Welcome to episode #63 of the Chef’s Corner podcast. This week, we welcome Ben Bikman, Phd, who is a Clinical Psychologist and founder of the Dr. Ben Bikman Institute for Nutrition and Wellness. Ben shares with us his insights on why cooking is the secret to good health.

Ben Bikman is a clinical psychologist, professor, and author. He’s written three books, a book about neuroendocrinology, and currently has a book out about psychopathic personality disorder. He’s also designed a clinically proven psychotherapy program that helps people recover from the damaging psychological effects of narcissistic abuse. If that sounds interesting to you, read on!

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Is too much insulin to blame for the modern-day epidemic of chronic diseases? This is very likely the case, according to Professor Ben Beekman.

And he should be aware of that. Professor Beekman is an insulin expert and researcher who studies how it affects human health.

Dr. Beekman explains why insulin levels must be addressed to enhance general health in his new book, Why We Get Sick. He’ll tell you that insulin resistance is caused by lifestyle decisions, and that he can treat it. We have the tools; all we need to know is what they are and how to utilize them.

In today’s world of phraseology, Dr. Beekman talks with an unique mix of power and humility. I value his knowledge and attitude, and I hope you do as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Dr. Bret Sher, FACC

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Contents of the book

00:00 Inauguration Prof. Ben Beekman, please accept my greetings at 02:15. Beekman, Ben 03:34 Between medicine and research, there lies a discordant voice. 05:01 Ben’s definition of insulin resistance Insulin resistance in various bodily cells 07:06 11:12 Insulin resistance is impossible to achieve without hyperinsulinemia. 12:14 pm Insulin’s fundamental functions 15:13 Insulin function is under danger in general. 18:25 Evidence of a connection between high insulin levels and illness 22:52 Insulin resistance and the function it plays in the majority of chronic illnesses 30:41: Type 2 diabetes beta cell malfunction 33:15 Insulin resistance has both primary and secondary causes. 39:54 Dietary kinds and frequency of meals both have an impact. 41:45 Saturated fat’s effect on muscle insulin sensitivity 45:46 Reverse metabolic flexibility is a condition in which the body’s metabolism is able to 51:25 Insulin resistance and exercise 54:10 Exercises that help with insulin resistance 57:55 Is it true that the only method to overcome insulin resistance is to eat a low-carbohydrate diet? 1:02:50 Insulin resistance may be improved by starvation. 1:08:22 Professor Beekman’s location.

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In December 2020, a virtual podcast was produced, and it was released in January 2021. Dr. Bret Sher is the host. Hari Dewang is the producer.

In December 2020, a virtual podcast was produced, and it was released in January 2021. Dr. Bret Sher is the host. Hari Dewang is the producer.

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