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Are you searching for the July 2021 Tier List for Brave Frontier? The most up-to-date Tier List for Brave Frontier may be found below.

Tier List for Brave Frontier is now available online.

While working on our regular routines, we all get bored and need to take a break someplace to regain our concentration. Playing games may often benefit us all, since it is not an age-specific activity. Most of us like spending time on our phones and computers playing games, and why not? Today’s games are so innovative and unique that everyone wants to check out the many online games available.

Online Tier List for Brave Frontier Characters

Many people believe that games are a waste of time, but this is not the case since there are many games available that may help us improve our mental abilities and our capacity to concentrate on tasks. The games category has a large number of titles, and selecting a suitable decent game for yourself may be a difficult job at times, but if you do, it can be a mood-lifting experience.

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Brave Frontier is one such game that is well-known among today’s players. Because of the many features given by the creators, gamers like playing this game. You should also be familiar with a number of different characters. Everything you need to know about the Brave Frontier game, including its Tier list and a variety of information on the game’s characters, is provided here. It is preferable to learn about the game before playing it.

The Story of Brave Frontier

A-Lim developed and released Brave Frontier, a Japanese RPG (role-playing game). The game was originally created and developed for iOS alone, but it was subsequently ported to Android and the Kindle Fire. The game was launched in Japan in July of 2013, and it was published by A-Lim.

Brave Frontier Tier List

Raid, Arena, Quest, Vortex, Frontier Hunter, Frontier Gate, and Guild are some of the game’s modes, and it’s available on iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows Phone 8, and Microsoft Windows. Gumi Asia was responsible for the game’s global distribution in December of 2013. In February of 2018, a sequel to this series, titled Brave Frontier 2, was published exclusively in Japan. Many people believe the game to be a success, and it has been widely played since its debut. Below is information about the Tier list and the characters that make up each Tier.

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Brave Frontier Tier List

There are so many characters in the Brave Frontier game that listing them all would be impossible, but choosing a handful that most players like playing is simple. The characters are grouped into Tiers based on their strength and current level. You may go ahead to see where the various characters you adore are now located. We may refer to them as characters or units in this context.

Brave Frontier Tier List Element: Fire Element: Light Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark Element: Thunder S Tier Azius Inoko Desert Paradise Nyami Rhyne Cayena Ascha Aesys Ken Kaneki Peter Ptah Avyn Hakuzo Sidonie Tarok Osiris Yasna Armaiti Alphie Sasha Nicholas Hypaea Sun-kissed Tilith Aoife Thot Gisele Galene Meryl & Milly Hilda Serin Inara Orochi Set Noxa Vohu Evie Nuke Legato Kirke Ma’at Echo Paris Miriam Vash Nimrah Ukie Touka Vrana Ydra A Tier Czorag Annette Ultor Zeis Ellie Seria Juzo Suzuya Yan & Yuan Natalame Blaze Amus Kyo Roy Yamori Marianne Svalinn Gortius Odin Sero-Anya Persenet Karna Masta Kelsa Allanon Fionna Chloe Aurelia Vanila Kranus, the Argent Ulagan Andaria Lydia S’eljah Elaina Bayley Gwenevere Wannahon Vektor Dranoel Baiken Nagid Limilnate Zeruiah Teresa Charlie Faelan Sennie Rene Utheria Tridon Vail & Vidron Kawab Haile Sae Kahiki Vikki Galea Wintia Berserk Ezra Kielazar Kranus Saskya Xenon Noel Lico Kielezar Keres Dismal Omen Luro Ensa-Taya Savei R&R Semira Fatal Ruffles Vanessa Ciardha Alza Masta Nyami Lancelot Gwyll Theodor Shion Saya Sheriff Kassia Whitefang Kisrai Tevarius Fennia Mikael Chryssa N’an Wang Mu Zedus Cerise Bonnie Zelion Cleria Long Khepratum Silvie B Tier Brigadier Buck Morgana Zegstia Sun Tse Azurai Laressa Feng Rain Ludero Emberheart Vyrr Owen Arus Ruby Rugahr Kagiya Joshua Kyria Juno Seto Lukroar Ceulfan Alan Gabriela Solos Lucius Linasera Regil Lilith Enile Lauda Krantz Maxwell Sefia Nia Avani Nyala Mordlim Faelan Ophiucus Hisui Fei & Fang Libera Dion Edea Eriana Honoka & Hisa Hetepheres Bjorn & Linlin Shu Tsukiyama Viviane & Orah May Medina Elimo Lofia Rickel Lasswell Ilm Signas Isniel Tsovinar Karl Sheena Galtier Katerin Cardes Merlin Neferet Zephyr Grahdens Yuura Illucen & Illumina Neviro Ebony & Enid Feora Daltisk Razak Crash Ordine Rhoa Ragra Tate & Tama Mordred Ewan Jireid C Tier Korzan Baelfyr Michele Agnia Afla Dillith Adel al-Akqat Barion Glenn Lava Mariano Heartstringer Guinne Rinon Spirited Beast Ni’en Ark Carroll Reseus Zekt Leo Whitefang Segrud Sirius Mora Kira Quentin & Quinn Carlos Phileine Frigg Gandrei Daros Baro Felice Leona Zelnite Rozalia Florence Auberi Vaisal Savia Selena Lumis Holia Mariela Zero Shida Yggdrasil Zero Lunaris Yggdrasil Zekuu Zenia Ragina Elza Dirk Rezo Feeva Toki Velma Mifune Zalvard Lilly Matah Johan Behemoth Vashi Eleanor Becstain Lid Kanon Loch Beiorg Shera Gilgamesh Gilbert D Tier Avant Rahotep Jakra Claire Mai Shiranui Valen K & K Alessa Malef Kulyuk Adriesta Griff Lara Agress Gaston Janice Mel Ionia Atro Amadream Miku Jack’O Garrel Zellha Izuna Estia Raquiel Terry Lanza Mariletta Terry Lanza Mariletta Quaid Zevalhua Arboreal Glaes Divine Armor Freed Gyras Miell Dessit Zeleste Camilla Stein Arsom Melord Zalts Hugh Azalea Kitsu Tazer Kula Diamond Belfura Garrett Colt Astrid Kikuri Xie’Jing Kafka Haido Sonia Mizo Dorte Zeek Alice Kalon Magress Ramlethal Licht Rize Eze Benimaru Balgran Eerikki Hallelujah Marlo Silas Fizz F Tier Shura Lyonnesse Barbara Sol Vargas Rengaku Elphelt Athena Asamiya Diastima Logi Daze Nimune Ragzbyul Serge Lance Verne Amu Yunos Azami Iris Charlotte Asto Cotton Luina Gregor Mard Geer Iori Ihsir Viktor Zora Ky Rayla Draegar S-Tier

These are one of those units that stands out from the rest of the troops in each Tier. It’s because they can do a lot of damage and have exceptional boosts and defensive numbers. If you are fortunate enough to get the basic version of these troops, you should utilize them when rotating since this will benefit you much in the future.

Azius is one of the characters in the Brave Frontier tier list.

Azius is a fire element character with an Omni rarity. Azius, like Gazia, is ardent and enthusiastic about his job. He’s a demigod from the newly found echo of an intact Athensphere who’s a brilliant inventor.

No one has ever seen someone like Inoko, according to legend. Her style is unique in that it is bright and loud, causing everyone to look at her. She is a seven-star rarity.

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Rhyne – Rhyne is a fire element character with the unit ID 8583. Her maximum level is 120 and she has a 7-star rarity level.


These are the characters or units that, when utilized correctly, can be a jack of all trades or, in other words, may show their value at a moment when it is least anticipated. You must correctly raise these characters since, at one point or another, they will serve as a suitable complement to your S Class Units.

Characters from the Brave Frontier tier list Czorag

Czorag – Czorag is a fire-type character with the Rarity of Omni and a unit number of 8503. Demoniac Czorag’s maximum level is 150, and this character’s colosseum legality is hero.

Annette is a fire element character that goes by the full name of Snowy Bravura Annette. This character is Omni rare and has a maximum level of 150.

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Ultor – His full name is Ultor the Unbreakable, and his unit number is 8402. He is a fire element character with the rarity Omni. He can achieve a maximum level of 150, and the character’s colosseum legality is hero.


They may be just as good as A-tier heroes, but the distinction that puts them in the B-tier is that they have faults that can detract from their overall synergy. The faults may vary from below-average stat growth to a skill pool that is highly situational. These characters are deserving of your attention, but their sub-power development prohibits them from reaching the A-Tier.

Blast Brigadier Buck – Another name for Brigadier Buck is Blast Brigadier Buck. He is a fire element character with the Rarity Omni and a maximum level of 150.

Morgana – She is a fire element figure who also goes by the moniker Fallen Morgana. Her Rarity is Omni, and she has a maximum level of 150.

Characters from the Brave Frontier tier list Morgana C-Tier is a kind of Morgana.

We’ve landed somewhere in the middle between the greatest and worst characters. In this Tier, you’ll discover characters that can easily get you out of a player vs environment strategy, but they’re not as strong when it comes to competitive play in the arena or colosseum, and they’re generally not advised in these circumstances. You can summon characters from this tier if you can’t summon characters from the higher tiers. They’ll get you through the game, but special events and high-level missions will be difficult to complete with them.

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Rinon – Rinon is a light element figure who goes by the full name Sublime Divinity Rinon. Rarity Omni is her name, and her colosseum legalities are Gladiator, Conqueror, and Hero.

Ark – Ark is a light element character with a Rarity of 6-stars. This character is unique in that he has four distinct colosseum legalities: Warrior, Gladiator, Conquerer, and Hero.

Characters from the Brave Frontier tier list Ark D-Tier

This Tier’s characters can’t be employed anytime you want; they have to be utilized on rare occasions or in unique situations. Because the likelihood of these characters excelling in any setting is minimal, it’s worth debating whether or not to elevate them. You’re more likely to pass certain characters in specific situations since they’re just superior troops in their element.

Terry – Terry Bogard is an Earth-type figure that goes by his full name. His rarity is Omni, and his legality in the Colosseum is Conqueror and Hero.

Characters from the brave Frontier tier list Terry

Lanza is an Earth-type character that goes by the moniker Malachite Steel Lanza. His rarity is Omni, and his legalities in the Colosseum are Gladiator, Conqueror, and Hero.

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If characters are included in this Tier, it is for a specific purpose. It’s possible that they don’t fit anyplace else or aren’t up to the job that the other Tier characters are capable of. Many gamers even recommend that you remove the character from this Tier as soon as you acquire the characters from the Tiers above from the F-Tier. If you keep employing characters from this Tier, neither they nor you will go anywhere.

Luina is a Dark-type character that goes by the moniker Hellborne Honeypot Luina. Her rarity is Omni, and her legalities in the Colosseum are Gladiator, Conqueror, and Hero.

Roaring Thunder is the moniker given to Viktor. Viktor is a character of the Thunder type. His rarity is Omni, and his legalities in the Colosseum are Gladiator, Conqueror, and Hero.

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This concludes the Tier List for the Brave Frontier. You can also share your tier list with us by leaving a comment in the area below. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get more gaming news and guides.