dan adds, “If there are numbers, I do well.” “Give me a set of numbers and tell me to go from point A to point B, and I’ll try my best.”

That’s precisely what he did.

Of all, we all need a little help now and again, and Dan was no different.

After a few months of consistent weight reduction, he went out to his PN coach, Calvin, for some easy “suggestions and adjustments” to assist Dan keep moving ahead.

Dan fractured his wrist during a CrossFit session towards the conclusion of the PN Coaching program. Despite the additional difficulty, Dan was able to maintain his routine.

Dan was able to stay on track once again thanks to a combination of daily accountability, Coach Calvin’s support, and the ability to track his progress.

What are the outcomes of that commitment? Dan dropped 30 pounds and learned how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle on the inside and out.

“I appreciate the transformation the program has brought about in terms of my looks and, more significantly, my entire mindset.”

Dan is happy he course-corrected in order to remain loyal to his goal of caring for his children when he looks back.

He thinks, “You do need to pause and take inventory once in a while.” “Have those internal discussions with yourself about your life’s overall tendencies.

“Take some time to face those things, whether it’s your weight, mental health, or habits… and get assistance with them.”

He adds, “and if there is coaching help available, make use of it. Coaching is a huge help.”

Dan’s children are all doing well now, and he has a new addition to the family: his first grandson.


Dan and his children, who are all doing well, had a good time during a recent family picture session.

Of course, coaching isn’t going to be able to make sorrow go away on its own. Change and healing both require time.

“I’ve learned that there are certain things that you have to give yourself time for, and you can’t rush them,” Dan admits. “However, with that stated, there are things you can do to assist.”

“The most important thing to remember is that this is a marathon, not a sprint,” Dan adds.

Do you want to be the healthiest, fittest, and strongest version of yourself?

Most people are aware that getting enough exercise, eating properly, sleeping well, and managing stress are all essential for looking and feeling better. However, they need assistance in putting that information into practice in the context of their hectic, often stressful lives.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve utilized the Coaching approach to assist over 100,000 customers lose weight, gain strength, and improve their health… over the long haul… no matter what obstacles they face.

It’s also why, via our Level 1 and Level 2 Certification programs, we educate health, fitness, and wellness professionals how to coach their own clients through similar difficulties.

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