There’s a new way to eat at McDonald’s in 2021, and you are invited to join the fast-food chain in trying it out. It’s called the Keto diet, and it’s all about cutting carbs and eating more fats. The Keto plan is all about eating less carbs and focusing on keto-friendly foods like meats, eggs, cheese and other healthy fats.

McDonald’s has been trying to convince people that their food is healthy, and the company has come up with some clever marketing campaigns, like the “Mc10:30” initiative, where employees were encouraged to have breakfast at McDonald’s before going to work. The chain has also introduced the Keto option in some of its restaurants.

A lot of people are making the switch to the ketogenic diet, and the fast food giant is getting on board. In fact, McDonald’s now has a new menu item called the “Keto Mac,” which has a grilled chicken patty, a medium cheese burger, a large salad, and a medium fries. But it’s not just for people on ketosis; you can have a Keto Mac any time you want, so long as you reduce your carbs to less than 300 grams per day.. Read more about low carb mcdonald’s and let us know what you think.

Have no worry whether you’re on a budget or on the go and want to eat keto. It’s never been simpler to find keto McDonald’s alternatives, the world’s biggest fast food business.

When we hear the word McDonald’s, we immediately think of the McDonald brothers, who developed the assembly-line method in order to provide faster service. Unfortunately, thick milkshakes, French fries, and sesame seed buns come to mind, but that’s not all. 

McDonalds, thankfully, provides keto fast food – and enough of it! You don’t have to give up your weight reduction advantages just because you’re traveling or on a budget. We’ll take you through the finest low-carb choices at McDonald’s to keep you keto-friendly. If you like fast food, you may be interested in our guides for Starbucks, Chipotle, Popeye’s, Taco Bell, and KFC.

General Instructions

There are a few things to avoid when purchasing your favorite delectable delicacy, regardless of what you’re getting. Here are some sensible guidelines to follow if you wish to stick to a keto diet. 

  • All burgers should be served without a bun. A single bun has 28 grams of carbohydrates.
  • Similarly, there will be no biscuits or muffins. 
  • Crispy chicken and nuggets, for example, are rich in carbs.
  • Don’t be misled by sugar-free drinks; they’re still rich in carbohydrates.
  • “No ketchup,” you say. It’s served on certain sandwiches rather than simply with fries, and it’s more in sugar than you would think.
  • Most salad dressings are surprisingly rich in carbohydrates, so avoid them.
  • Any salad may be ordered without the croutons.
  • No matter how tempting, avoid the French fries and shakes.

McDonald’s Keto Breakfast

Start your day off right with a delicious keto McDonald’s breakfast! Just be sure you stick to our keto-friendly modifications. 

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When it comes to breakfast sandwiches and other morning meals, here’s what to order.

McDonald’s Has the Best Keto Breakfast Meal

McDonald’s has you covered if you’re looking for a wide range of breakfast options that will keep you in ketosis. Here’s what we suggest for a filling low-carb breakfast:

  • 7g net carbohydrates, 56.5g fat, 32g protein in the Triple Breakfast Stack McGriddle (no griddle cake).

That’s the keto macros in a nutshell: high fat, moderate protein, and extremely low carb. Here are some of our favorite keto breakfast dishes if you want to try one at home.

Other breakfast choices that work well are:

  • 4g net carbohydrates, 26g fat, and 15g protein in a sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin or McGriddle (no English muffin or griddle cake).
  • Biscuit with Bacon, Egg, and Cheese (no biscuit): 4g net carbohydrates, 13g fat, and 14g protein
  • 4g net carbohydrates, 34.5g fat, and 28g protein in the Big Breakfast (no hash browns or biscuit; add bacon and cheese). If you don’t want to use bacon, you may substitute another sausage patty, scrambled eggs, or a beef patty. 
  • 3g net carbohydrates, 11g fat, and 12g protein in an egg McMuffin (no English muffin).

If you’re curious, your morning bagel, griddle, or buttermilk biscuit aren’t on the list of keto-friendly meals. Many of these sandwiches, thankfully, can be eaten without the bread!

Options for Keto Breakfast Drinks

Traditional morning beverages may surprise you with their carb content: a cup of orange juice has nearly 26 grams of carbohydrates, and eight ounces of whole milk has about 12 grams of net carbs.

The “sugar-free” coffee flavorings at McDonald’s may also put your ketosis off. While the sugar-free flavoring has no net carbohydrates (just 2g of sugar alcohols), all McDonald’s iced coffees also include cream and milk, which may add up to 9g of carbs to your beverage.

Stick to hot, black coffee or request an iced coffee without cream or milk if you truly want a coffee drink with your keto meal (and, preferably, no flavorings or sweetener, as sugar alcohols can sometimes impact blood sugar levels).

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McDonald’s Keto Friendly Lunch & Dinner 

You must order bunless burgers or sandwiches with any of the choices mentioned. If you still want the feel of a sandwich, ask for additional romaine to make it a lettuce wrap, or bring a low-carb tortilla in its place! In each category, these are the greatest keto menu items:

Lunch or Dinner, the Best Keto Meal at Mcdonald’s

Here’s what you might get if you’re searching for a full combination meal with some variation and a side:

  • Two McDoubles (no bun or sauce), a Side Salad (dressing replaced with creamy ranch sauce), and a side of mayonnaise: 10 grams of net carbohydrates, 54 grams of fat, and 18 grams of protein 

This dish is full and tasty, and the macros are ideal for keto dieters. Just be sure you get the ranch sauce instead of the dressing, which contains 12 grams of carbohydrates.

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Options for Beef

  • 5g net carbohydrates, 25g fat, and 18g protein in a Big Mac (no bread, no ketchup, no Big Mac sauce). The Big Mac sauce just adds one extra net carb if you’re feeling wild and your macros allow it. 
  • 3g net carbohydrates, 25g fat, and 25g protein in a Quarter Pounder with Cheese (no bread, no ketchup). 
  • 3g net carbohydrates, 20g fat, and 20g protein in a double cheeseburger (no bread, no ketchup).
  • 4g net carbohydrates, 21g fat, and 23g protein in a bacon McDouble (no bread, no ketchup).

Choices for Chicken

Although we like McDonald’s chicken sandwiches, it’s essential to remember that they don’t have the same amount of fat as the beef patties. If you choose one of these keto alternatives, be sure to include some fat (see our recommended sauces):

  • 6g net carbohydrates, 19g fat, and 29g protein in a Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich (no bread).
  • Mushroom & Swiss Grilled Chicken (no sauce, bun, or onion strings): 2g net carbs, 9g of fat, and 33g of protein.

Adding items like guacamole may help you keep track of your macros and make the transition to a keto diet go more smoothly. To keep your carb count low, use grilled chicken instead of breaded chicken. 


You may like salad or be searching for an alternative to French fries as a side dish for your dinner. Here are some of the finest keto greens options:

  • 2g net carbohydrates, 0g fat, 1g protein in a side salad If you need additional flavor, use one of the sauces from the list below to add more fat.
  • Salad with Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken (no ranch dressing, but a creamy ranch dipping sauce may be added for an extra 1.5g carbs): 5 grams of net carbohydrates, 13 grams of fat, and 42 grams of protein

Sauces with Low Carbohydrates

Surprisingly, several of the sauce and condiment choices on the menu are keto-friendly. Here are some of our personal favorites: 

  • Spicy Buffalo Sauce has 1 gram of net carbohydrates, 3 gram of fat, and 0 gram of protein.
  • 1.5g net carbohydrates, 12g fat, 0g protein in Creamy Ranch Sauce
  • 3g net carbohydrates, 9g fat, 0g protein in Signature Sauce 
  • Mixing the Spicy Buffalo and Creamy Ranch sauces is very tasty and adds some fat to your lunch. It may also be used as a salad dressing.

What to stay away from:

  • One package of Honey Mustard Sauce has 6 grams of carbohydrates, which is more than any of the breakfast sandwiches we suggest.
  • Both the Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce and the Tangy Barbeque Sauce contain 11 grams of carbohydrates per packet, which is more than any other menu item we suggest.

Options for Keto Drinks

Regular soft beverages, as well as milkshakes and ice cream delights, are off-limits on the keto diet. However, here are several McDonald’s keto drink options:

  • 0g net carbohydrates in unsweetened iced tea As far as keto sweeteners go, we adore stevia, and you can even bring some from home. 
  • 0g net carbohydrates in Diet Coke.
  • 0g net carbohydrates in Coke Zero.
  • Any other diet beverage choice, which varies depending on region.

Water is usually a good choice, but if you want to go all out, there are several carbonated options. Most diet sodas are low in carbohydrates, and you may always sweeten your tea yourself, as we do.

13 keto friendly meals you can order at mcdonalds

In conclusion

  • Thankfully, if you need to dine out while on the keto diet, McDonald’s offers a wide range of choices.
  • No buns or breading, no ketchup on lunch and dinner sandwiches, no salad dressings, and no fries, frozen desserts, or shakes are our top recommendations for any keto order at McDonald’s.
  • Breakfast is usually excellent with eggs and sausage, and our favorite is a Triple Breakfast Stack McGriddle without griddle cakes.
  • There are even more choices for lunch and supper, including burgers, salads, and sandwiches. The burgers are usually recommended because of their increased fat content, which is ideal for a ketogenic diet. 
  • Try some Spicy Buffalo or Creamy Ranch sauce if you want to amp up the taste. It’s even a keto-friendly salad dressing substitute. 
  • Unsweetened iced tea, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, or unsweetened iced coffee are all good options for beverages.
  • With its large variety of keto fast food choices, McDonald’s makes keto fast food quick and simple while you’re on the go!


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In 2021, McDonald’s will have a new menu item in all of its restaurants. It will be the only item on the entire menu, so it will probably be the first thing that people will try when they visit. At first, the item will be a limited time offer, but that will change after the first few months. Like most limited time offers, the item will be gone pretty quickly, but people will be so hyped and excited about the new menu item that they’ll keep coming back to the locations that still have it, so that they can try it again.. Read more about low carb mcdonald’s australia and let us know what you think.

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There is nothing keto at McDONALDS.

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