This is a parody article about the ALDI Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Cheese Box Only $4.99 | and the holiday is a spoof on Valentine’s Day.

You want Valentine’s Day to be special, and you want to spoil your significant other with a romantic gesture. (Well, at least that’s what I did to my husband this year… because he’s my husband. Whatever.) But you don’t want to spend a lot of money or be picky about what you get. (Well, at least that’s what I did this year… because I don’t know what to get him, or what he wants, or what we should buy for dinner, or anything else for that matter. Whatever.)

Here’s a clever Valentine’s Day gift idea!

Don’t know what to buy your significant other for Valentine’s Day? Instead of flowers, opt for the cheese!

Head to your local ALDI for a short time only to get delightful Valentine’s Day cheese boxes for just $4.99 each.


This cheese is one of our favorites!

Each package includes eight tiny cheese slices, neatly wrapped in your choice of old white English cheddar or old gouda. Because both fragrances are themed, they’d be ideal for a Valentine’s Day gift basket!

ALDI offers a wide variety of keto-friendly items, such as beef sticks, almonds, pork rinds, keto cookies, parmesan crisps, protein bars, and more. Yum, I’m hungry now!


Get some of ALDI’s trademark cheeses and create a wonderful buffet of appetizers if you truly want to make the most of your Valentine’s Day. These meat and cheese platters are all the rage right now, and with good reason! They’re adaptable to a variety of tastes and budgets, and they’re simple to prepare at home using ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard or fridge.


Serve exquisite cheeses on this Crofton cheese board, which costs just € 9.99 at ALDI! This shelf was found in two different wood colors: light and dark brown.


Are you looking for Valentine’s Day meal suggestions?

There are so many tasty keto dishes that are also low carb that you can prepare for your loved ones! Here are a few of our personal favorites that we believe you’ll enjoy:

ALDI has some of the finest keto options!

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