Bacon is one of those things that a lot of people like to eat, but the entire process of making it can be pretty nasty. From how the meat is cut and cured to how the fat is rendered, it can take a lot of gross processing and dirty work. That’s why you shouldn’t eat bacon raw, but cooked. The best way to cook bacon is in a pan with lots of fat to render the most amount of fat. You can cook bacon at a low temperature to achieve a crispy, browned product, and at a high temperature to render more fat.

Bacon is one of the most popular meats in America, not just because of its delicious taste but because it’s such an easy way to make a delicious meal. It’s also a fairly simple dish to cook—almost too simple. You can fry, bake, grill, or smoke your bacon, so long as you follow one simple rule: always use the same method when preparing the same kind of meat.

It’s that time of year when we get to make a big purchase. It’s time for bacon. It’s a delicious food. Some people swear by it. Some people hate it. But, there’s one thing you can’t deny: It’s delicious! And now you don’t have to miss out on a single bite.. Read more about the best way to cook bacon is actually the easiest and let us know what you think.

We eventually decided to take things into our own hands and determine the best method to cook bacon for ourselves. We cooked a few strips using six different cooking techniques and compared them. We certainly overlooked a few more complex ways, but we covered all of the most frequent preparation methods. Let’s see if we can find an answer to this age-old issue. What is the best method for preparing bacon?!?


What is the best bacon?

We chose to test six different cooking techniques in our search for the finest bacon:

  • fried in a pan
  • Microwaved
  • Baked on a Rack in the Oven
  • Preheat oven to 350°F and bake on parchment paper.
  • Boiled
  • Fried to a crisp

Megha and I will evaluate each of these techniques based on our own personal preferences. Going into this, we didn’t have much of a scoring metric. We were primarily interested in determining the optimal method to cook bacon based on flavor.

Fried Bacon in a Pan

Pan frying is the most frequent method of cooking bacon in our home. The rationale for this is because it’s fast and leaves you with enough bacon grease in the pan to make a batch of eggs in. As a result of this experiment, I’ve come to appreciate a strip of bacon that keeps its form and doesn’t curl as much. Pan-fried bacon tends to curl up more, and it may be difficult to cook evenly. In each of those areas, the oven techniques we evaluated performed well. Isn’t it true, however, that taste accounts for 90% of the game?


Matt’s Points



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Bacon Cooked

We thought it would be interesting to throw in a wildcard or two in our quest to explore as many culinary techniques as possible. We certainly didn’t have great expectations for this one. We’d never cooked bacon before, so we figured there was a possibility it could truly surprise us.


On Parchment Paper, Bacon In The Oven

We’ve heard a lot about baking bacon on parchment paper but have never tried it ourselves. This one had a lot of promise for us. The theory is that you get all of the benefits of cooking in the oven (even cooking, shape retention) while still getting the concentrated flavor of bacon cooked in its own grease, as you would with pan frying. When these items arrived gleaming and looked like a million dollars, our expectations were even greater. But how did they taste?


Bacon on a Baking Rack in the Oven

We seldom use this technique since it eliminates a lot of the wonderful lipids from the meat during the cooking process. However, if you want to refill your bacon grease jar that you keep next to the stove, it may be a good choice. Isn’t it something that everyone does? In all of our tests, the bacon on a baking rack in the oven surprised me the most. The bacon turned out to be very delicious and soft. As anticipated, it also kept its form wonderfully.


Bacon cooked in the microwave

Bacon cooked in the microwave is unquestionably our go-to emergency cooking technique. We don’t do it very frequently, but it generally tastes quite well. When I tried it beside the other techniques, I was interested to see how it compared. The main disadvantage of microwaving bacon is that it does not retain its size.


Bacon that has been deep fried

I’d never had deep-fried bacon before, but my expectations were high. In principle, it sounds fantastic, however the outcomes were not what I had hoped for. The deep fried bacon curls up a lot and doesn’t maintain its shape very well. In addition, the frying was inconsistent. The fat was still a little underdone since the protein portions were completely cooked.


So, how do you cook bacon the best?

There are two obvious standouts after calculating the results. Using an oven rack and pan frying to bake in the oven. The good news is that each of them has a place in our weekly menu. If we’re cooking to order, we’ll always go for pan-fried bacon. If we’re meal preparing for the week and want to cook a pack of bacon, we’ll need to use an oven rack. We’re pleased with our results since these two techniques of preparation may be used in virtually every situation. We’ve finally figured out the perfect method to cook bacon! To some extent, yes….

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Bacon is an incredibly versatile cut of meat, the rasher not only being a mainstay of the breakfast menu, but also a tasty snack, and, in some parts of the world, a staple of the local dish. For years, bacon has been the only cut of pork we knew of, but now there are other cuts, including the pancetta, that hail from the same animal, and are becoming more popular.. Read more about how to cook bacon in the oven without smoking up the house and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper way to cook bacon?

To cook bacon, you should first fry it in a pan on the stove. Then, you should transfer it to the oven and bake it for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it better to fry or bake bacon?

Bacon is better to fry.

How do you cook bacon in the oven without splatter?

You can cook bacon in the oven without splatter by using a baking sheet.

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