When eating, it doesn’t matter if the food tastes delicious, or if it’s low in calories. The enjoyment you feel while eating is what counts. When you eat something that’s not enjoyable, you’ll never get full. What’s more, when the food’s not enjoyable, you’ll eat more of it. This is why it’s so important to find tasty foods you enjoy, and to make sure that they’re low in calories.

Don’t get me wrong, I love food and I eat it almost every day. The problem is that my diet is not very healthy and is full of processed food. This is my attempt to change that.

Why does it have to be a terrible temptation all of the time? Here’s how to make temptation work for you instead than against you when it comes to your fitness objectives.

Things that are pleasant in some manner typically entice us.

I get a lot of letters and comments from individuals who are lured by:

  • Food that is bad for you
  • Food that is prepared quickly
  • TV
  • Overindulgence in snoozing
  • Alcohol/drugs
  • And so on…

None of these individuals are enticed to engage in healthful activities.

Is it possible to persuade ourselves to do good things?

I’m tempted not to eat filthy veggies if I store them at the back of my fridge.

However, having containers in my fridge full with cleaned, chopped, and ready-to-eat veggies is a good temptation. I’m tempted to consume a healthier diet.

Everything is prepared and ready to go.

My nephew is tempted to brush for less than 10 seconds if he keeps plain mint scented toothpaste in the bathroom. If he has strawberry-flavored toothpaste on hand, he’ll be in serious trouble. He’s tempted to clean his teeth a little longer.


I’m inclined to skip exercises if they’re dull or uninteresting. It’s a good temptation if I have access to exercises that are diverse, difficult, and compatible with my biomechanics. I’m tempted to participate in the workouts.

(See Monkey Bar Gymnasium and Exuberant Animal for additional ideas.)

I’m tempted not to floss if I have a large roll of thick, old-school floss on hand. It’s a good temptation if I have my Reach Access flosser on hand every day. Every night, I’m tempted to floss.


If one of my clients continues to consume the same boring meals, she will get bored and be enticed by junk food. It’s a good temptation if she uses basic dishes with fresh tastes. She is enticed to consume a wider range of healthy meals.


When one of my customers works out alone, he becomes bored and may miss sessions. It’s a good temptation for him to have a workout buddy with whom he can make jokes and compete throughout a workout. He’s inclined to continue working out. (See how PN exercise friends do things.)

I’m inclined to forgo my regular outdoor stroll if it’s in total quiet. It’s positive temptation for me to bring along my radio and listen to sports discussion. I’m inclined to go for a stroll.

When one of my clients performs a treadmill exercise while looking at drywall in a silent room, she finds it boring and is inclined to quit. It’s a good temptation if she works out on the treadmill while watching Netflix DVDs of her favorite TV programs. She feels tempted to work out on the treadmill.


Tips on how to resist temptation

What is it that makes anything appealing? Here are some suggestions:

  • FUN! This is the most important point. Figure out how to have a good time.
  • Things that tempt us appeal to our senses: they’re enjoyable to watch, listen to, taste, and so on.
  • Social activities, such as hanging out with friends or being a member of a team, are often enticing.
  • Things that tempt us make us happy. Reward yourself for your fitness and dietary accomplishments. Think of it as the Joy of Cooking, rather than “boring meal prep.”
  • Pretend to be a child once again. Forget the exercise sheet and just run because it feels nice. Toss a frisbee around. Assume you’re being pursued by a monster. Climb the monkey bars to your heart’s content.
  • Pretend to be someone else. Do the equivalent of singing into your hairbrush in terms of exercise and diet. Flex in the mirror while no one is looking. Imagine you’re Superman or Wonder Woman while you lift.
  • Things that tempt us are typically things that we believe are more handy or simpler. Make the things you don’t want annoying or inconvenient. Make the things you desire simple, convenient, and efficient. Leave the cookies in the shop, where you’ll have to travel a mile to find them. Maintain a close proximity to the apples, which should be glossy and bright.

Do you find yourself tempted to do the right thing?

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