Menstruation is a very emotional topic. Everyone has their own personal experience with it, and they all have their own opinions. One thing is certain, though: if you’re a woman, you’re going to experience some pain every month. The question is: how hard will that pain be? To Find Out If It’s Harder To Be In Ketosis During Menstruation, I Went Through This Painful Process During Three Different Cycles.

The ketogenic diet can be tough, especially during your period. If you’re new to the diet, getting into it during your cycle can be a struggle. And even if you’re used to the diet, it can be hard to stay in ketosis during your period, especially because of the hormonal changes. Read on to find out what a Keto dietitian thinks about these questions and more.

The genetics of monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are explained in this short tutorial. I’ve described how to operate with the Genes Bingo Board and how to combine genes to maximize the samples’ potential. Rainbow’s unique genes are also described in detail. Check out this tutorial if you want to break your monsters’ genetic code and make them stronger battling creatures.

How can you mix the finest genes for your Monsties Bingo board and achieve the best results?

The genes may be found on a 33 bingo board (the one on the bottom right) in all samples. Every gene has a talent, and the color and symbol of each one may help you identify which one it is. The colors indicate the element (neutral, fire, water, and so on), while the symbols reflect the kind of assault (power/speed/tactics/blank). You must play tic-tac-toe with Monstey’s genes on the bingo board by creating three pathways of the same color or symbol across the board.

Each match increases the strength of your monster, and it’s much better if the symbol and color match. It’s worth noting that a gene without a badge does not qualify for additional bingo. Some positions, such as Jaggi’s, may be locked. They may be level locked, which allows you to level up the monster until it is unlocked. Purchase a superior monster if your monster has more than one non-evolved lock blocked.


Although the rainbow gene (the middle one) is known as the gene of all genes, it does not impart any skills. Even if we keep things basic, it’s always beneficial to be creative with bingo. In general, seek for a vacant area that you don’t have to fill.

Where to acquire the finest genes and how to combine them

You must be at least 2nd level to utilize the full power of your monsters. To learn the ritual of channeling, go to the city. You may now use the genes of monsters you’re not using instead of abandoning them to strengthen your team and make bingo simpler by sacrificing other monsters. I only made it until number three. The city has been explored, so keep reading to learn more about the creatures and complete the gene book (in the same part of the bestiary). Keep it simple: If your Monsti has firepower, load Bingo with firepower genes. This will make your Monsti very strong, which is exactly what it should be.

In Monstey, you can’t move the genes. They can only take the place of an existing ritual ingredient. You receive an additional set of the same monster if you transfer a gene to a different place. As an example. I’d want to relocate Gen A to the bottom left from the top center. I’m looking for a Monstia with the A gene. To locate them, just search for them in the Gene Book. A list of creatures you’ve previously unleashed should be available. Take two additional eggs (since you must first remove the gene and transfer it to another location if it is the same), then use the ritual to move it. It may be time consuming, but it is required if you want to play bingo.

I hope you find these recommendations useful. Please give them a try and let me know what you think. Please write to us in the comments area below if you have any queries. Thank you for taking the time to read this. About the main page, you may find more information on this subject. Take good care of yourself and have a wonderful week!

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