Chicken Saltimbocca | 1g Carb Keto Dinner Welcome to a recipe that is keto, low carb, as well as paleo friendly! It is a simple and quick recipe that provides excellent flavors and nutrients. One of the ingredients is cauliflower, which is a great vegetable for inclusion in the keto diet. The chicken is the most important part of this dish, and the saltimbocca is the way to go.

As you can see, there are no carbs in this dish, which is a keto dinner recipe that I learned from the Ketogenic Diet book. It is a perfect comfort food, which is common in Italian cuisine. I like serving this dish with olive oil, parmesan cheese, and broccoli.

This recipe requires a little more work than some of the Quick & Easy Keto recipes I’ve shared recently, but the result is so worth it. This recipe calls for cooking up boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and then seasoning them with prosciutto (to give it a little bit of a salty kick) and mozzarella cheese, before wrapping them all together in prosciutto and sage (or parsley) and baking them off.

What is Saltimbocca Chicken?

That was my initial thought when I heard Anne Burrell on Worst Cooks in America ordering her pupils to cook this dish. I’d never heard of it before, which is strange given that I’m Italian and all of my family’s women prepare delectable Italian cuisine. Saltimbocca Chicken, it turns out, is a fantastic blend of chicken, prosciutto, and spinach. We only needed a few small tweaks to make this dish keto-friendly, and we were eating an Italian classic in no time.

Stress Reduction in the Kitchen

When I need to de-stress, I already go to the kitchen. One of my favorite things in the world is to put on some headphones and listen to a fantastic podcast while making a fresh and inventive cuisine in the kitchen. Pounding the chicken with a hammer adds a stress-relieving element to this recipe! Is it going to get better? It’s critical to thinly slice the chicken for this recipe since it will be simpler to roll up and cook more evenly. Because we didn’t have a kitchen mallet, we just used a regular hammer, so that’s always an alternative! 

Changes that could be made to this Saltimbocca Chicken

Although this meal is tasty, some of the components can be costly. Prosciutto, for example, will set you back an arm and a leg, and a beautiful block of Asiago cheese will set you back even more. We always advise you to use our recipes as a starting point and make changes as needed. If you want, you can switch up the meat and cheese. Another wonderful combination for a fraction of the price would be provolone and deli style ham. chicken saltimbocca close vertical

Make it fatter!

This recipe contains more protein than a typical keto dinner, but that may be adjusted! This chicken saltimbocca begs to be drizzled with olive oil. Make sure to sprinkle a generous quantity over the top before serving! Easy Keto Chicken Saltimbocca - Stuffed Chicken!

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Chicken Saltimbocca

Chicken Saltimbocca is a keto-friendly Italian classic that can be made with a few small tweaks.

45 minutes in total

6 serving sizes of 4 ounces

Calories in a single serving: 431.7kcal

15-minute prep time

30 minutes to prepare


  • Chicken breasts should be cut into 4 ounce chunks. Then butterfly and flatten each 4oz chunk with a mallet. (You can see this in the video above.)

  • On each piece of chicken, place 1 slice of prosciutto. Distribute the spinach and asiago cheese evenly among the chicken pieces.

  • To keep the chicken together while cooking, roll it up and insert a toothpick into each piece.

  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil, heated in a pan over medium heat When the oil has reached the desired temperature, add the chicken. Cook for a total of 30 minutes. Because of their size, these take a long time to cook; make sure they are fully cooked before serving.

  • When serving, drizzle olive oil over the top. Enjoy!

Nutritional Information

Chicken Saltimbocca

Per Serving Amount

Calories from Fat 255 Calories from Fat 431.7

daily value in percent*

Fat (28.3 g) (44 %)

Carbohydrates (1.8g/1%)

0.5g2 percent fiber

45.7 g (91%) protein

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.

Chef’s Specialty: Main Dish


chicken saltimbocca is a term used to describe a dish made using saltimbocca chicken.

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