If you’ve tried making an omelette without whipping egg whites before, you know how hard it can be. The process requires straining the egg whites until they form a lotus-shaped meringue, and that’s no easy task when you’re not skilled at it. The good news is that the Thermomix is an egg white whipping machine. It’ll whip your whites perfectly in one minute.

It’s easy to make whipped cream in the Thermomix. This Thermomix recipe for whipping egg whites is a bit different than the one in my last post, and thermoregulates the temperature of the mixture. It’s also a good way to check the doneness of the egg whites in the midst of whipping. This Thermomix recipe for whipping egg whites is also a good way to check the doneness of the egg whites in the midst of whipping.

I didn’t think I would ever find a use for my new Thermomix. I have two other Thermomixes, a 5100 and a 7070, and I found that the 5100 was the more useful of the two. The 7070 is a traditional Thermomix, and whilst just as capable as any other Thermomix, the 7070 is much more expensive, and doesn’t have the extra function of the 5100. I have recently bought the Thermomix 5100, and have decided to use it to whip egg whites in. I have seen various videos on YouTube and elsewhere on how to use the Thermomix to make meringue, and I was interested to see if it was as easy as


With the Thermomix, you can easily whisk up flawless egg whites into firm peaks in no time.

In the Thermomix, whipping up egg whites may be hit or miss at times, but hopefully these techniques will ensure firm peaks in no time.

Egg whites are used in a few of desserts. Meringues and my Thermomix Lemon Delicious Pudding are two of my favorite things to make with them. Souffles, marshmallows, and mousse are just a few of the dishes that utilize egg whites.


Tips for Using the Thermomix to Make Egg Whites

  • Make sure the TM bowl is squeaky clean and free of oil. Lemon juice and vinegar are effective in removing any residue from butter and oil-based cookery. Make sure the butterfly attachment is clean and dry as well.
  • Use the Butterfly at 3.5 speed.
  • Use eggs that are at room temperature and have no yolk remaining in them. Fresh egg whites whip up faster and are more stable than older egg whites.
  • When the eggs are cold, it’s simpler to separate the yolk from the white. After they’ve been separated, let them to come to room temperature before whipping.
  • Allow plenty of air to enter your measuring cup by leaving it off.
  • Whipped egg whites should be utilized as soon as possible to avoid them becoming flat.

How to Keep Egg Whites Fresh

Egg whites may be refrigerated for up to two days or frozen for up to three months. When freezing, mark the bag with the date and the quantity of egg whites. Allow to thaw overnight in the refrigerator; once defrosted, they cannot be refrozen.

What Should I Do With My Extra Egg Yolks?

If you don’t want to waste any egg yolks, there are a variety of meals you can make with them, including:-

Lemon Curd Hollandaise Sauce – I also have a fantastic Lemon Tart Creme Brulee Traditional Vanilla Custard Mayonnaise recipe.

How to Keep Egg Yolks That Have Been Left Over

Egg yolks may be kept in the fridge for up to two days, but they should not be frozen. They dry up quickly, so keeping them lubricated with a little water is a good idea.

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How to whip egg whites in the Thermomix


Using the Thermomix to Whip Egg Whites

Yield: 1

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

5 minutes in total

Tips and techniques for whipping egg whites into stiff peaks in the Thermomix.





  • 3–10 room-temperature egg whites (depending on recipe)



  1. Add the egg whites to the Butterfly whisk in the Thermomix bowl.
  2. Whip on speed 3.5 for 2-5 minutes with the MC turned off. Keep an eye on them to avoid overwhipping. When firm peaks emerge, the egg white has achieved its maximum volume and no longer needs to be beaten.
  3. Follow your recipe’s instructions.



Tips on how to beat the ideal egg whites in the Thermomix may be found in the recipe article.


Have you tried this recipe yet?

Please provide me an update on how everything worked out.



For those of you who make foam in the Thermomix, you know how finicky the egg whites are. They tend to curdle and get too overfoamed, leaving you with a sad batch of foam. The foam was made with an egg that was tested with the Thermomix, and the egg did not have enough fat in it to produce a stable foam.. Read more about whisked egg white and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you whisk in Thermomix?

To whisk in Thermomix, you need to use a whisk attachment.

How do you make egg white whipped?

You would need to use a mixer with whisk attachment, and you would need to add in the egg whites one at a time.

Why are my egg whites not whipping?

The egg whites are not whipping because you have too much air in the bowl. You can fix this by adding a little bit of cream or milk to the mixture.

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