Kyndra Holley is the author of the low carb cookbook ‘Peace, Love & Low Carb’ and is now teaming up with me to bring you world class recipes from her book and mine. I decided to join up with Kyndra because I’m always on the look out for new low carb recipes! Let me tell you, her recipes are beyond compare!

This is a collab I did with Kyndra Holley , a blogger and author that focuses on low carb recipes.  Kyndra told me she had recently started to blog about low carb recipes and asked if I wanted to do a collab.  Since I was in school at the time, I asked her if she could send me a post that was already published and I could edit it.  I chose this one because I knew that my family would like it.  I’m glad I did, because I’ve been getting so many positive comments on it.

For the second week in a row, I thought I would play a little game and post a recipe that has been shared by some other bloggers. This week’s recipe is from Kyndra Holley of Peace, Love & Low Carb. Kyndra is one of my long time friends, and I’m very happy to finally be posting her recipes. ~ ~ ~

At Peace, Love, and Low Carb, Kindra Holly is the voice behind the piano. What began as a hobby blog in 2011 has grown to 3 million monthly page views and is now one of the most authoritative sites for low carb and ketogenic diets. Kndra is also the author of many worldwide best-selling cookbooks, with an emphasis on tasty meals made with basic, readily available materials.

We thought it was time to team up on hypoglycemic and ketonic diets with the ever-creative Kyndra, so we’re thrilled to announce the start of a recipe partnership. We hope you like Kndra’s recipes and remember to check back often for new ones. These low-carb dinners will be inspired by these simple but gorgeous dishes.

Before you look at the recipes, read our interview with Kndra to learn more about her. We spoke about her own low-carb journey, her motivation for a sustainable keto diet, her future initiatives and dishes, and much more.

If you believe you know all there is to know about Kndra (and who doesn’t? ), start with the first batch of her recipes. She served us an amazing chicken caprese, delectable fried eggs with a creamy tarragon and chile sauce, colorful pork chops, and a delectable roasted chicken with cashews to give you a sample.

Kydra, thank you for coming!

Kndra income

Kundra Holly is interviewed.

How did you learn about the low-carbohydrate diet?

Kundra Holly: A colleague at work introduced me to the low-carb diet approximately 15 years ago. She had just found the Atkins diet and asked if I would join her in trying it. It was simple to keep to once I got started since it was the first diet I’d discovered that not only helped me lose weight but also didn’t make me feel deprived.

DD : When you first began the low-carb, ketogenic diet, what was the most difficult part?

Kndra: I felt compelled to defend my food choices as I tried to explain my new way of eating to others. It didn’t take long for me to understand that it wasn’t my duty to explain things to them.

DD : What do you reply when someone asks how you’re eating today?

Kndra: When it comes to my diet, I keep an eye on my plate. I don’t defend my eating habits in front of others, nor do I interrogate them about their eating habits. However, when individuals ask questions because they want to learn more, I am glad to assist them. I like assisting individuals who are new to the ketogenic lifestyle.

DD : Many newbies are unaware that the keto diet is more of a way of life than a diet. What advise would you offer to individuals who are just starting out in life and are unsure how to make this lifestyle a long-term commitment?

Kındra: In this case, the greatest advise I can offer is to keep things basic and straightforward. Examining anything infinite times results in analytical paralysis. Begin with the basics and work your way up to the keo method that works best for you. If at all feasible, choose genuine, whole meals that are abundant in nutrients and stay away from overly processed convenience items.

DD : The keto diet is often seen as an expensive one.

Kındra: This, I believe, has a lot to do with the recent surge of keto products on the market, as well as how they are marketed to the target demographic. To thrive in the keto diet, you don’t need a lot of costly or difficult-to-find specific foods. You’ll be OK if you just eat actual stuff. To save money, shop on sale, purchase bulk, and create a weekly food plan that you adhere to.

DD : Can you describe a normal day in your life?

Kndra: When I get up, the first thing I do is head to the coffee machine. Then I go about my day, sipping my coffee and getting ready for work. If I’m working on a new dish, I plan the recipes for that day and go to the shop to get the supplies. After that, I return home, turn on some music, and begin working my magic in the kitchen. During the day, I may work out or do yoga, and in the evening, I typically unwind with my spouse and pups.


DD : You like seeing new locations and traveling. Do you usually stick to a low-carb diet while trying new meals or do you indulge in local delicacies?

Kndra: I do a little bit of everything. I try to adhere to the keto diet as much as possible, but when I travel, I like to eat and try new foods, and I’ll indulge if I believe it’s worth it.

DD : How do you survive on an aircraft without food? When you have to make decisions you don’t want to make, this may be difficult….. When you travel, do you bring a snack with you? What’s your go-to munchie?

Kındra: My husband and I travel often, and we frequently pack our own food. In most instances, unless you’re traveling abroad, a snack isn’t necessary during flight time in the United States. I believe that people are hardwired to eat on the aircraft or at the movies. Even when I travel, I always stick to a strict diet. We typically head directly to the restaurant or grocery shop after landing if it lasts a long time. If you forget to pack snacks, you may always purchase something delicious at one of the airport eateries and take it with you on the aircraft.

DD : Could you tell us about your personal experience with it?

Kındra: What I enjoy most about it is that it serves as a one-stop shop for anything keto. You’ll discover everything you need in one spot, whether it’s tasty recipes or general health and wellness advice. It’s an amazing and priceless resource.

DD : Can you tell our readers anything about your forthcoming collaboration with the European Environment Agency, and what kind of income can we expect?

Kndra: You can rely on dishes that are simple to prepare, flavorful, and don’t need any unusual ingredients.

DD : Can you tell us anything about your next book, which you’re working on?

Kındra: Yes, this new book has piqued my interest. It’s called Dairy Free Ketogenic Cooking, and I started it to demonstrate that a dairy-free ketogenic diet is not only feasible, but also tasty.

DD : If you were to pick three meals to take to a desert island, what would they be?

Kndra: Dill-dressed chicken salad, a bowl of spring rolls, and a snack plate.

It’s been a long time coming, but my Spring Recipe Collab with Kyndra Holley (Peace, Love & Low Carb) is finally here! In this collab, you’ll find all the recipes you need to keep your body lean, sexy and free of disease. If you’re like me, the hardest part about staying healthy is getting started. You work all day and spend hours cooking dinner at night. What to eat? How to cook? Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you’re hit with another thought that prevents you from moving forward. Say goodbye to all that stress, and let Kyndra, the creator of Peace, Love & Low Carb, show you how it’s done! ~~. Read more about low carb yum and let us know what you think.

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