This is an important recipe for people who want to try out the ketogenic diet, as it’s a great way to get your daily keto dose – without having to spend time finding and preparing ketogenic recipes. To make this recipe, you will be using the same ingredients as a keto crepe, just in a different way.

Keto chaffles are the perfect low carb dessert, and they taste amazing! So why not turn them into something even better, by adding some extra ingredients? You will need: – 4 large eggs – 4 tbsp of coconut oil – 1 tsp of cocoa powder – 1 tbsp of cream – 2 tbsp of instant coffee – 2 tbsp of stevia – 2 tbsp of flax seeds You will also need a mixer (or a blender) and a medium sized bowl. Whisk all the liquid ingredients, one by one, in your bowl until you have a well-blended mixture. Let the bowl sit for 5 minutes. In the meantime, heat up your pan. Now, pour your mixture into a pan and cook over low-medium

These are the perfect snacks for those who want to make life easier on themselves and not have to use up any time in the kitchen. They’re also perfect for those who have a hard time eating low-carb because they’ve got some work to get done and don’t want to be bothered with the prep work of making the perfect snack.

You may be wondering, “What is a Chaffle?” It’s a quick and easy dish that only requires two ingredients and takes less than five minutes to prepare. This keto chaffle recipe will become a go-to breakfast dish when you’re in a hurry, as well as a quick sandwich bread.

What Is a Chaffle and Why Is It Called That?

The term chaffle comes from the words “waffle” and “cheese.” These chaffles are completely keto-friendly since they are made with cheese rather than wheat and sugar.

Here are a few different ways to eat Chaffles.

  1. Sandwich Bread — Use a chaffle instead of your high-carb Wonder Bread. For a low-carb lunch, stack deli meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato in a sandwich.
  2. cheesy chaffle – Replace the hefty hamburger bread with a cheesy chaffle. Simply put your beef patties on top, then top with your favorite burger toppings such as cheese, bacon, and onion.
  3. Pizza Crust – Do you want pizza but don’t want to make a huge mess? Make a quick chaffle and top it with your favorite pizza toppings. Enjoy it after a few minutes in the oven under the broiler.

What Is the Composition of Chaffles?

Chaffles are usually prepared with egg and shredded cheese, like in the recipe below, although there are many variants on this basic recipe. Some individuals use almond flour or coconut flour in their recipe, and sweet dessert chaffles are also available. The waffle iron is a convenient method to prepare a keto dinner. To get you started, here are a few chaffle recipes to try:

Making Chaffles Suggestions

We’ve been making chaffles nonstop since discovering this recipe a few weeks ago, and we’ve learned a few tricks to guarantee that yours turn out perfectly every time!

1. Use your waffle maker’s high heat setting.

You won’t achieve the crispy texture you’re aiming for if you use a low-heat setting. We’ve produced a lot of chaffles and have never burnt any of them, so you can’t really go wrong with them if you use too high a cooking temperature.

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2. Place cheese on the top and bottom of the pan.

When creating keto chaffles, start by putting a tiny handful of cheese on the bottom, then pour in the egg, then top with another handful of cheese. Rather of combining the cheese and egg together and putting it into the waffle maker, this technique is preferable. You won’t achieve a crispy texture if you mix everything together, and the cheese won’t spread evenly.

3. Use cheese with a high fat content.

We choose full fat cheese when buying for a keto diet since it not only tastes better, but it is also healthier. We try to stay away from skim milk dairy products whenever possible, and these keto chaffles are no exception. We’ve discovered that cheddar cheese is our fave.

4. Make Mini Waffles (They’re Only $10)

A tiny waffle maker seemed like a waste of money at first. When I can have large waffles, why would I want tiny waffles? In reality, the tiny waffle machine produces the ideal size chaffles for a sandwich. Simply create two little chaffles and stuff them with your favorite sandwich ingredients. I’d like to recommend a BLT.

5. Keep these Chaffles Keto refrigerated.

Make a large batch and keep these chaffles in the fridge so you always have them on hand. Nothing matches the sharp cheese taste of a newly produced chaffle, but they’re still delicious a few days later, straight from the refrigerator.

keto chaffles sandwich made with ham and an over easy eagg with a stack of chaffles behind

Do you want to have a Sweet Chaffle?

To convert this savory chaffle dish into a sweet one, you’ll need the following ingredients:

We’ll combine everything together for the sweet chaffle before putting it into the waffle machine. This differs from the savory chaffle, in which everything was constructed directly on the waffle maker. In a small dish, combine all of the following ingredients and pour into the waffle machine.

Cooking time for the sweet chaffle will be longer than for the savory chaffle. Allow it to cook until the steam from the waffle maker has subsided. That’s when you know it’s finished!

Are Chaffles Beneficial to Your Health?

This two-ingredient chaffle dish is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Eggs are rich in calcium, while cheese is high in vital minerals. This high-fat, high-protein bread substitute will keep you fuller for longer, offer sustained energy, and won’t cause blood sugar to rise. It’s also an excellent choice for Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity sufferers.

Waffles vs. Chaffles (Waffles vs. Chaffles)

If you don’t want to create chaffles, or if the word chaffles bothers you (it’s a terrible name), try our other favorite keto waffle recipe. For a delicious treat, try this protein waffle recipe with your favorite protein powder!

If you don’t require waffles but still want something tasty in under five minutes, try these low-carb biscuits that take just three minutes to make!


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Crispy Keto Chaffles made with just two ingredients

keto chaffles sandwich made with ham and an over easy eagg with a stack of chaffles behind

Chaffles Keto

With just two ingredients – eggs and cheese – this is the simplest keto bread substitute you’ll ever make.

2 servings

195 calories per serving

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

Time to prepare: 5 minutes


  • Preheat the waffle iron to medium-high.

  • In a small mixing basin, whisk together the eggs until well mixed.

  • Begin by adding a tiny amount of cheese to the waffle maker after it has heated up. Pour in the beaten eggs next, followed by another handful of cheese.

  • Close the waffle machine and cook for 3-5 minutes, or until steam no longer escapes the waffle maker.

  • Refrigerate for up to three days.

Nutritional Information

Keto Chaffles

Per Serving Amount

195 calories 135 calories from fat

daily value in percent*

15g/23 percent fat

Saturated Fat (Saturated Fat) (Saturated Fat) (Saturated Fat) (

Cholesterol 241mg (80%)

Sodium 256mg (11%) sodium 256mg (11%) sodium 256mg (

Potassium (106mg3) is a mineral with a percentage of 106mg3.

Carbohydrates (1% of total)

1 gram 1% sugar

14 g (28%) protein

589IU12 percent Vitamin A

Calcium 235mg (24%) calcium 235mg (24%) calcium 235mg

1 gram of iron is equal to 6% of your whole body weight.

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.



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Have you tried making keto chaffle from scratch before? Have you ever tried to make a keto chaffle? Well, I am here to help you do that. I have a keto chaffle recipe that I make for myself. I make them all the time and I can make them in 5 minutes only. This is a simple, delicious snack to make at your home.. Read more about keto connect recipes and let us know what you think.

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