After having given birth to a baby girl, I decided to have a girl-friendly meal. I decided to make a Nalli Gosht Biryani, that is said to be the best biryani in the world. In this biryani recipe, I have used chicken as the meat. Now let’s start the recipe.

Alright, so the title of this post is a little bit of a misnomer. Yes, vegetarian biryanis are amazing, but they’re also easy to make. In this recipe I’m using chicken instead of meat, but it is still a vegetarian dish. Plus, I’m making this biryani with basmati rice, which is one of the healthiest varieties of rice available.

Nalli Gosht Biryani is an Indian rice dish consisting of a mixture of chicken and meat (usually lamb) cooked in a rich biryani or korma sauce. Traditional biryani recipes are complex, involving multiple steps and many ingredients.

Lamb shank biryani (Nalli gosht biryani) is a mild and tasty biryani with mace and nutmeg powder (jaiphal and javitri powder) and other spices. Apart from a few meat pieces, I utilized lamb shank chunks (2 large) in my lamb biryani. In this lamb shank biryani, I cooked the lamb shanks in a pressure cooker with the spices separately in a curry form and layered the rice, but instead of using yoghurt in the curry as I usually do, I used yoghurt by adding kesar color or biryani color for layering on the rice at the end, to give dum. After lengthy, slow cooking, the meaty cut from the lower part of the leg will become meltingly soft and fall away from the bone. Lamb shanks are my favorite because they contain a lot of flavor, gelatine, and my favorite part is the marrow bone. I’ve made lamb shanks before (Nalli gosht dish), but never with biryani; I simply want to test with lamb shanks; you can create biryani with any lamb parts.

For me, this biryani is not spicy, but rather moderate. I have not used any whole spices for the rice or the lamb curry in this lamb shank biryani (Nalli gosht biryani), so there is no possibility that you will receive any entire cloves or cardamom in your mouth, which many people dislike, and it will also take less time than roasting or preparing the lamb curry. This biryani was made in the pakki biryani method, which means the meat was precooked and the rice was piled on top and cooked.




  • If the whole biryani is prepared using ghee (clarified butter), adjust the amount of ghee as needed.
  • If the onions are cooked in oil and the oil is still too hot for the curry, decrease it or use ghee instead of oil, or make the curry partially with oil and ghee.
  • The lamb curry should be thick enough to coat the rice without being excessively thin or thick.
  • Instead of biryani kesar color, you can use real saffron (kesar) thread. Place a few or a pinch of kesar threads in aluminum foil and fold it over or make a small pocket. Heat it on a pan for a few minutes to release or bring out its color, and then soak in hot water or hot milk for layering the rice.
  • When the rice is cooked, it should be partially done since the grains will be long but remain uncooked when pushed between your thumb and forefinger. (For dum and rice cooking procedures, see my previous biryanis.)
  • After a few minutes after providing dum, you may smell the fragrance of biryani, which indicates that it is ready.
  • You may use raisins and nuts according to your preferences and needs.
  • You may also use kewra water instead of rose water.
  • There are no rules for the components used during rice stacking; layer the rice and other ingredients according to your preference and taste.


It’s a classic dish for a simple reason: It’s one of the most traditional meals of South Asia and is enjoyed by all classes. Nalli gosht (pronounced nallu gosht) is a rich dish made of meat cooked in a gravy of yogurt, onions, garlic, ginger, and spices. It’s cooked in a large pot called a dum-pot or kinsa, which can have a diameter as large as four feet and can weigh nearly a ton.. Read more about nalli gosht biryani pista house and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gosht biryani means?

Gosht biryani is a type of rice dish that is made with lamb or goat meat.

What is mutton nulli?

Mutton nulli is a type of meat, specifically a sheeps head.

Which mutton biryani is best?

Mutton Biryani is a dish made with lamb, rice and spices. The best mutton biryani is the one that you enjoy most.