Do you get dry skin? If so, chances are you are reading this post! Coconut oil is a wonder product that is safe for the skin, but this is the Internet and you can never be too careful when it comes to blogs, so I was skeptical when I read a post on a website I trust about the benefits of this oil, but after a few days of use, I was pleasantly surprised. After reading the post, I immediately went looking for the product and bought it. It is amazing. I cannot believe how soft my skin is, and I can see and feel a huge change in my skin. I am going to continue using this oil until I have no more and I would recommend it to anyone.

I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier lately, and one thing that has been a struggle has been my love of nuts. I’m obsessed with them, but I have a major sweet tooth and I love to eat them after a big meal. In the past, I’ve tried everything but it’s been hard to find a replacement for my favorite nuts and it’s hard to keep them out of the house.

No, you didn’t dream that I said sugar free. And you’re right, this isn’t a sponsored post. However, it is a very tasty and healthy snack and it’s a recipe that I have made myself many times. I’ve also received emails from many people who have tried my recipe and have had very positive feedback. I hope you like them too.. Read more about keto cocoa covered almonds recipe and let us know what you think.

Do you like Emerald cocoa roasted almonds but are put off by the cost? We’ll take care of you with our recipe for chocolate roasted almonds! They aren’t as delicious as the ones sold in stores, but they are simple to prepare and much simpler to consume. Watch Matt create these in the video below, then make them yourself with your own twist – I’m thinking cinnamon!

It’s very simple to roast almonds!

Every nut dish we make, from chocolate to nut butter, starts with raw nuts. You have the greatest control over the flavor and final outcome this way. One of the simplest procedures is rostering. So, if you can locate nuts in bulk for a reasonable price, purchase them and roast them for on-the-go snacks! Roast for 15 to 20 minutes after spreading them out on a baking sheet. They are always flawless.

Almonds, roasted in a variety of ways

You can roast all of your favorite nuts now that you know how to roast them simply, and you can even experiment with various coatings and spices! We also tried cinnamon, which was wonderful, but I believe the spiced toasted nuts are my favorite. Barbecue, wasabi and soy, as well as salt and vinegar, are all available in store or online! Anything you can imagine may be roasted into a nut of your choosing!


Almonds toasted in cocoa

If you love nuts as much as we do, you must try our roasted sprouted peanut butter! You’ll never purchase them at a shop again after you’ve cooked them at home. We also offer keto granola, which is made with a variety of nuts and is great for creating portable snacks. Also, don’t miss Matt’s favorite recipe, Dream Butter, a lovely nut butter made from a variety of nuts. If you’re new to nuts, these chocolate roasted almonds are a great place to start since they’re fast and simple to make!


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Almonds only get better with age, and they’re one of our favorite snacks, especially when you want a healthier, guilt-free snack. Check out this recipe for Cocoa Roasted Almonds, which are really easy to make, and taste absolutely divine.. Read more about kirkland cocoa dusted almonds and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cocoa roasted almonds healthy?

Cocoa roasted almonds are a healthy snack.

Do cocoa dusted almonds have sugar?

No, cocoa dusted almonds do not have sugar.

Are dark chocolate almonds Keto friendly?

Dark chocolate almonds are not keto friendly.