Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines. It’s colorful, it’s fragrant, and it’s bursting with flavor. In Thailand where most of the dishes are a bit spicy, they usually serve the food with lots of fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices. You will find a wide variety of Thai dishes on the menu and it’s up to you whether you want to start with a traditional Thai beverage or a tropical fruit juice.

There are two ways to eat coconut corn, and I’ll show you both. First, it’s delicious plain. It’s the kind of corn that American kids love to eat on the cob. If you’ve never had the pleasure, then you’re in for a treat. But it’s not just plain old corn. It’s sweet, too, and the sweetness makes it really easy to eat. It’s sweet-tasting and buttery, and it’s perfectly seasoned and spiced with a very mild spice.

For our Tuesday Thai Sunday, I made this coconut corn. It was absolutely delicious. I used a small new cornkernel, washed, and popped into the fire to cook, along with the coconut.

This Thai Coconut Corn is best described as sweet, salty, and creamy. The best part is that it’s dairy and gluten-free! This maize has a sweet nutty taste that is distinctive to Thai cuisine, thanks to the use of coconut milk. I’ll show you how to serve it on the cob with the coconut sauce drizzled on top, or shave the kernels and serve it in a bowl for a unique creamed corn that tastes almost like a dessert.

Corn is in season throughout the summer, and it’s great for a variety of taste combinations. While I like Mexican street corn, I try to avoid dairy as much as possible, so I wanted to find a dairy-free alternative. This dish isn’t meant to be a replacement for Mexican street corn; rather, it’s a tasty alternative that I really liked.

Thai Coconut Corn - 2 Ways

While corn on the cob is available in Thailand, it is tiny and the kernels are not as large and puffy as corn in the United States. As a result, grilled maize is not often offered in Thailand. However, the coconut sauce I use is a popular savory and dessert sauce, such as sweet sticky rice and mango. It’s more like a dessert when the corn is shaved off the cob and served in a dish with the coconut milk. It may also be served cold for a cool summer treat.

Thai Coconut Corn - 2 Ways

I boiled the corn cobs, but I’m sure they’d taste much better if they were grilled on the grill. If serving the corn in a dish, the coconut sauce may be served warm or chilled for a cool dessert. I tried both methods and found them to be excellent. Just be sure to thoroughly mix the coconut sauce after it’s cooled.

Thai Coconut Corn - 2 Ways

2 Ways to Prepare Thai Coconut Corn

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  • Combine coconut milk, sugar, and salt in a small sauce pan. Stir over medium-high heat until it comes to a boil, then reduce heat to low and stir slowly for a few minutes, or until the sugar and salt are dissolved. Taste and adjust the amount of sugar or salt to your taste.

  • Corn should be prepared by boiling or grilling.

  • Drizzle coconut sauce over corn on the cob and top with chopped green onions and a squeeze of lime wedge.

  • Remove corn kernels if serving in a bowl and top with warm or cold coconut sauce. If the sauce is cold, whisk it well to combine it. Green onions, chopped, go on top.

The Thai version of a popular dish called corn is mostly cooked with a coconut milk base. Here, we use the same base but switch up the flavors with the addition of Thai spices and textures. The recipe is perfect for those who want to make a healthier version of the traditional corn dish but don’t want to compromise on how it tastes.. Read more about can of coconut milk and let us know what you think.