As a long time friend of the KetoKrup crew, I have watched it’s growth over the past 4 years. I’ve seen many struggles and I know that this lifestyle will take a lot to overcome. I’ve seen many successes, but I’ve also seen people struggle with the diet, some of them even giving up in the beginning.

When my husband and I first started our keto journey back in December, I just couldn’t believe that one day we would be able to successfully transition to a ketogenic lifestyle and feel amazing. At that point, I almost felt like I had my life back. For the first time in years, I was able to get rid of excess fat, and I had a ton of energy and felt more confident. However, I did have to keep reminding myself that these changes were temporary, and I couldn’t let myself get too comfortable.

Sophia and I got into keto together this summer and both have been challenging and rewarding experiences. It’s been tough to stick to, but it has been so worth it. As I’m sure you can tell from looking at our blog, we are committed to healthy eating and living, and we don’t want people to think this is a weight loss fad diet. It’s not. It’s a lifestyle choice that has helped us to both lose weight and maintain it, and has given us better health as well.

I’d want to share another keto success story with you. This unstoppable mother-daughter duo’s lives have been transformed by the keto diet!

This week, we’re extremely pleased to share our Jen’s and Shirl’s success story with you! Jen has been a part of the Hip team for a few years and decided to test the keto diet when we released our 30-day keto challenge approximately a year ago. She and her mother Shirl accepted the challenge, and they haven’t looked back since!

They’ve been on the keto diet for over a year, progressing together and encouraging one another.

His keto success story may be seen here.


How long have you been on a ketogenic diet?

Jen: On the 3rd, I have a new one. After completing a 30-day internship, I began keto in February 2020. I chose to do it with Shirl, my mum. I intended to do this for 30 days and then quit. I was afraid I wouldn’t enjoy it and would be always hungry. At first, I was extremely apprehensive. I never would have attempted the keto diet if it hadn’t been for my mother, which makes me sad since it’s one of the greatest lifestyle adjustments I’ve ever done. I was so obstinate that I refused to try anything else, and I may have squandered a chance to make a significant good change in my life.

Cherl: On the 3rd, I have a new one. My kid and I began keto in February 2020. I was beginning a new chapter in my life when I discovered the 30-day challenge and decided to do it with my kid. I’m 69 years old and didn’t think I’d be able to reduce weight quickly.


How simple is it to incorporate this diet into your daily routine?

Jen: First and foremost, I’m never hungry! In the past, this was my greatest issue with diets: I was always hungry and worried about my next meal or snack. The meal is filling and delicious, and you may indulge on desserts!

Cherl: I enjoy that I’m constantly full, that I have a lot of energy, and that I’m not in as much pain. Even when I achieve my objectives, I believe switching to a keto diet will be simple. For me, it was a whole new way of eating, and I had to learn to prepare in a new manner as well. This portion, on the other hand, was not tough for me.

Reading The Obesity Code taught me a lot about why the ketogenic diet works and helped me comprehend all of the advantages, which boosted my drive!


Did you face any challenges on your journey to ketosis?

Jen: It was difficult for me at first since I refused to consume sweets. I was worried that if I ate sweets (even keto sweets), I would get addicted to them and want to eat them all day. I was wanting it the first week, and when I approached the team for help, they recommended creating a keto dessert. I tried these, and they were much superior than any store-bought chocolate candy I’d ever had! They also completed this feature, making things easier to handle. The keto diet became simple for me once I included keto desserts to my diet.

Cherl: I’m not opposed to a keto diet, but I wanted to include 16/8 intermittent fasting. The MF was the most difficult for me since I had the idea that you eat whenever you want. I found it odd that people would stop eating at particular times. I have to get rid of the notion of eating at regular intervals. I miss the diversity of veggies as well, but I’ve learned to avoid them (corn, peas, etc). I’ve learned to eat the veggies I miss less often and in lesser quantities.


What do you consider to be your best achievement?

Jen: I had no clue how beneficial the ketogenic diet would be in other aspects of my life. I tried it to reduce weight, but it made me feel fantastic! For years, I suffered from untreatable chronic heel pain. The discomfort has vanished entirely. I experienced chronic shoulder discomfort for three years, for which I took medicine (I couldn’t use that arm/shoulder), but the pain persisted despite the medication. It is now totally gone, and I am no longer on any medicine to treat it.

I was also consuming two or three five-hour energy drinks each day. This is something I’ve been doing for approximately five years. I didn’t need it after two weeks. I haven’t had it in over a year, and I’m not exhausted in the afternoons.

Cherl: My blood test results are in! My cholesterol was reduced from 288 to 169, and my triglycerides were reduced from 167 to 61. I was able to discontinue the blood pressure medicine that I had been using for the previous 20 years. I’m also pleased with my weight loss. My self-esteem has greatly increased! Who doesn’t want their stomach to be flatter?


What’s your favorite keto-friendly dish or product?

Jen: My go-to meal is a low-carb chicken and broccoli dish. When it comes to desserts, I like making fat bombs out of cheesecake.

Cherl: I also like the creamy cauliflower soup and the low-carb chicken and broccoli dish.


Do you have any tips for those who are following a ketogenic diet?

Jen: Don’t knock it until you’ve given it a go! Take a risk on yourself! Intermittent fasting may be used in the same way. I’ve been doing 16/8 IF and keto together from the beginning since I heard it was effective – and I agree! Finally, look for a mate! Having someone to whom you can answer and who can help you improves your chances of success!

Cherl: Get a buddy! You have a support system in place, as well as someone with whom you can discuss your problems and be accountable. It’s also handy not to have to eat differently from the rest of the group.


Jen and Sherl, congratulations!

Thank you for taking the time to share your achievements with us and the rest of the community. We are very proud of both of you! It’s been such a joy to accompany you on this trip and see your amazing change. Their development is very encouraging. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you both as long as you stick to Keto!

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