What goes great with tacos and quesadillas? Yes, it is not the usual thing in your regular Mexican restaurant, but you can actually make your own delicious and stuffed flour tortillas from scratch. You will learn from this post how to make the Black Bean and Sweet Potato Flautas | Mexican Recipes and you will be able to impress your family and friends at home with your new skills.

Sweet potatoes are well known for being high in antioxidants and filling, making them a very versatile ingredient. If you are looking for a healthy low fat alternative to chips, try this recipe for Black Bean and Sweet Potato Flautas!

These flautas are filled with black beans, onions, sweet potatoes and spices and then topped with the Mexican favorites toppings of melted cheese, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce and salsa. They are the perfect combination of flavors and the perfect way to use up leftover veggies from your roast chicken.

A tasty and satisfying vegetarian flauta is made with creamy refried black beans and chili flavored sweet potatoes.

Sweet potato flautas are a healthy alternative to fried flautas that are simple to prepare. If you don’t consume meat or, like me, like a mix of animal and plant-based dishes, the combination of black beans and sweet potato is fantastic.

What is the difference between a flauta and a taco?

Flautas and taquitos are typically prepared using flour tortillas and corn tortillas, respectively, although recipes use both words interchangeably.

Flautas and Taquitos are traditionally deep fried, but I like to bake them since it is healthier and less messy. These would be excellent in an air fryer if you have one.

Sweet Potato Flautas Ingredients

Tortillas made with flour, roasted sweet potatoes, refried black beans, and a little oil

Flour Tortillas- For baked flautas, I like to use thin fajita-size flour tortillas since they crisp up nicely in the oven. Warm your tortillas in the microwave to make them soft and flexible before constructing the flautas.

1 big sweet potato, or 2-3 small sweet potatoes, washed, peeled, and diced Add oil, salt, chili powder, smoked paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder after that. To coat all of the sweet potato pieces, combine all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Glass bowl of diced sweet potatoes

Then bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes, flipping them over after 10 minutes, on a sheet pan coated with oil or lined with parchment paper.

The potatoes should be brightly colored and somewhat crunchy.

Sheet pan with baked diced sweet potaotes.

I used refried black beans that I prepared myself. I used the same technique as my Peruvian beans to make them in the Instant Pot.

I removed approximately 2 cups of beans with cooking liquid and crushed them in a pan with a teaspoon of oil after they were done.

If you need a fast supper, canned refried black beans may be used instead.

How to Put the Flautas Together

To begin, reheat the tortillas in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds, or until soft and malleable.

Then spread a couple of spoonfuls of refried black beans over the tortilla, or enough to cover the whole surface. Serve with roasted sweet potatoes on top.

Flour Tortilla on a cutting board layered with black beans and sweet potato.

To have extra covering to roll the tortilla securely, place the filling just below the middle of the tortilla. Try rolling it again if it seems too loose.

Flautas: How to Bake Them

Place rolled flautas seam side down on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or coated with cooking oil spray.

After you’ve finished rolling all of your flautas, place them on the baking sheet in a row. From top to bottom, spray each one with cooking spray. Use a pastry brush and oil if you don’t have an oil spray.

Baked flautas out of the oven on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Bake for 10 minutes at 375 degrees, then remove and turn them. The seam side of the fabric is now facing up. 

Spray extra oil on the seam and push it back together if it’s coming apart. Then bake for another 10 minutes, or until golden brown and crispy.

Turn on the boiler for the final 2 minutes if you want the flautas to be extra crispy; just make sure they don’t burn.

Overhead view of 3 flautas on a plate with a side of salsa and a glass of water on the side.

Sweet Potato Flautas: How to Serve

These sweet potato and black bean flautas are ideal for dipping in salsa, guacamole, sour cream, or vegan queso.

They’re also delicious with refried beans or Mexican rice on the side.

Flautas are a favorite of mine for taco night, and they’re the ideal size for little hands.

Hand holding a rolled taco that's being dipped into a small bowl of salsa.

Is it possible to prepare flautas ahead of time?

Yes! These may be prepared ahead of time or reheated.

Flautas may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 4 days as leftovers. If you have an air fryer, reheating them in the oven is the best choice. I bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

Another alternative is to put cooled flautas in a freezer-safe bag and keep them frozen for up to two months.

Frozen flautas may also be reheated in the oven or air fryer. In a 350° oven, they’ll take approximately 15 minutes.

3 sweet potato flautas on a plate with a side of salsa and cilantro garnish.

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Up close view of 2 flautas on a plate with a side of salsa and a cilantro stem for garnish.

Flautas with black beans and sweet potatoes

Renee Fuentes is a model and actress.

A tasty and satisfying vegetarian flauta is made with creamy refried black beans and chili flavored sweet potatoes.

15-minute prep time

Time to cook: 40 minutes

55 minutes total

Course Description:

Mexican cuisine


Here’s a simple recipe for black bean and sweet potato flautas that’s healthier than the ones you’ll find at the typical taco stand.. Read more about sweet potato flautas gracias madre recipe and let us know what you think.

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