In December of 2013, I turned 60. While I’m not sure whether I have the best looks for a 60-year-old man, I can tell you that I’m in excellent shape and have been for the past 15 years. I’ve never been a big drinker and I don’t smoke. I do drink a little wine now and then, and I do occasionally smoke a cigar. I’m in reasonable shape, but I’m not perfect. I lost a few pounds over the last year, and my doctor wanted to see what he could do about it. I thought that I was in fairly decent shape, but when my doctor started telling me what he could do, I

I was going for a simple, uneventful week when I discovered that my new diet was going to blow my doctor’s mind.

Dr. Peris was shocked when I told him my weight loss: 73 pounds and counting, over four months. He told me that I had lost a lot of fat in my face and that I would become more slender over time. I couldn’t believe it. I told him that I did not want to change my weight. I just wanted to lose the weight I had gained over the years. He told me that I was too stubborn. He took my blood pressure and I went home.

One day, I went to the doctor complaining about some trouble I was having with my skin. She asked me what I was doing to make my skin worse—and I gave her a list of everything from shampoo to supplements I took. So, she asked me what I liked to eat and what I didn’t like to eat. After that, she asked me to let her know if I had any problems.

After a little over a year of eating as I should, (and about 30 lbs of fat loss,) I am happy to say I was able to lose my belly fat and find the jeans I’ve been looking for. I have a few more pounds to lose until I’m back in my normal jeans size, but I’m confident I can do that.


Before and after photos

After switching to the ketogenic diet, Alfonso looked like this. Please give me a clue! His doctor couldn’t believe he’d gotten to this point with a greasy diet and little exercise:

Hello, and many thanks for your excellent website and mailings.

My background is as follows: I’ve been in the same line of work since I was 27 years old. I’m a truck driver who’s 56 years old. I was a normal truck driver, with an extra weight of 34 kilograms, which peaked at 113 kg at one time. I had been taking medicine for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and prostate issues for ten years, and I was pre-diabetic with a HbA1C of 6.3.

I began a rigorous LCHF ketogenic-paleo diet on August 9, 2015, with no wheat, sugar, or sweets, and I stopped taking all medications (4). I had dropped 29 kg by the end of February 2016. (65 pounds). Blood pressure was within normal limits.

I’ve been coming to my doctor every three months for the past ten years to get the results of my blood tests and to have my medication adjusted. This is the second one. My doctor was taken aback by my findings in July 2016. My blood pressure has decreased from 155/98 to 127/76, my triglycerides have decreased from 276 to 70, my cholesterol has decreased from 231 to 170, my prostate issues have substantially improved, my HbA1C is 5.4, and my weight has decreased from 1.80 to 180 cm.

My doctor couldn’t believe I’d stopped taking all of my medicines, ate a lot of fat food, and just exercised a bit to get these results.

He couldn’t believe I’d stopped taking all of my medicines, eaten a lot of fat, and exercised very little to get these results. But the blood tests don’t lie, so I’ll see you in three months for even better findings, I told him. He said, “No!” The blood test is not covered by my insurance. What’s to stop you? Because you’re in excellent health right now. You just need to visit once a year for a routine checkup.

Kevin Rutherford is to be thanked. On the trucker radio channel Sirius XM, he may be heard. A show aimed at helping individual truck owners better their situation. He began talking about health when he was 1-15 years old and is now an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner). Two of the week’s shows are now devoted to health and nutrition. He is my business adviser and financial guru, along with Dave Ramsey. My health adviser is now the one who has guided me to excellent health and to your website.

Thank you so much, Alfonso.


Alfonso, congrats on your keto-inspired success.

I wish you well on your low-carb adventure!


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