Since going gluten-free, I’ve discovered some amazing German Christmas cookies that you can make without gluten. The problem is that they’re not too easy to find in the United States, and that’s a big shame. That’s why I’m sharing these gluten-free German Christmas Cookies with you.

If you can’t be home for Christmas but still want to enjoy the festive spirit, why not bake some tasty German cookies? We have the recipe for you: These traditional Christmas cookies are very easy to make and everyone loves them! You can also be creative and make your own special Christmas treat!

Back in November, we covered how Germans celebrate Christmastime. Among their many traditions, they also invented some of the most delicious cookies in the world. Some of these are traditional, like gingerbread, but others are not, like the ubiquitous torta de queso, which is a sandwich of sorts made with cheese, ham and herbs. They are festive, tasty, and — above all — fun to make!

Are you looking for authentic German Christmas cookies? They’re in our possession!

Nothing screams “holiday season” to us like a fresh batch of German Christmas cookies!

There are many of excellent German Christmas cookie recipes, ranging from hard German Christmas cookies to soft cookies, traditional Pfeffernüsse to Lebkuchen and butter cookies.

plate of german christmas cookies on white counterA dessert dish piled high with traditional Christmas sweets from Germany!

It’s no secret that Germans like Christmas sweets, and we adore traditional German treats as well.

Lisa was not only born and raised in Germany, but we also had the good fortune of traveling throughout Germany together over the holidays.

The sights and scents of German Christmas Market cuisine are something that everyone should do. Of course, sampling the wonderful sweets associated with the holidays, such as Aachener Printen, is a must!

There are a plethora of German Christmas cookie recipes to choose from. It’s interesting to observe how German Christmas cookies (and their recipes) vary depending on location or custom.

Because of the ingredients used, certain cookie recipes have a long history. Here, Lebkuchen comes to mind.

Traditional spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and anise are evident in certain cookies, but not all of them. If you need to make some, you can even get gluten-free German Christmas cookies!

1629407912_782_10-Delicious-German-Christmas-Cookies-RecipesChoose your favorite German Christmas cookie… Any one will suffice!

Apart from their social significance, German Christmas cookies are an important element of enjoying the holidays with friends and family.

Because many of these cookies are simple to prepare, they may be made in big quantities and divided in cookie tins amongst families. This was something Lisa’s family used to do.

Are you looking for more Christmas cookies? Take a look at these Christmas sweets from Europe!

Check out our cookie recipes below if you want to make some classic German Christmas sweets. You’ll discover a variety of cookie kinds and flavors to choose from.

These recipes don’t call for any unusual materials or equipment, so you can relax and enjoy baking Christmas cookies. Have a good time and let us know which holiday sweets you prefer!

Butterplätzchen, or German Butter Cookies, are a traditional Christmas treat. These simple cookies crumble away in your mouth, with a golden exterior and a delightfully buttery interior.

Butter cookies are fun to create with kids since they may be decorated in any way you choose. You may also cut them into a variety of holiday shapes, like as stars and Christmas trees.

The simple glaze adds to their sweetness, but they’re equally wonderful on their own!

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Another famous German holiday treat is Pfeffernüsse, or German Spice Cookies. These delicious cookies are flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and crushed pepper.

The beauty of Pfeffernüsse is that they are very simple to prepare. You may also choose for a basic glaze or leave them unglazed. Spice cookies, in any case, don’t stay long on the Christmas dessert table!

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You must bake Lebkuchen if you want genuine German gingerbread biscuits. These gingerbread cookies are known as Elisenlebkuchen, and they originate in the Nuremberg region.

These chewy and soft cookies are prepared using a handmade gingerbread spice blend and filled with nuts and candied citrus (orange and lemon). For the ideal sweet topping, Lebkuchen are dipped in chocolate or icing.

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Do you want to create adorable tiny jam-filled sandwich cookies in a variety of shapes? Linzer Cookies are on your mind!

These traditional Christmas sweets, popular in Austria but also in Germany and elsewhere, are colorful and tasty.

The coating of sweet jam or fruit preserves is another feature, in addition to the crumbly, buttery texture. Fillings like as red currant, raspberry, or apricot are popular, and they’re finished with a coating of powdered sugar. Making this was a lot of fun!

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Due to their form and flavor, these German Cinnamon Stars, also known as Zimtsterne in German, are another ideal Christmas cookie. These gluten-free Christmas cookies are packed with ground almond and cinnamon.

Cinnamon stars are sweet and chewy, and they’re delicious with or without the glaze!

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Spritzgebäck, or German Spritz Cookies, are another delicious Christmas treat. You can certainly be creative with these cookies since there are so many different shapes to make and the dough is so distinctively patterned!

Spritzgebäck is a simple dough that may be dipped in melted chocolate for extra sweetness and creativity.

Because of the various forms and the chocolate dipping portion, they are another wonderful German holiday treat to make with kids!

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Is it true that macarons are a Christmas cookie? That’s not the case. These simple Coconut Macaroons, on the other hand, are a traditional German holiday “cookie-like” delicacy, so they deserve a mention!

These flaky shredded coconut macaroons are made with only four ingredients that you probably have on hand if you bake.

These vanilla macaroons are chewy on the inside and slightly crispy on the exterior, and they’re wonderfully sweet!

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Vanilla Crescent Cookies, also known as Vanillekipferl, are light, crumbly cookies that are simple to prepare and much simpler to eat!

The traditional vanilla cookie is loved all across Germany during the Christmas season, despite the fact that it is officially from Austria.

Vanilla crescent cookies are widely appreciated and finished with a little coating of icing sugar.

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Haselnussmakronen, or German Hazelnut Cookies, are another German Christmas treat that is distinctive in many ways.

These cookies are made with ground hazelnuts and made with an egg white meringue. These cookies are light and airy on the outside, yet chewy and nutty on the inside.

We prefer our Haselnussmakronen a bit bigger (to make them more like cookies), but you can definitely pipe them smaller to get a traditional and light hazelnut macaron form.

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Last but not least, there are the German Oatmeal Cookies. These delectable cookies, known in German as Haferplätzchen, are even simpler to prepare than their classic North American cousin.

These oatmeal cookies are substantial and oh-so-satisfying during the holidays, thanks to their rich oats and low sugar content. They are a popular addition to any Christmas cookie platter and go nicely with a hot beverage.

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Okay, so traditional German Rum Balls, also known as Rumkugeln, aren’t exactly a typical Christmas cookie. They are, nevertheless, unmistakably a German Christmas treat!

We had to add these delicious and bite-sized chocolate and rum balls since they fit the bill as a tasty Christmas treat.

Rum balls are simple to prepare and may be covered in a variety of exterior layers, such as cocoa powder or sprinkles, to appeal to a variety of sweet tooths.

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There are many German Christmas cookies, and I’ve tried many of them. Some of them remind me of Christmas, some of them are more Germanic than others, but they are all so good! I hope you will like my Christmas recipe roundup, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know! :-). Read more about german christmas cookies online and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular Christmas cookie in Germany?

The most popular Christmas cookie in Germany is the gingerbread man.

What is the most popular German cookie?

The most popular German cookie is the chocolate chip.

What is the name of the special Christmas cookies in Germany?

The name of the cookies is called Weihnachtskekse and they are a traditional cookie in Germany.