Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Springfield. It has been featured on multiple television shows and was even awarded the title of “Best Italian Food” by the Springfield newspaper.

Chicken Parmigiana is a dish that originated in Italy. It consists of breaded and fried chicken cutlets topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and parsley. The dish is often accompanied by pasta or risotto.

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Disclaimer on the Recipe
  • The recipe for Tony’s Town Square Restaurant’s Parmigiana-Reggiana chicken was provided to me by Walt Disney World Guest Services or a Disney Chef at the restaurant.
  • The Disney Chefs may have toned down the Chicken Parmigiana dish from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant for the home cook. For The Recipes Of Disney, I make no modifications to the recipes that Disney has provided me.
  • Photos of the cuisine were taken on different visits to Disney throughout the years. All of the dishes on The Recipes Of Disney came from my own Disney recipe collection, which began in 2013.
[intro] In Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Tony’s Town Square is located on Main Street USA. This Italian eatery is known for its Chicken Parmigiana. Dinsey eaters love this breaded chicken. [/intro]

Disney’s Main Street, United States of America

[custom class=”” bigletter] When you enter Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you are immediately engulfed in Main Street USA. The shops on this turn-of-the-century street are based by Walt Dinsey’s birthplace of Marceline, Missouri. [/bigletter]

Fascinating fact:

Did you know that every Main Street USA entry has a railway station above it? Except for Disneyland Tokyo and Disneyland Shanghai Park, that is. – From Wikipedia




Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is located in the heart of the town square.

Why do I bring up Disney’s Main Street USA? Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is located in the town square of Main Street USA, near the railway station.


Tony’s Town Square is based on a tiny Italian restaurant seen in the Disney animated film Lady and the Tramp. Do you recall the moment in which the dogs are sharing a dish of spaghetti?




Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken Parmigiana is a traditional Italian dish. Of course, Tony’s Town Square, in my view, offers the finest chicken parm.


Tender chicken that has been breaded and served over spaghetti with red sauce. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to chicken parmigiana!


For years, this Italian chicken dish has been on the menu at this Disney restaurant. This chicken parm isn’t going away anytime soon, in my opinion. Even so, making this breaded chicken meal for supper is enjoyable.



Time to Prepare: 10 minutes

30 minutes to prepare

40-minute total time

In Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Tony’s Town Square is located on Main Street USA. This Italian eatery is known for its Chicken Parmigiana.



  • 1 breast of chicken
  • 3 oz. breading (recipe follows)
  • Mozzarella cheese, 3 oz.
  • 8 oz. Marinara sauce
  • Parmesan cheese, 2 oz.
  • Pasta, 6 oz.
  • 1 Egg
  • Flour, 3 oz.


  • Bread Crumbs (1 pound)
  • 1 oz. Granulated Garlic
  • 2 oz. Romano Reggiano Reggiano Reggiano Reggiano Reggian
  • Salt and pepper, 2 oz.


  1. Take the chicken and coat it in flour before dipping it into the beaten egg.
  2. After the chicken has been covered in the egg mixture, put it in the breading and thoroughly cover it.
  3. Add oil to a skillet over medium heat and pan fried the chicken. Place the chicken on a paper towel when it’s done.
  4. Place some marinara sauce on top of the chicken, then top with mozzarella cheese and bake until it melts.
  5. Place the cooked hot pasta in a bowl, cover with the remaining sauce, and then top with the chicken.

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Information about nutrition:



Size of Serving:

1 tbsp. per serving 382 calories 95 g total fat 40g Saturated Fat 1 gram of trans fat 42g of unsaturated fat 569mg Cholesterol 234 mg sodium 538g carbohydrate 37 g of fiber 46 g sugar 193g protein


The disney world recipes is a recipe that can be found at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, and it is chicken parmigiana.

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