Gary Taubes’ new book is The Case for Keto . It’s a book on eating that he co-wrote with Dr. Eric Westman, an endocrinologist, and Dr. Stephen Phinney, a cardiologist. The goal of the book is to get people to think about the effect of carbohydrates on health and weight, and to consider the effect of the ketogenic diet (a high-fat, low-carb diet) on health.

Gary Taubes has been at the forefront of the low-carb/high-fat diet battle for as long as I can remember. The main driving force behind his writing and speaking on the subject was his belief that the low-fat diet diet we’ve all been on for the past couple of decades is nothing more than a “failure.”

Big news: Gary Taubes has a new book coming out! You may have seen it on the cover of Time Magazine or The New York Times. In fact, you might have even read it! You really should! It’s called The Case for Keto . And it’s a game-changer.

Are you excited for Gary Taubes’ new book to be released? We offer an extract and audio from one of the top authorities on low-carb diets to fire your desire for new meals.

Gary Taubes, a scientific writer, has done more to promote low-carb and keto diets than anybody else. Gary began the movement in 2002 with his essay What If It Was a Big Fat Lie?, which was followed by his books Good Calories, Bad Calories, Why We Get Fat, and The Case Against Sugar.

Gary is back with The Case for Keto, his newest book. He has written a fascinating book outlining why many individuals should explore a ketogenic diet by combining his research and writing talents, his knowledge of the history of obesity therapy, and interviews with more than 100 physicians.

We are delighted to provide you with a sample of this book. To begin reading, go here. In addition, you may learn more about Gary in his most recent interview on The Podcast. Have a blast!

Do you want to read the whole book?

Gary Taubes’ book The Case for Keto is available on Amazon.

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In 2014, Gary Taubes, a renowned journalist and bestselling author, published a groundbreaking book called The Case Against Sugar . In that book he explained the science behind the excess sugar in the Western diet, and the role that sugar plays in our modern health problems. His new book, The Case for Keto, is a must-read for anyone struggling with weight loss or obesity, and is an interesting look at the current state of the science behind carbohydrate restriction, or ketosis.. Read more about gary taubes ted talk and let us know what you think.

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