Yum! If you like garlic-infused shrimp then you’ll love this simple marinade. It’s simple, delicious, and easy to make. The shrimp is tasty by itself, but I thought it was even better paired with avocado toast. (The avocado toast was made with whole wheat bread so it’s more nutritious.) I used small shrimp, but bigger shrimp will also work in this recipe, and I’ve made it with scallops, too. It’s also a great make-ahead dish, that you can prepare the day before. As always, let me know what you think!

I have been making this shrimp for a few years now. It is a popular recipe in my home and I have adjusted it to fit my family’s taste. It is delicious and good for you, too. I have made it with just shrimp and no avocado, and it tastes great, so I decided to add it to my recipe. It is one of my favorite recipes to make at lunch time when I am short on time and need some protein to get me through the afternoon.

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Do you notice a pattern here? I’m on a shrimp-eating binge. But I’m not too worried since everything in my diet is only a phase. But let me tell you, I think this garlic lemon shrimp and avocado toast dish will stick with me for a little longer than normal. It’s both tasty and simple to prepare. This dish for shrimp and avocado toast may be served as an appetizer, lunch, or supper. Morning is the one meal I skip since I can’t imagine eating prawns for breakfast. But, hey, if eating shrimp for breakfast isn’t a problem for you, go for it. Who am I to pass judgment?


Both the garlic and the lemon get a one-two punch in this dish. This is accomplished by rubbing minced garlic into the shrimp before frying and buttering the toast with minced garlic butter. On a leisurely day, you may just pop some garlic-flavored Texas toast in the oven while the shrimp cooks. After the shrimp has finished cooking, they are gently mixed in fresh lemon juice, and more lemon juice is added to the avocado mixture. When you take your first mouthful after combining all of the ingredients on your plate, be prepared for a one-two punch of pure joy. The taste combination that hits your mouth is incredible.

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Garlic Toast with Shrimp and Avocado

Garlic Lemon Shrimp on Avocado Toast


  1. Preheat the oven to broil on high. Place your bread on a parchment-lined baking pan and lightly butter it with the garlic butter. Broil until a beautiful golden hue has developed. Remove the dish from the oven and put it aside.

  2. Prepare your shrimp while the bread is broiling. In a mixing dish, combine the shrimp, garlic, and lemon juice. Add a little of salt and pepper to taste. In a skillet, heat the EVOO until it shimmers. Cook the shrimp for 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Make sure your shrimp aren’t overcooked. You want them to be cooked all the way through and no longer opaque. Remove from the heat and top with parsley.

  3. Combine all of the avocado salad ingredients in a large mixing basin. To mix, whisk everything together well. Fold the prawns in gently.

  4. Serve heated with equal quantities of the shrimp avocado mixture on each piece of bread.

This is a wonderful and surprisingly simple meal to prepare. The shrimp may be cooked ahead of time and served at room temperature if serving as an appetizer. Simply keep refrigerated until ready to use. Although I like to make mine just before serving, you may prepare your avocado mix ahead of time; just make sure to add the lemon juice right before serving to avoid browning. I don’t advise preparing the toast ahead of time. To achieve that warm, juicy, melted garlic butter flavor that we all know and adore, make the toast just before serving.

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