The Otaheite apple is a cultivar of the apple tree that originated in Tahiti. It was named after the island it was discovered on.

The jamaican rose apple is a fruit that originated from the Otaheite island. It has a very unique shape and taste, and is known for its health benefits.

Although we refer to it as an apple in Jamaica, it is also known as an Otaheite apple, Malay apple, or rose apple depending on where you are in the globe.

Syzygium malaccense is the scientific name for this plant.

The Jamaican apple is shaped like a pear and has a single big seed in the center. A somewhat spherical variant is a less frequent variation.

The apple skin becomes deep red to scarlet as it ages, with the interior meat remaining white.

The apple is delicious and juicy when fully ripe. The apple will be sweeter if it is darker in color.

The apple is delicious and juicy when fully ripe.

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What Is The Best Way To Eat An Otaheite Apple?

Jamaican apple

The otaheite apple is mostly plucked directly off the tree and eaten raw in Jamaica.

It’s also sometimes used to create a refreshing apple cocktail.

When cooked with brown sugar and ginger, it produces a delicious sauce that may be served as a dessert with ice cream.

Although we Jamaicans seldom dabble with otaheite apple cookery, the mature apples are used to create wine in locations like Puerto Rico, while the young apples are utilized to make pickles and jam.

The flowers, which grow abundantly during the apple season in Asia and parts of India, are used to create salad dishes, while the young leaves are cooked and consumed as greens with rice dishes.

The Advantages

Jamaican apple benefits

There are many health advantages to eating raw fruit, which we do in Jamaica.

The apple is high in vitamin C, a strong antioxidant that helps to prevent illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, and the common cold/flu.

A bark extract is used to treat and prevent thrush in the Spice Islands.

In Asia, the leaves’ decoction and powder are used to cure skin infections.

The otaheite has a lot of water, which is excellent for keeping you hydrated, particularly in hot weather.

On the plus side, unlike other fruits, such as the start apple, the otaheite apple may be consumed in large quantities without becoming ill.


Otaheite apples are tropical fruits that need a warm environment to grow. In Jamaica, the apple is in season from August through September.

Numerous street sellers offer otaheite apples, which are quite easy to get by.

The tree is covered with lovely pink blossoms throughout May and June. Lots of pink sprouts blanket the ground under the tree.

The where can i buy jamaican apples is a question that many people may have. It is a fruit that originated in the Otaheite apple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Otaheite apple?

Otaheite apple is a type of apple.

Who brought Otaheite apple to Jamaica?

Christopher Columbus

How fast do Otaheite apples grow?

Otaheite apples grow at a rate of 1.5cm per day.

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