It was a beautiful day in Kaloor. The sun was out and the weather was perfect. So, there was no better time than the present to have the Malabar Spinach Soup with Pork. I had it at a restaurant and I remembered it tasted pretty good. And so I decided to try it at home. I ended up in the kitchen to prepare the dish and I was wondering if I should prepare it with pork tenderloin cutlets or with pork chops. I ended up deciding on pork tenderloin cutlets. I had a bag of pork cutlets at home and I was in a hurry to prepare the dish. So I took them out and I began to cut them with my knife. First, cut the pork cut

This autumn, I decided to try a new dish. One that I’ve seen a lot of people on Facebook and YouTube sharing; a simple, yet delicious one in particular. It’s called Malabar Spinach Soup with Pork.

For the longest time, my dad used to make this soup for me when I was a kid. He would use the pork strips that he would cut into bite-sized pieces to make the soup. I remember it would always consist of lots of vegetables and the soup would be full of flavor. I never really thought of what he was doing while he was making the soup but it made this soup taste really good. That is why I started making this soup every year during my vacation, with the idea to recreate the taste that I had as a kid.

Mabalar spinach (also known as spinach thick leaf) soup with sweet potato and ground pork is a traditional country dish in Cambodia. Let’s get started on the Malabar Spinach Soup with Pork together.


1/2 pound (225 grams) ground pork    
1 teaspoon sauce de poisson    
sugar (1/2 teaspoon)    
black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon    
1 green onion stalk, minced    
4 quarts water    
2 cups sweet potato cubes (already peeled and cut to bite sizes)    
2 lbs (900 g) Mabalar spinach, leaves removed, rinsed, and cut one inch long    
1 teaspoon of soy sauce    
a quarter teaspoon of salt    
2 green onion stalks, chopped    

To prepare Malabar Spinach Soup with Pork, follow these instructions.

  1. Set aside a small dish containing ground pork, fish sauce, sugar, black pepper, and onion.
  2. Fill a soup pot halfway with water and bring to a boil.
  3. Using a spoon, scoop up some prepared ground pork, put it into boiling water, and simmer until the meat is cooked.
  4. Add the sweet potato and simmer until it is soft.
  5. Stir in the spinach thick leaves and simmer until the water is boiling again.
  6. Fish sauce and salt are used to season the dish.
  7. Garnish with green onions.

Serve immediately with rice.

Enjoy it



Winter Melon Soup with Pork is a similar recipe.

daily value in percent

88 g (32% total carbohydrate)

Cholesterol (151 mg): 50%

34.5g 44 percent total fat

Saturated Fat: 12.5 g (63%)

Dietary Fiber: 5.2 g (19%)

63.3g 127 percent protein

181 percent sodium, 4171mg

4.9 g (ten percent) sugar

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And last but not least, there is Malabar Spinach Soup with Pork. Malabar Spinach (also known as Chinese Spinach) is a leafy green that belongs to the same family as kale and collards. The leaves are dark green and crunchy and have a very intense spinach flavor. They can be served raw or cooked and eaten either with rice or curry. The leaves can also be substituted for spinach in any recipe. Malabar Spinach is known for its anti-oxidant properties. However, the leaves are said to be still a little bitter tasting. To make the soup more palatable, the leaves are sometimes served with pork or chicken.. Read more about chinese spinach soup recipe and let us know what you think.