These buttery, sweet balls are a Southern tradition, and they make the perfect dessert for any occasion.

The pecan butter protein balls are a healthy snack that is easy to make. They can be made with any nut butter, but the pecan butter gives them a great flavor.


There are several recipes for Southern Pecan Butter Balls, but I believe that if you follow the directions exactly, you will discover that these are the best.



They’ll dissolve in your mouth.

Since I was a child, my family has used this recipe. We used to make them for holidays and weddings, but they’re delicious any time of year.

The secret is to use butter and crush the nuts extremely finely.

Another crucial step is to bake them for 45 minutes at 250 degrees. It’s well worth the additional time!

Depending on how big you make the cookies, this recipe will probably yield 100 balls. The baking time given is just a guideline. Depending on how many cookies you prepare and how many you place on a cookie sheet, the time may vary.

Because they don’t spread much, you can fit quite a few on a baking sheet.


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I like Southern culture, particularly when it comes to cuisine. This is one of the most excellent.

Dessert is the last course.

Southern cuisine


Southern Pecan Butter Balls are a sweet, buttery snack that is perfect for the holidays. Reference: taste of home pecan sandies.

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