“Cambodian Fish Noodle Soup” is a perfect example of the type of food you can find in Cambodia. What’s in this soup? It’s relatively cheap, it’s easy to make and it’s very quick. As you can see on the picture, this soup is made of fish, rice noodles and a few vegetables. The fish is usually the first ingredient in this recipe, while the others are chosen depending on your taste. For this dish, you can use any type of fish, but we often use tilapia because it is very mild and is easy to find in local markets

Cambodian Fish Noodle Soup  pairs soft noodles with a flavorful broth of freshly-caught fish and vegetables. On Cambodian street food stands, it’s called Phnom Penh Noodle Soup ; in the US, it’s called Phnom Penh Fish Noodle Soup . The traditional recipe is based on a Chinese noodle soup, but adds in a fish sauce called nuoc mam – pronounced “noom tam” – which is made from fermented fish, shrimp, and other seafood. To find the best version of this dish, try the Phnom Penh Noodle Soup at a Cambodian restaurant or Phnom Penh Market; this version is a little spicier than the traditional recipe.

Some people love fish, some love vegetables, and some love both of them in the same meal, but all of them could use a bowl of this easy and healthy Cambodian Fish Noodle Soup Recipes. It is a great noodle soup recipe consisting of fish, vegetables and some herbs. I have seen a lot of Cambodian recipes, but I have never tried this one, so I will give it a try and let you know if it is as delicious as people say it is.

A wonderful Khmer noodle soup with fish and finger rhizome root. It’s one of Cambodia’s traditional dishes. Let’s make Cambodian Fish Noodle Soup together.


1 rice vermicelli noodle packet    
8 quarts water    
Filet Snakehead fish, basa fish, or catfish, 2 lbs (900 gram)    
4 garlic cloves, minced    
1 tablespoon fresh or frozen finger rhizome roots, minced    
1/2 cup lemon grass, minced (fresh or frozen)    
1 tablespoon fresh galanga root minced (or frozen galanga root minced)    
2 chili flakes (option)    
1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder or 1/2 teaspoon fresh turmeric root grated (option)    
2 tablespoons rice powder (roasted)    
2 green onion stalks, chopped    
2 tblsp. extra virgin olive oil    
1 teaspoon of soy sauce    
sugar (one spoonful)    
2 tbsp. pickled fish (pahok) in a creamy style    

To prepare Cambodian Fish Noodle Soup, follow these instructions.

  1. In a big saucepan, heat 8 cups water until it boils, then add the noodles and simmer until they are soft. Place the cooked noodle in a strainer, rinse it under cold water, and drain it.
  2. Simmer 6 cups water in a big saucepan until it boils, then add the fish to the boiling water and cook until the fish is tender.
  3. Remove the cooked fish from the soup pot and place it in a large mixing bowl, leaving the soup liquid to boil on the heat.
  4. Set aside cooked fish that has been broken down with a fork into tiny pieces.
  5. Put garlic, finger rhizome root, lemongrass, galanga root, chili pepper, turmeric, toasted rice powder, green onion, and 1 cup fish broth in a blender, mix until smooth, and set aside.
  6. Preheat a skillet or wok to high heat.
  7. When the wok is hot, add the oil and spices, stir, then add the fried fish, mix well, then pour in the soup stock and cook until the broth is boiling.
  8. Simmer for 15 minutes before serving, seasoning with fish sauce, sugar, and creamy style pickled fish (pahok).


Put some mixed veggies (bean sprouts mixed with shredded cabbage, cucumber, banana blossom, and mint) in a serving dish, top with cooked noodle, and pour hot soup over. Serve right away.

Please have pleasure in it.



Dessert with Corn Pudding

daily value in percent

109.9 g total carbohydrate (40%)

Cholesterol (66 mg): 22%

31.7 g total fat (41.7 %)

Saturated Fat: 7.2g (36%).

4 g of dietary fiber (14%)

65 percent protein, 32.7 g

90 percent sodium, 2072mg

10.1 g of sugars (20%)

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