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For the people who are tic and tie, the play will be a very interesting one, but also hectic and risky. Tic and tie means not to give up, to keep fighting, and to never give up your goals, even if they are very difficult.

So, what does it takes to become a successful blogger? I asked some successful PN’s this question, and I’ll be sharing their answers with you all! Enjoy the read!

Do you know any 50-year-old guys who like box squats, spinach salads, and a body fat percentage of about 10%? I don’t think so. So you’ll be meeting one today.

His previous efforts at weight reduction and physical transformation failed, and he was tormented by:

  • Negative thoughts
  • a failure to “dial in” nutrition
  • a lack of capacity to resist food temptations

Does this ring a bell?

However, with the help of the PN program and the support of the PN community, he was able to overcome these obstacles for good, losing 16 pounds of fat, gaining 6 pounds of lean muscle, and lowering his body fat from an average of 15% to an amazing 9.3 percent.

Before, Gerald had 15% body fat.


Gerald’s body fat percentage thereafter was 9.3 percent.

Here’s a day in Gerald B’s life.

Tic&Tie’s profile

Name on the PN forum: Tic&Tie Real name: Gerald Age: 50 Gender: Male Height: 5 feet 10 inches Weight: 172 lbs (10/2007) Body fat%: 9.3% (10/2007)

PN: How, why, and when did you start living a healthy lifestyle?

I was probably as far from being “athletic” as anybody could be when I was younger. I concentrated far more on intellectual achievement than physical success as a thin, clumsy young guy. Throughout my first year of college, I noticed that much of the clumsiness I had felt during my adolescence had vanished. I wasn’t especially athletic, but I was above average. Whereas some men are ready for intensive physical exercise at the age of 16, I definitely wasn’t till I was 21. For fun, I started taking some physical education courses and lifting weights. For a time, I got into hiking and camping and wanted to be in excellent condition for that.

Getting married and having four children altered my emphasis over the following several years, and I discovered that consistency was my biggest difficulty. Because I didn’t have access to a gym, jogging became my primary form of exercise. I like running but did so seldom.

I was one of the first members of Gold’s gym when it opened in our neighborhood approximately five years ago. I read a lot about how to exercise, but I never followed through with a plan.

I first learned about T-Nation and John Berardi, as well as some of the other specialists, a few years ago, and started reading their writings. John’s writing style appealed to me, and his dietary methods seemed to be sound. It looked like a wonderful software to finally offer me some direction when it was first launched.

PN: What are your three success keys?

  1. Consistency – I function best when I am able to adhere to a routine and know precisely what I will eat and do for physical exercise throughout the day.
  2. Commitment – I often have to question myself how essential it is for me to be active and healthy in my life. If it’s essential, I’ll need to eat well and exercise often.
  3. Accountability – I feel that having someone to report to about how I’m doing helps me to do better. I employ a trainer not because I don’t know what to do, but because I have to update my trainer on how I’m doing and whether or not my week was effective. Others I know utilize a spouse or partner.

PN: What are your three favorite types of physical activity?

  1. For want of a better word, I’m presently working on a kind of workout known as “crossfit.” It’s a set of exercises that may be done on the entire body or only certain portions of the body at a relatively high volume and lower weight. The exercises are performed at a fast pace. The goal is to increase your heart rate and do an aerobic exercise while lifting weights. Once or twice a week, do this. I like the challenge.
  2. For weight lifting, I prefer free weights and cable machines over lever machines. I don’t have a certain kind of lift that I use all of the time. Dips are something I like. I’m now focusing on improving my back squat. I’m doing a box squat, which I believe is teaching me how to squat properly. It’s humbled me since I’ve had to substantially reduce my weights.
  3. I like running and swimming for aerobics.

PN: What are your top three food choices?

  1. Coach Mike, I believe, was the one who submitted the recipe. It’s similar to an egg crepe. 1 omega egg, 1 cup egg whites, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, and, if desired, vanilla extract Cook like though you’re making a pancake. I serve it with whipped cream and mixed berries.
  2. Spinach Salad – Spinach, onion, gorgonzola cheese, grape tomatoes, olive oil & vinegar. For the protein, I either use a precooked turkey breast or precooked chicken breast. Foster Farms has a precooked chicken breast in strips that are frozen. Just put on in the morning and by lunch they are thawed.
  3. I consume low-fat Swiss cheese, grape tomatoes, and sometimes a Granny Smith apple with peanut butter as an emergency meal.

PN: How much sleep do you get on a regular basis?

I aim to get eight hours of sleep, but I typically only get around seven.

PN: Can you describe a normal day in your life?

4:45am The alarm sounds. 5:00am 5:45 a.m., shower and get ready for work Take a spinach omelet or an egg crepe for breakfast. 6:15am 6:45 a.m., leave for work Work begins at 9:15 a.m. Make a smoothie with broccoli, apple, protein, and nuts. 11:00am 11:20 a.m., leave for the gym Start your exercise with a BCAA/glutamine shake. 12:20pm Finish your exercise, sip a Surge-type beverage, and shower. 12:45pm I’m back at work, and I’m having a spinach salad. 3:30pm Make a smoothie with broccoli, apple, protein, and nuts. 5:30pm Leave the office at 6:30 p.m. Dinner consists of a soy burger topped with cheese and sautéed spinach. 9:00pm If I’m fortunate, I’ll try to go to bed.

My go-to vitamin is…

Protein. True Protein is what I use. 40 percent MPI, 20% WPI, 20% Micellar, 10% Egg White, flavored with Premium Vanilla is my favorite combination.


This is a fantastic program for learning how to comprehend a nutrition regimen that really works in simple words. It’s more of a lifestyle shift than a diet.

My greatest challenge in controlling my body fat percentage is…

Maintaining a calorie deficit long enough to get the body fat and general appearance I want.

I typically get my groceries from…


I typically workout at…

Gold’s Gym is a gym that specializes on fitness. There are many in town, and I am a member of all of them.

Further thoughts…on the PN Forums

The Forums are very useful to me. My family isn’t “unsupportive,” but their priorities are different, therefore I need a support network, which the forum provides. On the forums, there are some very lovely people that are helpful and upbeat. As I previously said, I am more likely to achieve my objectives when I am held responsible. It makes me feel more responsible to follow the program since I don’t want to have to publish bad results for my forum friends to see.

My fellow PN’ers also teach me a lot. The board has a lot of knowledge and insight, which is wonderful for those of us who are still striving to get to where we want to be.

Find out more.

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I am a married mother of two, working as a strategic account manager. I have been married for 5 years, with 3.5 years in the US and 2.5 years in UK. I have always been a foodie and I love cooking. I joined PN because I thought it was a great way to improve my cooking skills and try new recipes.. Read more about v.v. john feels that an interview is an contest and let us know what you think.

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