Street Corn is an American heritage.  It’s corn that has been dried and roasted in a street-side grill.  Street Corn is a street food commonly found in Latin America .  It is a delicacy that is so popular.  Street Corn is very easy to make.  You can buy the corn or you can just cook it yourself.  Street Corn is so easy to make.  It is a delicious healthy dish.  It is not healthy food but it is more healthy than fried food.  It is also very easy to make.  Street Corn can be eaten as it is or you can mix it with other ingredients.  Street Corn is one of the most popular

Corn on the cob is one of the most popular types of street food on the planet, and for good reason. Corn is a kind of grain that can be used to make a variety of foods, including cornbread, cereal, tortillas and corn chips. However, corn is also used as a topping or filling for many other kinds of foods, including tacos, tamales, enchiladas, fajitas, soups and stews.

I grew up on Mexican street corn, specifically the corn that is served as a side dish. It’s so versatile that it can be prepared with hot salsa, in a salad, or even as a dessert. But my favorite is to add it to my favorite Mexican dishes. I recently made a Mexican pulled pork and corn soup, and grilled corn on the cob, so I thought it would only be fitting to share the recipe with you. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Mexican street corn, also known as Elotes, is a popular food sold by street vendors in Mexico. Serve the corn on the cob or shaved into a cup for Esquites.

In the summer, nothing beats freshly harvested corn. But how can you take delicious Summer corn to the next level? Making Mexican corn on the cob out of it!

Corn taste shifts from sweet to acidic, creamy, with a touch of spiciness! Making it the ideal snack or side dish for your summer barbecues!

How to Prepare Corn

Use fresh corn and cook it on the grill for the greatest taste. To ensure maximum freshness, remove the husk from the corn immediately before cooking.

The aroma of corn on the grill is one of my favorites!

Overhead view of 2 Ears or corn on a white plate with 2 lime wedges on the side.

If you’re pressed for time, use corn that has already been shucked and boil it for approximately 7 minutes.

Another alternative is to bake the corn for approximately 20 minutes in the oven, turning it halfway through.

Elotes: How to Make Them

Boiled/steamed corn is smeared with mayonesa, cotija, chili powder, and a squeeze of limon in traditional Mexican street corn.

You may, however, tailor the components to what you have on hand or your own preferences.

If you’re not a lover of mayonnaise, this is the sauce for you. Then add Mexican Crema, Sour Cream, or plain Greek Yogurt to the mix.

Alternately, use half mayo and half Greek yogurt, like I did.

Close up of corn on the cob.

Instead of cotija, I used parmesan cheese. Feta cheese or queso fresco are two additional options.

To add spice and smokiness to the corn, I like to use a chili lime salt or Tajin, but you may also use chili powder or paprika.

Esquites: A Step-by-Step Guide

Esquites is essentially elotes in a cup with all of the same ingredients. Making it simple to consume while still being portable.

Grilled, roasted, boiled, or shaved off the cob and cooked in a pan are several options for cooking corn.

Shaved corn on a glass with a spoon.

Mix your base of mayo, sour cream, crema, yogurt, or a mixture of the above after you’ve shaved the cooked corn into a cup. After that, add the cheese, chile, and lime juice. If desired, top with more cheese.

This is also a great method to keep leftovers for up to three days in the refrigerator.

It’s preferable to consume elotes and esquites as soon as possible after they’ve been cooked. If you have any leftovers, refrigerate them as quickly as possible since they include mayo or crema.

2 ears of corn with lime wedges on the plate and a glass of shaved corn.

Here are some ideas for pairing Mexican Street Corn with other foods:

Chicken with Cilantro and Lime

Tacos of carne asada

Tacos with Shrimp Battered in Beer

Here’s the link to the full YouTube video:

YouTube thumbnail with 2 images of Mexican Street Corn

2 Ears of corn with skewers on a plate with lime wedges on the side.

Mexican Street Corn

Renee Fuentes is a model and actress.

Mexican street corn, also known as Elotes, is a popular food sold by street vendors in Mexico. Serve the corn on the cob or shaved into a cup for Esquites.

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

Time to cook: 10 minutes

15 minutes total

Side Dish for the Course

Mexican cuisine

4 corn servings

Calories (kcal): 82


  • Remove the husks from the corn shortly before grilling. Place corn cobs straight on grill’s hot side for a few minutes on each side, or until slightly browned.

  • Boiled Method: Place shucked corn in a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, for approximately 7 minutes, or until kernels are somewhat soft.

  • Remove the corn and set it aside to cool for a few minutes. Spread crema or mayonnaise over corn using a pastry brush. You are free to use as much or as little as you like. Then top with your favorite cheese, chili spice, and a squeeze of lime. Serve right away.

  • Shave cooked corn from the cob into a cup to serve in. Or Uncooked corn should be shaved and cooked in a pan. Then add the crema or mayonnaise, cheese, chili powder, and lime to the mix. For garnish, add additional cheese or chopped cilantro. Serve right away or keep refrigerated until ready to use.


Serve the corn immediately after adding the sour cream, crema, or mayonnaise. Otherwise, wait until you’re ready to serve the corn to dress it. 


calorie count: 82 kcal 19g carbohydrate 3 g protein 1 gram of fat 1 gram of saturated fat 1 gram polyunsaturated fat 1 gram monounsaturated fat 1 gram of trans fat 14 mg sodium 260 mg potassium 2 g fiber 6 g sugar 177 IU Vitamin A 11 milligrams of vitamin C 7mg calcium 1 milligram of iron


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