This is a recipe for chocolate pancakes with no eggs. If you are looking for a pancake recipe that does not require eggs, this one is for you!

The eggless chocolate chip pancake recipe is a delicious breakfast dish that can be made with common ingredients.

If you’re looking for a delicious eggless chocolate pancake recipe, we’ve got you covered. Our recipe uses just a few basic ingredients and doesn’t need the use of an egg. With the chocolate syrup, this chocolate pancake will be luscious. Your pancakes are now ready to eat. Serve with chocolate syrup on the side. This is one of the easiest and tastiest breakfasts you can whip up for your loved ones in no time. Serve with additional chocolate syrup if you’re wanting a sweet treat.

How to Make a Chocolate Pancake Without Eggs:

To create a delicious Pancake, combine the dry ingredients first, then combine the liquid components to produce a beautiful pancake batter. The batter should next be poured into the skillet or pan. Pancakes are a kid’s all-time favorite. Pancakes are loved by everyone, not just children. Pancakes may be served for breakfast, as a snack, or as a dessert, with additional syrup, for example. In addition, you may customize your pancakes to your preferences. For example, with or without egg, chocolate chips, blueberries, and so forth. On slow mornings, this is the simplest and tastiest breakfast you can make. Get a better understanding of components.

  • Pancake batter: Pancake batter should be smooth and free of lumps; else, the pancake will be unappealing. The mixture is allowed to rest, resulting in smooth, fluffy pancakes. If you’re a health nut, use wheat or ragi flour instead of all-purpose flour.




Breakfast, and Dessert

American and Indian cuisines

Time to Prepare: 10 minutes

15 minutes to prepare

25-minute total time

3 servings

Ingredients that are dry

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour (maida)
  • cocoa powder, 2 tbsp
  • 4 tbsp sugar powder
  • Baking powder (1.5 tsp)
  • a quarter teaspoon of salt

Ingredients that are wet

  • 1 quart of milk
  • Buttermilk, 5 tbsp
  • 2 tbsp butter, melted
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  •  To begin, we must sift all of the dry components (flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder, and salt)

  •  Combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl (milk, buttermilk, butter and vanilla essence)

  • To create pancakes, whisk together all of the ingredients to produce a fine batter.

  •  Heat the skillet or pan with a little butter, then pour about a quarter cup of batter into the skillet and spread it out in a circular shape. 

  •  Wait until the edges are dry before gently flipping the pancake.

  • Place the pancakes on a platter and top with chocolate syrup (you may use any chocolate syrup or Nutella; I used Hershey chocolate syrup) and serve immediately. 

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Ideas for similar recipes:

  • Cut the banana into slices and combine them with the wet ingredients to make banana pancakes. Overripe bananas, in particular, are ideal for this dish.
  • Oats pancakes: For this dish, powdered oats are used instead of all-purpose flour, and cinnamon powder is added. You may serve the pancakes with chocolate syrup or fruits such as bananas and strawberries.
  • Nuts pancakes: To make nuts pancakes, mix chopped nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts into the batter, then top with additional nuts.


The eggless pancake recipe is a simple and easy to make chocolate-flavored pancakes.

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