Coaching success stories is an excellent way to raise awareness about the benefits of coaching, and help people make the decision to take that step and get into the market. This is an extract of one of those stories: I am an accountant by profession and working in an international firm in the UK. I have been working in the same office for the last 6 years and despite the fact that I am getting promoted and getting opportunities to go abroad, I am still stuck in this job. I have been to different offices and talked to different people to find out what they are doing and to discover what I want to do in the future. I talked to many people and asked them what they were doing and why they were not getting promoted in the company. The

This month’s blog post will feature some of our coaching client’s success stories. While we don’t have every single success story published, we did find a handful of them that seemed to have the most impact on our client’s coaching success. We decided to showcase them here so that our coaching clients can see how they can get started on their own success story.

We recently added a new section to our blog titled “Success Stories” where we have been writing about the personal experiences of our members to inspire and motivate you all. If you have ever wanted to write your story, but didn’t know where to start, we have a few suggestions for you.. Read more about precision nutrition coaching reviews and let us know what you think.

Every six months, we get to honor the people in Coaching who have had the most amazing physical changes.

They worked with a personal nutrition coach for a year, totally altering how they ate, moved, looked, and felt.

They’ve shed pounds, acquired strength, improved their health, and encouraged their loved ones.

There will be no fad diets or insane exercise regimens. There are no rigid meal plans or forbidden items. There will be no deprivation. There is no remorse. There are no unbreakable rules.

All you need is a dedication to the program and the outcomes to back it up.

The changes we’re commemorating today are as amazing as they’ve always been. These 14 men and women together dropped 338 pounds, losing trouser sizes, eating frustrations, and self-doubt, as you can see in the pictures below.

However, the tales of these customers, who began their PN journeys in July 2019, seem a bit different this year.

For starters, they’re the first coaching group to finish our program during a worldwide epidemic. Their resolve merits significant respect only for that reason.

They’re also distinct since PN is undergoing its own transformation.

Yes, we continue to highlight our customers’ remarkable physical changes. (They are deserving of it.)

But we also want to emphasize the mental and emotional changes they’ve gone through. Because they’re just as strong, deserving, and incredible.

Clients often tell us that it is these internal changes that have the greatest and most lasting effect on their life.

So have a look at the links below to see how these complete life changes may help you. And be ready to be blown away by inspiration. ++++

58-year-old CEO loses 35 pounds and finally climbs a mountain with his wife despite terrible health and damaged knees.

The life-changing revelation that enabled a 44-year-old lady to drop 29 pounds and stop battling with her weight. 

This guy discovered he could drink a six-pack and eat his cake at the same time. 

⟶ With three simple words, this 38-year-old lady cured heartburn, cellulite, and achy joints.

30 pounds dropped in 100 days: How the epidemic gave one guy the confidence he needed to change his physique.

This 42-year-old mother shed 17 pounds and entered a Spartan race.

71 pounds lost: This couple worked together to lose weight and become in shape.

⟶ Stephanie had little spare time with four children and a company, yet she managed to lose 21 pounds nonetheless.

From “mac & cheese” on his pizza to choosing fresh pineapple as a treat: How Owen transformed his nutrition and lifestyle habits

Damian’s 14-pound muscle-building transformation.

This lady lost weight for the first time in years, and what occurred next astounded her (in an awesome way).

A breakup, a move, and COVID-19: This man’s year may have been the worst of his life, but he still met his fitness objectives.

⟶ This 68-year-old lady dropped 42 pounds by mastering the Turkish outfit. If she isn’t able to motivate you…


58-year-old CEO loses 35 pounds and finally climbs a mountain with his wife despite terrible health and damaged knees.

Jeff and his wife were on vacation in Banff, Alberta, not long before he joined Coaching.

Jeff remained behind, as he always did on her excursions, while she went out to climb Sulphur Mountain (elevation 8,041 feet).

She’d always like being outside. But what about him? Not at all. But, more importantly, she was in good climbing condition, while Jeff was not.

They were used to this situation, and it served them well. So he reasoned.

“After she finished her trek, my wife remarked, ‘You know, it would be great if we could do that together,’” Jeff remembers. “It was excruciating.”

Jeff weighed 250 pounds at the age of 58. Grave’s disease, which causes an overactive thyroid, and sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that may damage the lungs, were among his chronic health problems.

After surviving two explosions while stationed abroad years earlier, he’d also undergone a double knee replacement. It was tough for him to get back up after getting down on the floor to play with his dog.

So you’re going to climb a mountain? Jeff’s to-do list isn’t very long.

Then things got worse: his doctor informed him he was one visit away from a diabetes diagnosis during a regular checkup.

Jeff thought to himself, ‘You’re on death row.’ ‘You need to make some adjustments.’

Jeff signed up for Coaching at that time. It was a means of regaining control. It was a ray of hope.

Jeff spent a lot of time on the road as the CEO of a consulting firm. He ate fast food up to twice a day out of need. He couldn’t help but wonder whether someone so busy could follow the PNC program.

“I texted my coach and said, ‘Look, I’m always on the road.’ I’m in meetings right now. I’m required to attend banquets. I can’t eat at home since I have to dine out.’

Jonathan Pope, Jeff’s coach, was attentive. Then he asked a follow-up question that completely altered everything: “So you can’t bring anything with you?”

“The light bulbs came on,” Jeff chuckles. Are you preparing your belongings? It was a lot of work, but I thought I could handle it.”

Jeff brought large bags of vegetables with him on business travels and stopped at grocery shops for pre-cooked chicken and fresh fruit. He kept everything in the teeny-tiny motel refrigerator. He now always had a nutritious supper on hand.

Making time for diet and exercise was a top priority for Jeff. He started walking his dogs every day, gradually working up to a 5k circle, and he also began riding. He purchased a squat rack, weights, and resistance bands, as well as a pair of snowshoes when winter arrived.

All of this occurred in the previous year. And his physique underwent a full transformation. Jeff is now 35 pounds lighter and much more powerful. His thyroid medication was recently decreased by his doctor.

Jeff adds, “I feel like I’m 30.”

Jeff’s intentions to climb Sulphur Peak were thwarted by the 2020 pandemic, so he and his wife took on a lesser mountain in Saskatchewan instead.


This year, a frequent message we heard from Coaching customers was, “If it weren’t for this program, I wouldn’t be here today.”

“It meant the world to me, but it meant everything to her. Jeff recalls, “It really brought tears to her eyes.” tears welled up in his eyes.

A 44-year-old woman’s life-changing revelation that enabled her to quit battling with her weight and drop 29 pounds.

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario: Sneha’s relatives began to remark on her “plumpness” when she was a teenager.


Sneha has been trying to reduce weight for a long time. She, on the other hand, struggled to prioritize her own needs above those of others.

She went through painful cycles of losing and regaining weight throughout her childhood and adulthood.

It’s been a long and winding road. Sneha joined in Coaching for the first time five years ago. She made progress, but she didn’t accomplish the desired physical change.

Despite this, she continued to return. And this year, she finally got the break she’d been waiting for.

Sneha’s weight loss problems were shown to be linked to her strong devotion to her family.

It was difficult to find time to… exercise, get enough sleep, prepare meals, de-stress, and recuperate… She had to look after others because she had to.

Another all-too-familiar scenario: everyone else always came first.

“How about establishing some boundaries?” offered her PN coach.

Sneha was enraged by this. 

“I grew raised in an Indian household,” I reflected. I’m not sure how I’m going to draw lines. That would be the end of friendships!’

But, after some thought, Sneha recognized that being everything to everyone wasn’t one of her fundamental values. Her upbringing had conditioned her.

“’Why do I believe this?’ I had to question. ‘Where does this come from?’ Sneha remembers. “It was like a Pandora’s box for me.”

She utilized writing to figure out who she really was and what her genuine values were.

“Now I understand that setting limits just alters the nature of interactions. They don’t have to end,” she adds.

Sneha no longer considers herself a victim. “I’m not going to let other people walk all over me any longer.”

She also realized that her quest wasn’t about achieving a certain body type. “My main aim was to alter how I felt about myself and how I felt about eating. “It took me a long time to realize that,” Sneha adds.

She did, however, lose 29 pounds throughout the procedure, making her the lightest she’d been in years.

It’s strange how it works.


Sneha’s “after PN” picture session honors her physical change and increased self-awareness as a result of the program.

“An onion has a lot of layers. “I suppose mine was a little larger and had a lot more layers to go through,” she explains.

This guy discovered he could drink a six-pack and eat his cake at the same time.

Mickler’s son’s mother asked him to brunch a few years ago. But…

“Oh, he’ll never come since he doesn’t eat breakfast,” my son remarked before I could even respond.

It stung.

Mickler, now 29, has spent years on and off on very restricted diets. One of them, intermittent fasting, meant he was “Team No Breakfast”—and he’d allegedly refused his son a few times too many.

“In hindsight, it seems like my kid was just attempting to connect with me via food. I was pleased of how disciplined I was at the time.”

Mickler is part of a huge, mixed family where festivities, closeness, and food are a big part of life.

Mickler remembers, “On my birthday, they bought me my favorite dessert, a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.” “I couldn’t eat it since I was on a low-carb diet.”

Mickler had the shredded physique he desired a lot of the time, but he didn’t always.

“Summer would arrive, and it would be time to be restrained,” he explains. “Then winter would arrive, and I’d be able to relax. Then summer came again, and I had to restrain myself once more.”

The cycle continued indefinitely.


Mickler has a long history of going on and off restricted diets.

“I realized eventually that I couldn’t keep going up and down like that,” Mickler recalls. “I needed to find a method to stay grounded, and I realized I had a gap in my knowledge of food.”

Mickler learned about Coaching via a Facebook ad and immediately joined up.

Mickler adds, “Having a habit-based program and a coach was a game changer for me.”

Mickler’s family life improved instantly as a result of the habits’ ability to function in any situation. “They’d say, ‘Hey, aren’t you on a diet!?’ while I was eating something at a party.” Mickler laughs as he recalls the incident. “I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m on a diet where you can eat anything you want!’” says the author.

Jonathan Pope, Mickler’s coach, was a reassuring presence throughout the difficult changes. He suggested to Mickler early on that he eat breakfast so he could learn to recognize his hunger signals.

Mickler gave it a go and found that paying attention to how he felt while eating was much more effective—and practical—than a “diet.”

Mickler adds, “That was a turning moment in my path.”

“I could have the physique I desire while still being available to my family. I’d want to improve my connection with food and the people in my life. “I might be liberated.”


Micker is no longer bound by food restrictions. In addition, he is a certified coach.

Mickler no longer needs to choose between getting the physique he wants and connecting with his family over breakfast or birthday cake now that he’s lost 26 pounds and gained the desired six-pack.

He adds, “My greatest takeaway from the year is my awareness.” “I can make dietary decisions that aren’t always the greatest and learn from them, allowing them to expand my awareness.”

In terms of the future, Mickler has become a nutrition coach and is presently completing the Level 2 Certification Master Class. “Being a customer myself, it assists me in guiding my own clients.”

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With three simple words, this 38-year-old lady cured heartburn, cellulite, and achy joints.

Kate was a thirty-something “bad girl” by choice not long ago. At least, that’s what she pretended to be.

“I felt unhappy deep down.”

Kate, who was barely out of her twenties, suffered from heartburn and often felt ill after eating. She’d also lost her mobility—she couldn’t even touch her toes.

Kate adds, “I drank too much, smoked too much, and ate like a long-haul truck driver.”

She was in desperate need of a change. Then something unexpected happened.

“I finally gave in to that little voice within me who had always wanted to be a dancer.“

Kate was taught that showing up constituted 80 percent of life, so she did just that, showing up to her first-ever ballet lesson at the age of 32.

“I was a complete disaster. I had no idea what was going on, and I couldn’t keep my equilibrium. Kate recalls laughing, “At a later session, I really fell on my butt.” “Stretching was very uncomfortable for a year.”


Kate in the ballet studio prior to her year of coaching.

She continued coming up, however, and eventually fell in love with dancing.

Even still, Kate didn’t think she’d made all the necessary adjustments. She desired a “ballet physique” that was also healthful.

As a result, she enrolled in Coaching. “ I wanted my leotard’s tag to read “small.”

Kate kept coming up, exactly like in ballet.

“I remained cool until the epidemic struck seven months later. I was feeling better after all of this, and I realized all I had to do now was keep to my PN routines. “The old Kate would have eaten a lot… a lot… of takeout,” she adds, smiling and shaking her head.

Checking in with her coach, Pam Ruhland, and other clients was beneficial. “Sometimes during lockdown, you simply need to meet people who aren’t in your home and speak to them about how hard it is to get out of your PJs and work out.”

Kate’s change, at 38, has been life-changing.

“I don’t have heartburn, I don’t have cellulite, I don’t feel ill, and my joints don’t ache. I’m more organized and calm. Kate declares, “I’m certainly a lot stronger.”

“Now when my ballet instructor shows a combination, I can really remember it,” she says. My concentration has improved. It’s reassuring.”

Kate has lost 7 pounds in the last year, but she can’t recall her desire for a leotard. She adds, “I stopped worrying about the tag and began caring about myself.”

Kate recruited her spouse for a photograph to commemorate her metamorphosis and transition to pointe slippers.

“I never shared photos of myself dancing for the first five years of this journey,” Kate adds. “I was too ashamed to say anything. I wasn’t excellent enough, wasn’t skinny enough, wasn’t flexible enough, and wasn’t powerful enough.”

She is now sharing her photographs with the whole globe.


Kate had a picture session at her Toronto apartment complex to commemorate her new life and move to pointe.

“I know the program is coming to a conclusion, but it seems like it’s only getting started.”

How the epidemic helped one guy acquire the control he needed to change his physique in only 100 days.

Will Spencer was moving into a new apartment with just one piece of furniture on the day the COVID-19 lockdown struck Phoenix, Arizona in March.

After three years of global travel and a heartbreaking broken relationship, Will had just returned to the United States, to a place where he had no friends or belongings. He’d managed to go to the gym on a regular basis throughout the stressful months-long split, but he wasn’t monitoring what he ate.

Will had gained weight, going from 202 to 212 pounds, more over halfway through Coaching.

Will recalls, “My world was crashing down around me.”

Will has been drawn to transformational events since he can remember, a passion that sets him apart from his family. He’s emphasized inner change over the last 20 years via meditation, travel, and, on rare occasions, the hallucinogenic beverage ayahuasca.

Will eventually recognized he had reached the end of his journey: his body.

“The one thing I couldn’t change was my body,” he adds. 

“You must be in the proper atmosphere. I was in my mid-thirties and had never met a fit individual in my life. So when I returned to the United States and had my own place and a lockup, I thought, ‘OK, now is the time.’

Will was able to adhere to PN’s teachings and practices because they provided him with a foundation. “Everything in my life was totally out of my control, but I had control over my exercise and my food. It was the only thing I could clutch.”

Will dropped 30 pounds in his last 100 days on the program with the help of his coach, Jonathan Pope.

Will believes it’s amazing where he’s ended up, given the pressures he was dealing with earlier this year.


Will’s physique, on the other hand, was the one thing he couldn’t manage to change. He’s finished it now.

“Things might have easily gone in a different direction,” he adds. “However, I recognize that this is who I am today, that this is part of my DNA.”

This 42-year-old mother went from having no knowledge of nutrition to dropping 17 pounds and participating in a Spartan race.

Jenny’s husband, Martin, started coaching two years ago, and she thought it was his thing.

“I have to admit, I didn’t give a damn about PN while he was doing it,” Jenny admits. ”I backed him up, but I wasn’t going to attempt any of the habits.”

Jenny didn’t know anything about nutrition while she was growing up in Colombia. “It was more essential for me to care after my parents and sisters, go to university, and pay my bills,” she says. I didn’t think it was essential to look for myself.”

Jenny had a change of heart following her husband’s PN encounter. “’Well, why not?’ I replied. I felt it would be a wonderful chance for me to try something new and see what happens.”

Jenny, 42, had low expectations for the show. She desired a smaller stomach, but she didn’t consider drastic measures.

Jenny’s perspective was changed by the early lessons: maybe it was essential to care after herself and her body. Jenny’s 5-year-old daughter Sophie began joining part on the home exercises as she became more regular with her routines.

Jenny recalls her mother leaping and performing squats and pushups. “That fueled my fire even more.”

Similarly, trying new cuisines and meals as a family became a tradition. Jenny’s cooking now has a deeper meaning.

“This meal is valuable to me because I know it will benefit my body and make me feel better rather than worse. I have the impression that I am bringing my family closer via food. Now I can communicate with my spouse in his own tongue.”

Jenny has lost 17 pounds and feels good about the behaviors she is teaching—and modeling for—her kid thanks to this language.

Jenny’s proudest achievement? Her spouse invited her to participate in a Spartan race. (I’m sure you can figure out what she said.)


Jenny’s perspective on diet and exercise has completely changed. What’s better? Her daughter has taken up the same behaviors as her mother.

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71 pounds lost: This couple worked together to lose weight and become in shape.

Doug and Sandrine are a couple that worked together as PN coaches.

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that they met as cycling guides in 2007.

“At that time in my life, I was in better shape,” Doug adds. “However, I’ve never given food or nutrition any consideration. I’d simply go outdoors and ride my bike for eight hours a day. I was absolutely full of energy, but I didn’t eat well.”

Their way of living evolved throughout time. Doug also realized that his poor eating habits were catching up with him.

“My life altered, but I remained the same. My food habits remained bad, and my activity levels plummeted. And as time went on, I began to acquire weight.”

Doug wasn’t simply thinking about making a change since the number on the scale was going up. He was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis, a potentially fatal blood clot, in 2018.

“After that blood clot, I had to take blood thinners for three months,” Doug recalls. “It made me realize that I needed to change, and that’s what prompted me to speak with my sister [a former PN customer] and join PN.”


Doug and Sandrine on a pre-Christmas vacation to Iceland.

Sandrine joined Doug after he signed up. “I figured it would be easier if the two of us did it together since we could support and encourage one other,” she adds. “I’ll understand what he’s going through and be able to assist him.”

Their attitudes to the program varied as much as their motivations for enrolling.

Sandrine describes Doug’s approach as “specific, exact, methodical.” “He’ll perform his warmup the same way every time, and he’ll clock himself. And he’s not going to change his mind.”

Doug was also extremely involved with his coach, Scott Quick, and the other clients, checking in often and even uploading training videos to ensure proper technique.

Sandrine, on the other hand, took a more lighthearted approach with the group and found herself wanting to shake things up. “Three months ago, I said to myself, ‘Oh, I’m bored of this warmup routine; I’m going to do whatever I want.’ I’m also considering doing yoga. I’m thinking of doing some dancing. I’m free to do anything I want at any time.”

Where their methods intersected: keeping things simple and working collaboratively. 

“In some ways, our exercises became become an afternoon routine. “We almost always do them together at the same time,” Doug adds.

Despite the fact that their objectives and methods varied, Doug and Sandrine both experienced significant and long-lasting change as a result of the program.

Doug was able to shed 55 pounds. “Anything you do outside now is more pleasant. Mentally and physically, life is simply better.”

Sandrine dropped 16 pounds, but her biggest lesson is that she now views health as a resource in and of itself. “Any circumstance you face, such as sickness or illness, or getting old, any of these things, it will be an asset.”

What advise do they have for couples going through PN Coaching?


Doug and Sandrine are now leaner, fitter, and more content. Sandrine states, “Health is an asset.”

“You’re assisting, and you’re establishing those rituals and stronger bonds. But, at the same time, you personalize it,” Sandrine explains. “You’re going in the same direction as me, but you’re taking your own path.”

Stephanie had little spare time with four children and a company, yet she managed to lose 21 pounds nonetheless.

Even before COVID, Stephanie’s life was a whirlwind. That’s how it goes when you have four little children (or even one!) and a company to manage.

Stephanie remembers, “I really just put myself second.” “I knew I should eat more veggies or get more sleep, but I simply grabbed anything I could when I was hungry, even if it wasn’t very filling.“

Stephanie realized her approach wasn’t working on some level; she wanted to reduce weight and feel better. But she had no idea how.

“I didn’t know any other option. I was just trying to stay alive.”

She was eager for a new beginning. However, if she was going to change herself, she only wanted to do it once.

“If I do it, it will be a lifetime thing,” I reasoned. So she began PN with a simple yet audacious goal: to try everything.

Stephanie’s first lesson, “Take a 5-minute action,” was one of the most transformative for her. You learn to create time for yourself by starting small.

Stephanie was taken aback by the effect on her eating and sleeping patterns, as well as her professional connections. “It seemed like people were messaging me 24 hours a day. I eventually realized, “OK, I need to make time for me, too.”

Taking time for herself has become a habit, and it has resulted in more change than Stephanie anticipated.

She’s lost 21 pounds, but there’s more: “I’m moving faster than I’ve ever moved before. I was chasing my kids around the playground the other day when I realized, ‘They can’t beat me!’


Stephanie with her youngest kid in March of 2019 (left) and a year later, when she was 21 pounds lighter.

How Owen changed his eating and living habits from “mac and cheese on pizza” to “fresh pineapple as a treat.”

Owen was overjoyed when he was able to arrange his ticket to Alaska for his holiday. It did, however, trigger a recognition.

“It was going to be an extremely unpleasant eight-hour trip at my weight,” Owen adds.

He was able to lose 25 pounds as a result of his determination before to his vacation.


Before joining Coaching, Owen took a trip to Alaska.

“I knew when I came home that I didn’t want to lose that momentum.”

That’s when he overheard PN creator Dr. John Berardi talking about food as a continuum on a webcast. It was a refreshing change of pace from Owen’s typical all-or-nothing strategy.

Owen says, “I’d be in circumstances where I was having to explain to my 5-year-old niece why I couldn’t have a slice of cake because it wasn’t a ‘cheat day.’” “Three days later, I’m putting mac and cheese on a pizza,” she says.

Owen enrolled in Coaching and was impressed by the method’s progressive approach. “I recall thinking to myself, ‘My exercise is going for a stroll.’ ‘What is the purpose of all of this?’


Owen has been able to adhere to his objectives because to his consistent eating and exercise routines.

Owen, though, found it pleasant to “not plunge in with both feet” after decades of extremes. It gave him the opportunity to try something new: stick to the plan.

Owen, like many of us, was caught off guard by the epidemic. But it’s possible that it’s much more so in his situation. That’s because he works in the medical field. (A huge thank you to Owen and all the other hard workers.)

Despite this, he maintained his diet and lost 28 pounds and two trouser sizes.

Owen, on the other hand, is not finished: he’s chosen to join up for another year of Coaching. He’s benefited from the encouragement, as well as the physical and mental changes.


With another round of Coaching, Owen intends to keep the momentum continuing.

“I’d just completed a crazy 70-hour work week about a month earlier. I decided to get myself a treat at the shop. When I arrived home, I realized I had forgotten to pick up a box of doughnuts, a bag of chips, or a frozen pizza. I was given a pineapple. Realizing how far I’ve come was a really amazing experience.”

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Damian’s 14-pound muscle-building transformation

When Damian and his wife went to a Carnival celebration, he sensed something wasn’t quite right.

“On stage, Machel Montano was performing his song ‘Famalay.’ I recall raising my hand and singing along, and I was exhausted within 10 seconds. “I’m exhausted.”

He realized at that time that he wasn’t really caring for himself.

“I wasn’t working out. I wasn’t eating well at the time. He adds, “I didn’t know what to eat.”

Metabolic illness is common in Damian’s home country of Trinidad. Damian wanted to feel better while while avoiding becoming a statistic. “I wanted to set a good example for my kids and wife by demonstrating how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Damian chose to concentrate on muscle development and consistency when he joined up for Coaching. It wasn’t a simple task.

Damian adds, “I’ve always had the attitude that every obstacle is a chance for development.” Through employment, parenting children, and COVID-19, he relied on his fortitude to stay with the program no matter what.

Damian was able to gain 14 pounds of lean muscle as a consequence of his hard work. He just followed the regimen week after week, day after day.

That is how significant change occurs.


Damian before (left, middle) and after gaining 14 pounds of muscle–as well as lifelong diet and exercise habits.

“I’m receiving more than simply what my eyes can see from this encounter. Along the process, I acquired characteristics I’d never considered before, such as being proactive, consistent, and resilient, all of which have led to me being more confident and able to do even more in the future.”

This lady lost weight for the first time in years, and what occurred next astounded her (in an awesome way).

Leor needed to lose weight in preparation for a wedding she’d be attending shortly. She’d tried a number of different programs in the past, but she couldn’t seem to stay with them for very long.

Leor explains, “I viewed things as a huge shift, believing I had to accomplish it all at once.” “I’d think to myself, ‘If I can’t do it properly, it’s not worth trying.’”

Leor, 40, understood the importance of eating slowly and mindfully. She was also aware of the need of eating healthy meals. Her issue is that she hasn’t done it yet.

She learned about Coaching via a friend and decided to join up in the hopes of improving her situation. She could see PN was different right immediately. She liked how adaptable the software was.

She adds, “It wasn’t about perfection at all.”

Each morning, Leor listened to her lectures while showering. “At the end of the day, I’d reflect and wonder, ‘Okay, what did I really accomplish today?’ Is there anything more I need to do?’ I used PN to start and end my day.”

Her body began to alter as well.

The wedding, on the other hand, came and went.

Things became more difficult after that.

“It was like refocusing and reframing after the wedding, trying to find a new goal,” she explains.

Her job as an assistant professor at a Barbados medical school was also very hectic at the time. As a result, Leor concentrated on two habits that she could carry with her wherever she went: mindful eating and eating slowly.

It’s not like she didn’t know what those two ideas meant. Her grandma had attempted to eat consciously and dieted often when she was younger. But, until PN, they were simply intellectual concepts; she had never put them into action. “Practice this and give it a chance,” she urged herself this time.

It was well worth it.

Leor recognized she’d reached a significant milestone one day. For the first time in more than a decade, she weighed less than 200 pounds.

“The following day, I noticed a shift in my attitude,” she adds. “Breaking 200 was such a huge deal. I couldn’t think about anything else since I was so fixated on that number. To be able to question, ‘Where else can you put your energy?’ placed me in a new cognitive position. It made it possible for additional items to come in.”

She made the decision to become more active, perhaps by trying yoga.

She had lost a total of 39 pounds at the end of the year.


Leor before and after coaching (left). “It was a lot easier than I anticipated,” she adds.

“I learnt little, basic tasks that I could perform quickly and effortlessly in my daily life. I didn’t have to make these huge modifications that would be very difficult and time-consuming. I simply concentrated on a few easy things with PN, and they made a huge impact when taken together.”

A breakup, a move, and COVID-19: This guy’s year may have been the worst of his life, but he still met his fitness objectives.

When Gautham first began coaching in July of this year, life was pretty easy.

Over the previous two years, he’d dropped approximately 30 pounds. He, on the other hand, battled with an all-or-nothing mentality. He desired healthy behaviors that he could stick to.

With PN, Gautham was smashing it. He chose to learn to swim and quickly became proficient in many strokes. He exercised frequently, rode his bike several miles to work every day, ate carefully, and developed a sleep routine that enabled him to wake up refreshed and accomplish more during the day.

Then came the year 2020. Some years seem to be more difficult than others.

A long-term romance abruptly ended. A family member was admitted to the hospital not long after. Gautham witnessed someone steal a pedestrian’s pocketbook a few days later on his way to the gym and pursued the suspect. (He grabbed the bag, but the thief escaped.)

“By January 15, it was all done,” Gautham adds.


Gautham’s closest friends and roommates had moved out by February, so he had to find a new place to live.

When the calendar turned to March, a pandemic hit the United States, and a “shelter in place” order went into force where he resided in Washington, DC.

“It’s a different problem when you suddenly go to a profession that you could theoretically perform from bed—without moving at all,” he adds.

He established a habit of dialing into his nutrition coaching video session every Tuesday. It became his mooring. He assisted other customers with their problems, and the other way around.

“Listening to other people teaches you a lot about yourself,” Gautham adds.

Gautham heard of many family members who had COVID some months into the epidemic. Some people were doing well. Some of them weren’t.

He discovered that he couldn’t sleep, which had an impact on his energy levels.

As a result, he went to his coach, Jonathan Pope, for assistance in reducing his workload.

Gautham set his goals for his exercises to be a 6 or a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. He didn’t lift as much weight or run as fast as he used to. He reminded himself that a level of intensity of 6 was much superior than zero.

Gautham’s physique is now slimmer and 10 pounds lighter after a year. “This is the lightest I’ve ever been, and it makes moving much easier.”

But it’s his attitude that’s altered the most.


Gautham before and after coaching (left). He lost ten pounds and his all-or-nothing mentality.

“There will always be something going on in life. And all you have to do now is figure out how to cope with it and make it work,” he adds.

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This 68-year-old lady dropped 42 pounds by mastering the Turkish outfit. If she isn’t able to motivate you…

Looking at her today, it’s hard to imagine Donna McKinney, 68, spent her days trapped inside her house only a year ago.

Every morning, she turned on the television and sat down in front of it with her breakfast. Throughout the day, she came and went in and out of that room.

Donna remembers, “I knew I was overweight and knew I needed to lose weight, but I was stuck.”

Everything changed during a vacation visit with her kid, who seemed to be much smaller and fitter than previously.

“What did you do?” Donna inquired.

Donna chose to join Coaching after hearing about it from her daughter.

Her only objective is to lose weight. She has two small grandkids who were quite active. She says she didn’t want to be the grandma who couldn’t sit on the floor with her grandchildren and play games with them.

Donna’s body began to change in unexpected ways. She couldn’t figure out where her arms or legs were supposed to go the first time she attempted a Turkish get-up. But she broke down the practice into small stages over time and with a lot of care.

“It became automatic one day. I’m sure I could knock them out without even thinking about it. That was a watershed moment for me.”

Donna’s hips began to feel tight and then uncomfortable at the five-month point. Her low back was tingling with the sensation. She was diagnosed with arthritis and tendonitis after visiting a doctor.

“I was eating better, working out more, and losing weight—and then arthritis decided to take over my body? She expresses her dissatisfaction with the situation. “Thank God for my coach,” says the narrator.

Donna’s coach, Pam Ruland, encouraged her to concentrate on her abilities rather than her limitations.

”Previously, I would just push, push, push. ‘I can do this,’ I tell myself. Don’t be a coward. ‘Just do it,’ Donna urges. “However, I need to figure out what works best for my body. That’s something I can accept now. It has enabled me to delve deeper within myself than I could have imagined.”


Donna’s weight reduction of 42 pounds before and after. She can now get up from the floor with ease, even while carrying a grandchild.

Donna has lost 42 pounds in a year.

More importantly, Donna has an unmistakable sense of vigor. Her eyes twinkle with glee. Her skin is radiant. Her grin seems to be permanent.

She’s also the grandma she’s always imagined herself to be. She adds, “I still have arthritis, and it’s not going away.” “However, we run and play and pretty much do anything they want.”

And what about that television?

Donna adds, “It’s rarely on anymore.” “A great deal has changed. I’m a completely different person.”

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The training that I have been working on has been going very well. I have been able to maintain a 4:1 mile time and keep my weight down. The best part is I have been able to be more consistent with my training and have been able to be quicker in my workouts. I am also more confident in my ability to perform well in races.. Read more about sphere of control precision nutrition and let us know what you think.

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