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Codemasters has been in the headlines a lot recently, thanks to EA’s acquisition of the firm earlier this year. Although many fans were disappointed by the choice, the more I talked with Codemasters’ creators, the more persuaded I became that they were thrilled with the pairing of the two titans and what the future holds. It’s worth noting that F1 2021 is Codemasters’ first AAA title since the collaboration, and both businesses will now be scrutinized by the public. This makes me want to check into F1 2021.

Before we get into the review, it’s obvious that F1 fans are excited about the game, expecting that it will continue to be a leader in innovation, authenticity, and accessibility. But why is this collaboration so crucial? According to the engineers I talked with, this enables Codemasters to continue and accelerate the F1 series plan much more quickly, and with the additional resources, the developers will be able to create precisely what they had only envisioned on paper.

So, let’s speak about F1 2021, with EA on the outside giving its support and guaranteeing that Codemasters can keep its vision alive today and in the future.

What I appreciate about F1 2021

operate a motor vehicle

Since I’ve never driven an F1 vehicle, I can only assume that the series has always provided a great and authentic driving experience. So when Codemasters’ new product was introduced to me, I anticipated it to be quite similar to its predecessors – which would be a positive thing.

My expectations were fulfilled with a strong explosion that made my controller tremble. The vehicles on the PS5 have a weight to them that I’ve never felt in this series before, and I’ve played every game. Not only does each car have a lot of weight behind the wheel, but the developers have also added a new layer of content to the controller-based driving experience that gives the player greater control.

It took a few laps for me to adjust to the new sense of control and weight before I felt completely natural. The modifications are beneficial and enhance the track driving experience by making it more natural.

For years, I’ve been accustomed to driving the tight corners and S-curves in a particular manner in the Formula One series, which has grown a little tedious for the series’ veterans. With the car’s heavier weight and more accurate handling, I had to concentrate on the bends or risk cutting in or striking the curb too hard.

Don’t let this throw off those of you who are acquainted with the series. You now have a lot more choices for where you can park the vehicle in any given scenario. On many building sites, which are narrow and have limited legal places to cross, this is critical.

It may take some getting used to the new driving feel of such a powerful but fragile machine, but in the end F1 2021 feels much better on the track than its predecessors, which makes it even better.

Optional series

Accessibility for players of various skill levels is not a new concept in the Formula One series, but it is one that has only recently garnered attention. Codemasters has worked hard to create a game that all players can enjoy, regardless of their skill level or expertise, and F1 2021 is no exception.

People who wish to experience the thrills of a genuine Formula One season on a more casual basis will be able to do so thanks to the developers’ efforts. This year, the game features a new customization option that, when activated, enables you to run with all of the tools and choices available, which you may use or deactivate individually. The creators characterized it as a developer mode in an early discussion with Codemasters. Previously, the community’s choices could only be activated or removed on an individual basis during game creation.

Career mode for two players

In my preview, I said how thrilled I was to see this mode in a AAA game like F1 2021, and my enthusiasm was genuine. The concept of playing F1 Career mode with a buddy and seeing their careers grow in various ways was so appealing and distinctive that Codemasters and fans believed they couldn’t go wrong.

The beginning and commencement of this career option allows you to compete or team up and cause mayhem in the Formula One globe. You may also choose between the entire cooperative formula and contracts per member.

If you play in co-career mode, you may find yourself moving teams in the middle of your career owing to contract discussions, and playing for rival clubs. If you choose genuine co-op mode, you will be on the same team for the duration of the game.

What’s even better is that you may play the career mode with your friends, competing against one another or for glory under the same contract. Regardless of whatever choice you select with your buddy, the co-op game has the same depth and enjoyment as the single player version, giving you the best of both worlds.

This is the kind of offer that extends the life of the game and can be extended six months from now, when both parties pick up the game to go in a different direction. When you go through the career mode in the group chat system, you get the impression that team communication is possible during the career. This lends a certain authenticity to the whole thing, whether you choose the true cooperative route or the contract route.

Presentation and graphics

Codemasters has managed to provide current, cutting-edge visuals and presentation over the last several years, and they’ve done it successfully. This tendency will continue in F1 2021.

As soon as I booted up this edition, it was obvious that the Codemasters engineers are well-versed in the capabilities of the new technology. That’s hardly unexpected, given how good F1 was on the previous generation of consoles. F1 2021 is currently as near as we can get to a mirror copy of what we witness every weekend, thanks to technical advancements.

F1 2021 often offers a visual experience so amazing that the boundary between real and not real blurs, whether it’s the depth and vividness of detail in each racing vehicle or the beautiful reproduction of each race venue and its environs.

F1 2021 always provided a good experience throughout my time on the track or in the menus, whether it was on one of the game’s official circuits, navigating the new UI menus, or taking part in the well-organized pre- and post-race festivities (and the framerate remained decent, too).

The visuals that precede some of the interviews in career mode are the one drawback to the game’s richness and realism. On the PS5 and Xbox Series X, they seemed a little choppy before and after the Day 1 patch was implemented.

Regardless, Codemasters continues to impress with its visuals and presentation. F1 2021 provides a real and realistic experience.

What I don’t like about the narrative mode in F1 2021 The Point of No Return

I’m not going to critique the new narrative mode, Braking Point, since I like Aiden Jackson’s experience as a Formula One rookie for the most part. However, there are two major reasons why this style does not appeal to me.

When I spoke with the creators, they talked a lot about how much work, effort, and money went into making Braking Point. To create the idea and produce the screenplay, the studio even recruited a real production company. Is it awe-inspiring on any level? Yes, and you can see exactly where the money and work went.

However, without giving too much away, I don’t see this mode having much replay value, and the level of quality and work put into it makes you question.

Second, without giving too much away, the majority of the narrative mode is split into moments, with many of those moments being crucial to the plot. The issue is that the creators have requested that you jump behind the wheel of a high-precision vehicle and accomplish a job on the track with no time to acquaint yourself with the course or the time.

This is a difficult job even for series veterans who are familiar with all of the locales, much alone fans or newbies. This will be a cause of irritation for some, and it feels like a strange stumbling block in a narrative mode that is likely aimed for escape enthusiasts. Overall, it seems to be irrational.

Braking Point will offer you with lots of fun and excitement if you like scripted modes that operate on the Choose Your Own Adventure concept. Someone has to explain why the resources and creative effort couldn’t have been put to better use in creating an offering that would entice people to play it again in six months.

There is no support for virtual reality.

It’s a small quibble that won’t upset many people, given that PSVR hasn’t been the commercial success Sony had hoped for.

That said, I like virtual reality, particularly in racing games, which I mainly play on PC since businesses refuse to invest the time and resources necessary to create a VR game that only a small number of people can play on consoles.

I understand why Codemasters didn’t bother with VR on consoles, but the truth remains that you’re in for a fantastic time here. Anyone that has played iRacing or rFactor 2 in virtual reality will understand what I’m talking about. When this generation of hardware stabilizes (and consumers can buy consoles whenever they want), we should see more games that take advantage of the technology in new ways.


The actual bottom line for F1 2021 is that it will once again be a candidate for Sports Game of the Year, Racing Game of the Year, and all of the other prestigious titles in this category. F1 2021 allows players of all skill levels to play as they wish and make adjustments to the game as required.

When it comes to F1 2021, the quantity of detail is nearly overwhelming. There are many single and multiplayer modes in the game, and you may move to the next one when you’re done with the current one. The cooperative career mode sticks out the most in this game.

It’s currently one of the finest games on next-gen hardware, and the stability is incredible, especially when combined with the game’s quality, both in-game and in the menu. It astounds me how Codemasters continues to find new methods to market this game year after year. And now I’m back, anticipating the release of another another great piece that I believe will earn a spot in everyone’s rotation for the next several months.

F1 2021 provides an experience that validates my desire for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and once games achieve that level of graphical quality and complexity, we’ll have to strap up because the ride will be amazing.


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