Sambar vada is a popular South Indian street food, and it gets its name from its main ingredient: sambar (or sambar dal). It’s a spicy, tangy, mildly spiced lentil and gram flour batter in a chickpea flour batter.  The most common way to prepare sambar vada is simply by frying it in a pan, like this:

Our family had a big celebration today. We celebrated the New Year in our country on a big day when we gather as a family, pray and eat together. It was every year a big day for us as we have a big celebration for almost every event. On this celebration we had some different type of vadyas prepared for us.

Sambar vada is a side dish that can be made with rice or flour, that is traditionally eaten at lunch in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has the name of a state in South India because it is a must have for the people living there. Sambar vada is a dish that is very spicy and has a lip smackingly spicy taste. There are different ways to prepare the sambar vada. Some people prefer to prepare it in the sweet form while others prefer to prepare it in the spicy form.. Read more about urad dal vada recipe and let us know what you think.

A popular south Indian breakfast is sambar vada. It may be consumed in the morning or evening. To make the vadas soft and juicy, they are soaked in sambar. It will absorb all of the sambar’s flavor.

In Bangalore, sambar vada is often topped with boondhi (besan batter) and, on rare occasions, chopped onion and shredded carrot. We get them drenched in sambar in Chennai.

Sambar vada is a simple dish to prepare. To create vadas, check out my medhu vada recipe. We’ll need sambar and vadas to create sambar vada. If you look at my past sambar recipes, you may use any of them and add whatever veggies you like. For the sambar vada, I like sambar onions and drumsticks. Plain vadas are also a favorite of mine.


  • Vadas – as per your specifications
  • Your choice of sambar


  • To begin, pour the hot sambar into whatever dish you choose to serve it in.
  • Soak as many hot vadas as you can in the bowl.
  • Close the lid and let it aside for a few minutes.
  • After a few minutes, flip it over and put it to the side.
  • Soak your vadas until they’re tender and juicy.
  • Serve and enjoy it while it’s still hot. A tsp of ghee (clarified butter) may be poured over the soaking vadas.


  • As far as I’m aware, hotels do not soak it directly. They soak the vadas in water, press off the excess water, and then add the vadas to the sambar. I think that all of the vadas’ flavor and taste may be found in the water.
  • When both the vadas and the sambar are hot, the vadas will soften faster.
  • You may prepare plain vadas or veggie vadas to soak in the sambar, depending on your preferences.
  • When vadas are soaked in sambar, the amount of liquid in the sambar may be decreased since the vadas absorb the liquid. As a result, make sure there’s enough sambar in the vadas.


Vada (also known as vadai or vadakkai) is a South Indian snack that is made of lentil-rice mash. It is usually prepared with green gram (adda), sweetcorn, urad dal, carrots, onions, and sometimes curry leaves. It is usually eaten as a snack in South India, and can also be served as an accompaniment to meals. Vada is also a popular breakfast dish in the South.. Read more about medu vada recipe in tamil and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vada sambar made of?

Vada sambar is a dish made of lentils, vegetables and spices.

Is sambar vada healthy?

Sambar vada is a type of Indian dish that is made with dal, tamarind, and spices. It can be healthy if you make it with the right ingredients.

What is the meaning of sambar vada?

Sambar vada is a popular Indian dish that consists of a fried lentil patty served with chutney.