The best part about chicken crust pizza, is that you don’t need any crust. All you need is a craving for pizza, cheese, and toppings, and a baking sheet, plus a baking stone. The best part about it, is that it doesn’t contain any flour.

When making pizza dough, many would agree that the first step to making a good crust is having the right amount of flour. More flour = more gluten = more rise = more bubbles = more gas = more chewy crust. In the past, I have used pizza dough that has too much flour, not enough flour, and then I tried a recipe that had too much cornmeal. Both of those recipes came out good, but not great. For this recipe, I used all-purpose flour, which is what I usually use. I then added a half-cup of rice protein, which is like an egg substitute.

This is a ZERO CARB pizza crust recipe. It is a low carb, gluten-free pizza crust alternative. This pizza crust recipe can also be made into a tortilla crust.. Read more about canned chicken crust pizza recipe and let us know what you think.

With this delicious Chicken Crust Pizza recipe, your fantasies have become a reality. This keto pizza crust may seem too wonderful to be true, but trust us when we say it’s the finest we’ve ever made. Three ingredients, 15 minutes, and all of your favorite keto low carb toppings are all you need.

This claims to be the lowest carb pizza you’ve ever made, with just 1g of net carbohydrates for THE ENTIRE PIZZA CRUST RECIPE.

Fathead Crust or Chicken Crust Pizza?

You’ve probably heard of fathead dough, which is a mixture of almond flour, cream cheese, shredded cheese, and egg, whether you’re new to the keto diet or a seasoned pro. What ingredients are used to make the keto chicken crust pizza? Chicken, egg, and a smidgeon of Parmesan.

For a variety of reasons, we prefer this chicken pizza crust, but if you’re just interested in flavor, that’s a personal choice. One reason you may choose a fathead pizza over this low-carb chicken pizza crust is because it is a little simpler to prepare.

Pizza with a Chicken Crust is a Low-Carb option.

The egg and cheese provide a few of carbohydrates to the crust, but otherwise it’s almost carb-free. The fathead crust is prepared with almond flour, cream cheese, egg, and shredded cheese, which may build up to a lot of carbohydrates, particularly when topped with vegetables and tomato sauce. It’s usually a good idea to start with a low-carb crust since it gives you more choices for toppings!

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Fathead Pizza has an excessive amount of cheese.

Everyone likes cheese on a pizza, but you’re essentially eating a cheese crust with MORE cheese on top. The keto chicken crust pizza recipe is excellent since it only uses a little quantity of cheese in the dough, leaving plenty of space for more cheese on top.

Calories are higher in a fathead. 

Much, much higher! When it comes to the keto diet, not everyone counts calories, but if you do, the chicken crust pizza is a far better choice than the fathead pizza. Cheese is one of those things that you can consume a lot of without realizing it, and almond flour is high in calories. If you’re following a ketogenic diet to lose weight, the low carb keto chicken crust pizza is a must-try.

More Filling with Chicken Crust 

In contrast to the cheese and almond flour fathead dough, the crust of this pizza is virtually 100% protein, making it very satisfying. Add some fat of your choosing, such as pesto, cheese, or sausage, and you’ve got yourself a quick keto dinner that will keep you full for hours. 

Pizza Crust with No Nuts

Unlike many of the options you’ll find on the internet, this chicken pizza crust is nut-free. This crust is made with a simple mix of chicken, cheese, and egg and is perfect for people on a nut-free keto diet.

pizza sliced into four pieces and being grabbed

How to Make a Pizza Crust with Chicken 

The process of making a chicken crust pizza is simple, and a video is included in this recipe article for your convenience. Here are some of our suggestions for making this dish as simple and delicious as possible.

Pick Your Chicken

This is the most crucial part of the formula. When it comes to chicken, you have two options: ground chicken and canned chicken. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but for this recipe, we highly recommend using excellent quality canned chicken over raw ground chicken since the crust will be much crispier.

Chicken that has been ground

This is not advised, but if you don’t have any other options, uncooked ground chicken will suffice. The disadvantage of using ground chicken or even ground turkey for a pizza crust is that you won’t obtain anything that resembles a pizza crust. If you want something more akin to a New York style pizza dough, omit the ground chicken and go with our suggested choice…

Chicken in a can

You may not even realize canned chicken exists, so don’t be put off! The finest chicken crust pizza is made using canned chicken. It’s simpler to eliminate the moisture from the crust by baking it for a few minutes before assembling it in the oven, which makes it much crispier.

Another advantage is that the final pizza lacks a distinct chicken taste. Remember, we’re attempting to replicate a real pizza, not a whole new creation that is just tangentially connected to pizza.

Note: When purchasing chicken, check the ingredients label carefully. Fillers like tapioca starch, rice starch, and maltodextrin are used in the lower-cost, lower-quality alternatives. Also, look for chicken breasts that have been cooked in water rather than the various oils that are frequently found in them.

Here’s an example of a delicious canned chicken dish. They’re among the sardines and tuna in the canned meats area.

bite taken out of a pizza slice

Remove as much moisture as you can 

This will give you the crispy crust that we’re looking for. The most important step here is to dry out the chicken for 5-10 minutes in the oven before combining the rest of the ingredients. It may not seem like drying out chicken is a recipe for a delicious dinner, but believe us when we say that it is! You’ll wind up with a floppy crust if you don’t remove some of the moisture from the chicken.

Combine the egg and the cheese. While the Chicken is Still Cooking

Make sure the chicken is not too hot, but just warm enough to melt the cheese and blend everything into a smooth consistency. Before mixing in the remainder of the ingredients, beat the egg. You may use a number of various kinds of Parmesan cheese, but grated Parmesan cheese is the finest option.

Season with salt and pepper if desired.

You may season your crust with any spices you like, but we suggest an Italian mix or even some basil to give it that authentic Italian flavor. This stage is enjoyable because you can play about with the spices and create some really bizarre tasting pizzas. Why not create an Indian chicken pizza with some curry powder?

To make the crust, use parchment paper.

When dealing with dough that is difficult to manage, such as this one, parchment paper may be a lifesaver. You can simply make the low carb pizza crust by sandwiching the dough mixture between two sheets and flattening it out with a rolling pin.

It’s Better to Be Thinner

Even if you’re a die-hard deep-dish fan, the ideal method to create this crust is to make it as thin as possible. By crisping up the dough sufficiently so it doesn’t become mushy when you add the toppings, you’ll have the most pizza-like experience. I typically use pressure with a rolling pin to flatten it as much as possible till it looks nice. You may bake this pizza on a pizza stone if you want to take it to the next level.

pizza crust made with chicken cheese and egg

Toppings for Low-Carb Pizza

We’re sorry to break it to you, but if you enjoy pineapple on pizza, you’ll have to leave it out or reduce its use while preparing a keto pizza. You won’t go hungry since there are lots of low-carb toppings to choose from. 

Pizza Sauces with Low Carbs


Because tomatoes contain naturally occurring sugars, every pizza sauce will include some level of sugar. The best you can hope for is to locate a sugar-free alternative. The following are the brands that are readily accessible and that we typically choose:

Each 1/4 cup of sauce, there are typically 3-4 grams of carbohydrates, which isn’t too terrible if you use less than 1 cup per pizza.


When it comes to keto pizza sauce, pesto sauce is going to be your best bet. Oil, nuts, cheese, herbs, and spices are often used in its preparation. Pesto sauce has a stronger taste than regular pizza sauce, so a little goes a long way.

Pesto will always have less carbs than regular pizza sauce. Simply ensure that the pesto is prepared with healthy fats (usually olive oil) rather than hazardous vegetable oils (like canola or soybean oil). Here are a few of our personal favorites:


You can always leave the sauce out. When we don’t have any sauce on hand and don’t feel like making it from scratch, we’ll pour some olive oil over the dough and pile it high with toppings.

Toppings for Low-Carb Pizza

  • Pepperoni
  • Bacon
  • Salami
  • Chicken
  • Sausage
  • Onion
  • Pepper (bell) 
  • Pepper Jalapeno
  • Mushrooms

Our Top Picks for Keto Pizza Toppings

Toppings are mainly a matter of personal taste, but you’ll be pleased to learn that almost every classic pizza topping is keto friendly. The following are some of our favorite keto pizza toppings:

  1.   Fresh mozzarella cheese with a pesto sauce.
  2.   Cheese and pepperoni are a classic combination.
  3.   When we’re feeling gourmet, we’ll use prosciutto, olive oil, and walnuts.

The possibilities for toppings are really limitless. We hope you adapt this chicken crust pizza recipe to your own tastes. Experiment with various tastes and toppings to see what you can come up with. Make small pizza crusts and let everyone choose their own toppings. 

Everyone Can Enjoy Low-Carb Keto Pizzas

At, we take pleasure in creating the most delectable keto meals possible. We are firm believers that keeping delicious keto dishes like this No Carb Pizza Crust easy and clear makes following a ketogenic diet simpler. That is our objective. This crust is one of our most significant contributions so far to that goal.

The ingredients are as basic as they come, the procedures are straightforward to follow, and the final result is really delicious. As a result, you may be on the lookout for a new keto crust recipe. Now that we’ve informed you about our favorite dish, it’s time for you to choose your own. Try our wildly popular fathead pizza recipe and tell us which keto pizza wins!

the original zero carb pizza crust with toppings

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No carb keto pizza crust made with chicken.

Pizza with a Chicken Crust

This whole chicken pizza crust has less than 1 gram of total carbohydrates! For a fun keto supper, serve it with a high-fat pesto sauce.

30 minutes in total

1 Crust (eight to ten inches in diameter)

408 calories per serving

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

Time to prepare: 25 minutes


  • Drain the canned chicken completely, removing as much liquid as possible.

  • Place the chicken on a silicon mat-lined baking sheet. To dry out the chicken, bake it at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

  • Remove the chicken from the oven after 10 minutes and put it in a mixing dish. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Combine the cheese and egg in the mixing bowl with the chicken.

  • Spread the mixture thinly on a baking sheet coated with a silicon mat. This is made simpler by putting parchment paper on top and rolling with a rolling pin.

  • Optional: Press the edges of the crust in with a spatula to create a ridge for the crust. If you’re using a topping that may slip off, this is a good idea (i.e. eggs).

  • Preheat the oven to 500°F and bake the crust for 8-10 minutes.

  • Take the crust out of the oven. Bake for another 6-10 minutes at 500 degrees with chosen toppings. The ultimate cook time will be determined by the toppings.

  • Allow to cool for a few minutes after removing from the oven. Your life has now been altered. Enjoy!

Nutritional Information

Pizza with a Chicken Crust

Per Serving Amount

408 calories 153 calories from fat

daily value in percent*

17g26 percent fat

Carbohydrates (1% of total)

61g122 percent protein

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.

Chef’s Specialty: Main Dish

American and Italian cuisines

chicken, dairy, supper, eggs, lunch, and no-carb pizza

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This pizza is loaded with the vegetables that most kids can’t eat: broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, spinach, and mushrooms. If your son won’t eat vegetables, then this pizza is a great way to sneak them into his diet. This recipe is also a great way to serve up a healthy meal. It’s easy to cook and will warm your family’s heart while it nourishes their body.. Read more about ground chicken crust pizza recipe and let us know what you think.

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