The ketogenic diet is a very low-carbohydrate diet, but it doesn’t have to be restrictive. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy all those delicious foods and still lose weight. And it’s not hard to do. You know what is hard to do? To find a place where you can enjoy all your favorite foods and still lose weight. Food, and your body’s response to food, is not always good for you.

If you’re visiting the Aloha State and you want to stay on track with the ketogenic diet, then you’ll want to check out our list of the best keto-friendly vacation rental properties available in Hawaii. The two available condos in West Oahu are located in the heart of Waikiki and are within easy reach of the beach.

Being on vacation, it’s time for some amazing keto vacation hacks. There are plenty of ketogenic resorts in the islands of Hawaii. The best option for staying in Ketosis is Keto Condo. This is a unique Ketogenic vacation resort that is designed for people who want to travel to Hawaii and still avoid the Keto flu.

Do you need to take a break from your keto diet?

Check out this stunning Hawaiian vacation location we discovered on Instagram, which has us dreaming of a beach getaway! Finest of all, you can live out all of your keto fantasies in this keto apartment, which comes completely stocked with keto goods, keto cookbooks, and a local restaurant directory so you can eat all of the best keto cuisine in the area!


Maui views in a few days!

You may wake up on the terrace, drink your coffee, and go to the waves, which are just a few feet away. On the lovely island of Maui, this 933 square foot private condo is situated on Kihei Beach. This is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with two king-size beds that sleeps up to four people.


When you rent the Keto Condo, you’ll have a complete kitchen, washer/dryer, high-speed internet, beach boards and chairs, as well as a nicely furnished and designed space.


Mary and Craig Emmerich, authors of the keto cookbooks, own Keto Condo!

Maria Emmerich is the creator of and a New York Times bestselling book. She is a dietitian who specializes in exercise physiology and the ketogenic diet. We are huge fans of her wonderful cookbooks, so when we heard she was going on a keto condo holiday, we were ecstatic!


She and her husband Craig have dug into the science of the ketogenic diet and developed easy-to-follow recommendations that make this lifestyle much more accessible in the Keto Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Ketogenic Diet Success. This book is one of our top keto books on Amazon, and we strongly suggest it!

I appreciate that Maria’s cooking books are available at Keto Condo. So you may read through everything and create your own delicious keto meals!



In Hawaiian, the word “honanea” means “to rest.” Perhaps you’re in need of some quiet and relaxation in your life? Stay at the Keto Condo and enjoy everything that Maui has to offer, including gorgeous beaches, whale watching, breathtaking sunsets, and breathtaking scenery – all while staying on track with your diet!

Here’s how to change your poor keto behaviors for the better!