The main ingredients for this dish are raw beef, lettuce, lime, carrots, onions and a mix of different spices and herbs. The dish also has some other ingredients such as bean sprouts, fresh Thai basil, chives, coriander leaves and a little fish sauce.

Neu Nam Tok (เนื้อตุ๊ก) or Thai Beef Waterfall Salad is a classic Thai dish of grilled sliced beef over a bed of lettuce, with fresh cilantro, red onions and carrots.

In many parts of the world, beef is considered a delicacy. In Thailand, it’s a staple. Beef is always a popular dish because it’s a part of Thai culture. Beef is known to be a healthy food because it’s high in protein and low in fat. It is also a nutrient-dense food, meaning, it has a lot of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Beef provides a good amount of vitamin B6, which is essential for cellular synthesis and the synthesis of DNA and RNA. Beef also provides high levels of vitamin B12, which is needed for red blood cells to produce hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood. Beef has trace amounts of iron, which are needed to

In a spicy, salty, and sour sauce, a substantial Thai salad with grilled meat and fresh herbs.

I used to enjoy eating Neu Nam Tok, which means ‘Waterfall’ in Thai. Beef is referred as as Neu. I inquired as to why the salad is named waterfall, but she, too, was unsure.

Because of the fresh herbs, this beef waterfall salad is substantial yet light and refreshing.

What can you find in Neu Nam Tok?

Steak, Toasted Rice Powder, Thai Chili Powder, Fish Sauce, Lime Juice, Red Onions, Mint, Cilantro, and Green Onions

Instead of minced meat, steak or pig is cooked and then sliced in Neu Nam Tok, which is quite similar to Larb. The meal is also comparable to Crying Tiger, which consists of a steak with a dipping sauce made from the dressing.

Grilled Steak or Pork—We’re using neu (beef), but this meal may also be made with moo (Pork).

Toasted Rice Powder is an essential component of genuine nam tok. It may be bought at an Asian market, ordered online, or made at home.

Close up of Sliced beef, onions, mint, and cilantro.

You’ll have everything you need to create the toasted rice powder if you’re serving the salad with Thai Sticky Rice.

It’s just roasted sweet or glutinous rice grains with the addition of makrut lime leaves for added taste. Grind the grains in a spice grinder or mortar and pestle after they’ve been roasted. Refrigerate any remaining rice powder in an airtight container.

Thais prefer their Nam Tok hot, so use ground Thai chilis! Using ground Thai chilies adds a punch of flavor and a pop of color. Ground Thai chilis may be found at Asian markets or online.

If you can’t get ground Thai chilis, fresh Thai chilis, serranos, or red pepper flakes may be used instead. Just bear in mind that it won’t be as spicy as ground chilis.

Fish sauce is required for the waterfall salad’s salty component. If you don’t have access to fish sauce or need a replacement, a light or thin soy sauce can suffice, but the taste will be different.

Overhead view of Beef Salad on a white plate garnished with lettuce, cucumbers, cilantro, and mint.

How to Cook a Steak

I suggest taking any kind of steak out of the fridge one hour before you intend to cook it. I also prefer to pat my steaks dry before seasoning them on both sides.

Some Neu Nam Tok recipes call for a marinate. We’re going to keep it easy and just salt the outside of the steak.

I like a good grade sirloin steak, although flank steak will do. Simply slice it thinly and against the grain.

The best way to make the beef waterfall salad is to cook the steak to medium rare. The meat will cook even more after it has been combined with the lime juice.

Close up of dish with a gold fork and spoon in the back.

The Best Way to Serve Neu Nam Tok

Allow the steak to rest for at least 10 minutes after it has been cooked before slicing. I don’t suggest constructing Neu Nam Tok too far ahead of time since it’s best served straight away.

You may make the dressing and cut the herbs while the steak is cooking and resting. The steak should next be thinly sliced against the grain.

Mix in the dressing and fresh herbs well. Always taste it to determine whether you want it sweeter with additional fish sauce, lime juice, or even sugar. Thai cuisine favors a trinity of flavors (salty, sour, and sweet).

Serve the Neu Nam Tok over lettuce leaves with additional herbs, sliced cucumbers, and my favorite Thai Sticky Rice on the side.

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Here’s the link to the YouTube video:

Text on image of beef salad saying, 'Nue Nam Tok- Thai Beef Waterfall Salad'.

Close up of Nue Nam Tok

Recipe for Neu Nam Tok- Thai Beef Waterfall Salad

Renee Fuentes is a model and actress.

In a spicy, salty, and sour sauce, a substantial Thai salad with grilled meat and fresh herbs.

15-minute prep time

Time to cook: 10 minutes

25 minutes total

Course Description:

Thai cuisine


  • Remove Remove the steak from the fridge at least an hour before cooking. Salt both sides of the steak after patting it dry. Place on a dish on the counter.

  • In a skillet, toast (glutinous) rice grains, perhaps with lime leaves. When the grains have become a golden brown color, crush them in a spice grinder or blender until a fine powder develops.

  • Steak may be grilled or cooked in a cast iron pan on the stove. For Medium, I suggest 4 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness of the meat. For accurate readings, use an instant thermometer. Because the lime juice will cook the steak faster, medium is the best option.

  • Allow 10 minutes for the steak to rest on a chopping board before slicing thinly across the grain.

  • Combine the fish sauce, lime juice, chili powder, and toasted rice powder in a mixing bowl.

  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the cut steak, red onion, green onion, cilantro, and mint leaves. Mix in the dressing well. If necessary, season with more fish sauce or lime juice. Serve with lettuce leaves, more herbs, sliced cucumbers, and Thai Sticky Rice on the side.


 Instead of making your own, you may buy toasted rice powder. The following is a list of links. a sticky rice recipe


This recipe is inspired by the many beautiful Thai waterfalls, and the lush scenery surrounding these locations. The recipe is also inspired by the traditional Thai salad known as ‘Neu Nam Tok’, which is the Thai name for the salad recipe I am about to share with you. This recipe is a great dish to serve at a Thai dinner party, and it is also a great dish to serve to vegetarians and those following a gluten-free diet, since it is made with tender-crisp lettuce and is enriched with chopped peanuts and coconut.. Read more about nam tok waterfall and let us know what you think.