In this article we have listed down some of the best steamed clams recipes and made it easier for you to prepare the best clams. Steamed clams are a perfect choice when you are looking for something special to eat but do not have much time to cook. The steamed clams recipe will not only make your taste buds happy but also will make you the star of the dinner party.

In this post we will tell you how to prepare the best steamed clams recipe, which is a dish that is very loved by the people of all ages. In this dish, we used clams, which are eaten by people all over the world. There are many ways in which you can prepare this dish, but the best way is as follows: First, you have to wash the clams thoroughly and clean them. You can use the vegetable brush to clean the shell of the clam. After that, you should use the scissors to cut the clam, which has been cleaned.

Steamed Clam Recipe – “steamed clams in white wine sauce” sounds fancy, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. There is a simple way to make a stylish and delicious meal out of it that just requires few ingredients and about 20 minutes of your time.

So easy to make and so delicious! This time of year, our Best Steamed Clam Recipe is a fantastic non-traditional dinner! With JUST THREE INGREDIENTS, you can spice up your Christmas party! Who knew clams were such a simple meal to prepare? Make a fast butter dipping sauce and let the kids go at it! There are a total of 5 components in this dish.

My family has a habit of spending a week at Ocean City, New Jersey, every year. Thirty of us arrive in this very beautiful town and spend seven days straight catching up over meals, walks down the promenade, visits to the beach, and bike rides. Every year, we designate Tuesday night as Clam-Night… every year! Everyone comes over for what turns out to be one of the best evenings of the trip. My father gets these wonderful little-neck clams in the morning, we put them on ice, and everyone comes over for what turns out to be one of the finest nights of the trip. The Best Steamed Clam Recipe is usually used.

When it comes to clams, how open do they have to be?

To begin with, you don’t want your clams to be open when you purchase them. Clams, unlike mussels, do not open until they are completely cooked. If any of the clams do not open after boiling, they were either not cooked long enough or they are rotten and should be destroyed.

How should clams be washed before cooking?

Just before cooking, immerse your clams in fresh water for 20 minutes after purchasing them. We always fill her up by plugging the sink and putting them in there. The clams will filter the fresh water as they breathe. The clams expel salt water and sand out of their shells when this occurs. The clams will have cleansed themselves of most of the salt and sand they have accumulated after 20 minutes. Once you’ve drained the water, they’re ready to cook!


The following are the ingredients for our Best Steamed Clam Recipe:

  • 250 Clams with a Short Neck
  • 1 Shiner Bock Beer bottle
  • Water

Sauce for dipping:

  • 2 pound of butter
  • 1 tbsp Garlic, minced


To prepare our Best Steamed Clam Recipes, follow these steps:

First and foremost, we strive to use as much fresh produce as possible. Pick at least 250 little-neck clams the morning or afternoon before you want to use them. Then, in coolers, store them on ice.

When you’re ready to create them, rinse them in the sink with cold tap water. If you have time, soak them for approximately 20 minutes.


Make sure there are no “mudders” (clams that are dead when they arrive) while washing them in the sink. You’ll be able to tell which ones are excellent since they’ll be slightly open and shut quickly when you touch on them.

Then, for faster and more uniform cooking, we put them on an aluminum pan that spans two burners. 1 inch of water per 250 clams is about right.


Then, in each pan, pour one full bottle or can of Shiner Bock beer. We like this beer in general, but it’s especially good for this dish since it’s not too strong. Instead of overpowering the tastes, it enhances them.


Finally, place a lid on the clam dish. Turn up the heat on the burners. It will take approximately 30-40 minutes to steam them. After 25 minutes, you may inspect them again. The clams are about to open up, and you’re waiting for them to do so.

How to make the butter mixture:

We prepare the butter mixture while the clams are cooking. Simply place the two sticks of butter in a sauce pan, add the garlic, and swirl on low heat until it melts and becomes aromatic. There’s no need to bring it to a boil; simply leave it on low and stir every now and again.

We move the aluminum pan to a table with potholders after the steaming is complete, and the family dives in!


The last thing to remember is to go out and grab some! You might think that eating 250 clams would take a long time, but you would be wrong! When you put these things in front of everyone, they take off. Even my 7-year-old goes for them, as you can see in the photo below! This meal will go a long way during the holidays if you can get your hands on some clams. It’s a great change-up from the usual holiday food. It will relieve some of your stress since the greatest part of the recipe is how easy it is! S-I-M-P-L-E.


20-minute prep time

Time to cook: 40 minutes

1 hour in total


  • 250 Little-Neck Clams (Fresh)
  • 1 Shiner Bock bottle/can
  • Water
  • 2 pound of butter
  • 1 TBS Garlic, minced


  1. Fresh water should be used to rinse the clams. Allow for a 20-minute soak if time permits.
  2. In an aluminum tin, place the clams.
  3. Fill the tin with 1 inch of water.
  4. Cover and pour beer over clams.
  5. Turn the burners to high and steam for 30-40 minutes, checking for clams after 25 minutes.
  6. Melt butter in a sauce pan and add garlic while the clams are steaming. Reduce the volume to a minimum.
  7. Serve with the butter after all of the clams have opened.
  8. Enjoy!

Information about nutrition:



Size of Serving:

1 tbsp. per serving 191 calories 19g total fat 12g Saturated Fat 1 gram of trans fat 6 g of unsaturated fat 54 milligrams of cholesterol 250 mg sodium 2 g carbohydrate 0g fiber 0 g sugar 3 g protein

(Nutritional information is an estimate that may vary depending on cooking techniques and ingredient brands utilized.)

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In my experience, steamed clams are as easy to eat as they are to describe. In fact, they’re so easy to eat at home, that when I made them for the first time, I asked my wife to stop by the supermarket on the way home, and buy a package of fresh clams, just for me.. Read more about steamed clams recipe with beer and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best clam for steaming?

The best clam for steaming is the steamers that are sold in stores.

What do you soak clams in before steaming?

The most common way to steam clams is to place them in a pot of boiling water with some salt and butter.

What makes steamed clams chewy?

The cooking process that makes them chewy is called steaming.

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