While the idea of drinking coffee on a ketogenic diet may sound odd, that’s a trend that’s only going to grow in popularity. You see, the ketogenic diet is a high fat, very low carb diet that has been shown to improve seizure control, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and even slow the growth of cancer cells. The keto diet has surged in popularity over the past few years, as more and more people discover its many benefits.

This is a recipe for a keto friendly and low carb Irish coffee made with heavy cream and a little sugar.

Over the past week, there have been three separate occasions where my friend has ordered Keto Irish Coffee at a local coffee shop (in this example, the coffee shop is in a grocery store). For each occasion, he has ordered a regular coffee and a scoop of ice cream with each drink. On each occasion, the coffee shop staff has offered to mix the drink, but he always declines and says that he would just like the coffee with the ice cream and he doesn’t want them to make the drink.

Kickoff Cocktail for Thirsty Thursdays!

We figured it was past time to start whipping up a few tasty keto cocktail recipes! Thirsty Thursdays is a new blog and video series that we’re launching, and this Irish Coffee is the inaugural episode. It’s a simple yet delicious keto cocktail with just a hint of fat and a ton of flavor. We’ve also produced a video to show you how simple it is to brew Irish Coffee: 

Ketofied Irish Coffee

The following are the fundamentals of an Irish Coffee:

  • 1 mug of coffee
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (brown)
  • 1 jigging Whiskey from Ireland
  • heavy cream, gently whipped

Do you have the same thoughts as I do? It’ll be simple to make this Irish Coffee keto! The brown sugar is the sole non-keto component, so we’ll just leave it out. But that’s not all; we’ll make a few additional tweaks to boost the taste and replace some of the sweetness we’ll be missing.

Improve Your Whip Cream Skills!

We’re going to utilize a completely whipped cream with cinnamon instead of simply plain old lightly whipped cream. This thing is incredible! The cinnamon mixes with the cream’s inherent sweetness to give this drink just the right amount of sweetness. You won’t even notice there isn’t any brown sugar in this recipe!

Modifications that might be made

If you’re a true Irish coffee purist, use a pinch of Truvia brown sugar. Another option for adding sweetness to the whipped cream is to use stevia drops or erythritol. With only the cinnamon whipped cream, I believe the drink will be sweet enough, particularly if you’ve been on a keto diet for a long and have kicked your sweet taste. This is the first keto cocktail we’ve made. If you like this one, let us know what additional keto cocktails you’d like to see, and we’ll try our best to make it happen! Low Carb Irish Coffee - Keto Cocktails!


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4 Ingredients | Irish Coffee | Keto Friendly Cocktail

5 minutes in total

1 drink serving

Serving size (calories) 300kcal


  • 1 cup of coffee, brewed

  • Heavy cream is added to a mixing dish and whisked until whipped cream is produced.

  • Mix in 1 tsp cinnamon with the whipped cream until it is completely blended.

  • 1 shot of whiskey or scotch, stirred into the coffee

  • Serve with a big dollop of cinnamon whipped cream on top. Enjoy!


28 g alcohol / 2 g net carbs

Nutritional Information

4 Ingredients | Irish Coffee | Keto Friendly Cocktail

Per Serving Amount

300 calories 180 calories from fat

daily value in percent*

20g/31 percent fat

Carbohydrates (30g/10%)

2g4 percent protein

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.


Irish coffee is a term used to describe a kind of coffee produced in Ireland

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Irish whiskey keto-friendly?

Irish whiskey is not keto-friendly.

Is there a keto-friendly coffee?

Yes, there is a keto-friendly coffee. It is called Bulletproof Coffee and it is made with MCT oil powder, unsalted butter, and grass-fed butter.

What is in Irish coffee?

Irish coffee is a drink made with coffee, whiskey, and whipped cream.