This is a recipe for honey kasutera pudding cake, which is a traditional Malay dessert. It can be made with ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter and condensed milk. The cake has a moist texture and is topped with honey syrup and grated coconut.

Honey Kasutera pudding cake is a dessert that combines honey, sugar, and milk. It is typically served hot or cold with whipped cream or ice cream. Read more in detail here: honey pudding.

Above is Castella, and below is Honey Pudding. It’s best to create honey with a strong smell and richness, but if you like it, it’s simple to get, so why not make a snack for your home? If no white sugar is available, the sugar in the castella portion may be granulated sugar. The white sucrose, on the other hand, seems to be castella? I believe it will be flavorful and moist!

  • The caramel quantity, as well as other aspects of the recipe, have been altered as a result of the change in the cup used. Finally, we’ve gone through everything in great detail.)
  • I included things like the temperature of the instructions and easily neglected to point them out.


This recipe’s ingredients

5 heat-resistant glass pudding cups, 150ml each

  • 40 g sugar granules
  • 10 g of water
  • 10 g of water
  • 360 g of milk (Jersey milk if available)
  • 60 g sugar granules
  • 15 g of honey
  • 3 eggs, whole
  • 1 yolk of an egg
  • 10 g bourbon (scented. Optional)
  • 1 egg, whole
  • 25 g sugar (white)
  • Honey, 10 g
  • 30g flour (soft)


Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius. For baking and firing, bring the water to a boil. Take the eggs out of the fridge and put them aside. (Return to room temperature, about 18 degrees Celsius.)

  1. In a saucepan, combine the granulated sugar and 10 grams of water. When you get the caramel you want, remove it from the fire and stir in 10g of water (do not burn!)
  2. Cool in a refrigerator after placing in a pudding cup in a bathing water container (with a wet towel beneath) (or freezer).
  1. Warm the milk in a pot to 60 degrees Celsius (around the surroundings).
  2. In a mixing dish, combine the egg, yolk, granulated sugar, honey, and brandy. Firmly cut the egg white. There is no need to lather.
  3. In a mixing dish, combine milk and eggs. Half of it goes in first, then the remainder.
  4. Filter through a tea strainer into a large measuring cup. Make sure the temperature does not fall too low, for example, on a fabric. At the conclusion of a proper flow, the temperature is about 36 degrees. Overburning or overburning may occur if the temperature of the liquid and hot water is not controlled.
  1. Mix the egg with the white sugar and honey. Remove to 34 ° C from the water bath while mixing while hitting a water bath at about 60 ° C.
  2. To make the dough white, consistent, and fine, turn the hand mixer on high for 3 minutes and then low for 2 minutes.
  3. Mix approximately 50-60 times with the sifted flour. The dough will expand but shrink if it is not properly combined.
  4. Pour the castella dough over the pudding solution in the caramel cup (use a spoon, etc.)
  5. Using a palette knife, scrape the dough. If you leave it on, the dough will overflow from the cup’s edge, making it unappealing. For this kind of scraping, there is a little excess of dough. (about 30 grams)
  6. In a pot of boiling water, bring to a boil at 65 degrees Celsius. It is recommended that the water be distributed to the height of the pudding solution. In the oven, put the bath container on the baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius and bake for 40 to 45 minutes. It’s OK if the top dough seems to be tasty as a reference. When it’s done baking, remove it from the hot water bath, turn off the heat, and place it in the refrigerator to chill.
  7. To avoid dents after baking, touch the side of the castella part of the cup with a spoon or anything similar right after baking. It has a startling impact on the castella.
  8. Allow to cool completely in the refrigerator before serving. Even if you flip it over and eat it, it’s wonderful.
  9. Concerning the cup replacement. If you follow the heat-resistant cup, recipe water bath, capacity, and temperature that you recommended before, you should be OK; but, if you use it in unexpected circumstances, it may surpass the heat-resistant temperature of the cup. I altered the recipe to make it work with a glass cup. Please accept my sincere gratitude for your patience. Seven people were removed from the preceding container.


Honey Kasutera pudding cake is a Japanese dessert that has a hot spring theme. The cake consists of green tea-flavored whipped cream and honey kasutera, which is a type of sweetened condensed milk. Reference: hot spring pudding recipe.

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