Today I have for you a delicious and very simple recipe for a Cambodian sandwich. One that I have been making for myself since I arrived in Siem Reap. The best way to eat one of these is to make it yourself, so you can use your own combination of ingredients. Cambodian Beef Salad is one of my favorite recipes to make, and it’s also a great way to get a good proportion of protein and vegetables in to your diet.

Learn how to make a sandwich using the Cambodian sandwich recipe. This recipe is simple, yet very delicious. With a small amount of ingredients you can make a great sandwich. It is a very good way to start the day.

Our cooking method, which I call “Damp-Pit Cooking”, is a simple and easy way to make delicious Cambodian food. It’s the type of cooking that does not require a lot of ingredients, nor does it require a lot of time. The Cakes, Fruits, and Vegetables are simmered in a saucepan with some water and spices. If you want to get the best results, the vegetables must be tender and perfectly cooked. You can use any vegetables that are available in the market.

The finest sandwiches in Asia are Cambodian sandwiches, often known as Cambodian Num Pang. Technically, a Cambodian Sandwich is a baguette filled with pork, paste, and salad.


1 baguette de France    
1 cup mayonnaise or paste (Vietnamese)    
1 tblsp. jalapeno chili powder    
Cucumber, 1    
Cilantro, 1 cup    
2 tblsp. soy sauce    
1 tbsp. Rooster sauce    
a half pound of BBQ pork or a sardine    

Carrot daikon pickled

4 cups julienned carrot and daikon mix    
1 cup of liquid    
a quarter cup of sugar    
a quarter cup of vinegar    
2 teaspoons of salt    
1 cup water, salt, sugar, and vinegar dissolved in a large mixing basin, then carrot daikon was added.    
Place the pickle in a clean jar and store in the refrigerator until ready to use.    

Recipe for Cambodian Sandwiches with Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To prepare the sandwich, toast the bread first (you can eat it cold, but toast is better)
  2. Using mayonnaise or Vietnamese paste, spread the bread lengthwise.
  3. Arrange the meat and jalapeo, cucumber, and soy sauce, rooster sauce, and pickles on top.
  4. Carrot daikon with a few pieces of cilantro on top.




Cambodian Noodle Salad with Sesame Dressing is a similar recipe.

daily value in percent

Total Carbohydrate: 119g (43%).

Cholesterol 31 milligrams 10%

Total Fat: 41 g (53%).

Saturated fat (saturated fat) (saturated fat) (saturated fat) (

11 g of dietary fiber = 39%

11 g protein (22% protein)

403 percent sodium 9278mg

Sugars (53 g): 106 %

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Cambodian Sandwiches, or Fresh Rolls, are a popular street food in Cambodia. They are made from white flour, coconut milk, sugar, and a touch of salt. The fresh rolls are made in a few different ways, but the traditional way involves kicking it up a notch with the addition of meat or vegetables. For our Cambodian Sandwiches recipe, we will be using ground pork.. Read more about cambodian sandwich near me and let us know what you think.