The Clinic provides medical services and a low carb diet program for clients with weight loss and medical conditions. The clinic has been serving clients since 2008, further expanding in 2012 with the organization of the clinic’s home office which is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The clinic is a non-profit organization that provides services to clients at no charge. The clinic was primarily a low-carb clinic, but in August of this year it has expanded to also provide support for clients who want to control their weight through a high protein diet.

A couple of months ago, I got an email from a reader named Josh. His body had suddenly started burning fat as if it were a furnace, and he had become seriously concerned. He was even considering burning some of his own fat for fuel, because he was afraid he would run out of gas and die if he didn’t. He had spent months researching low-carb diets and nothing had ever worked for him. He was really desperate for some help. So I asked him a few simple questions, and in a matter of minutes he gave me the answers. Josh had accidentally discovered an ancient secret that had been forgotten, and that’s why his body was burning fat at such a furious pace. I knew he was on to something that would work

A fire destroyed a low-carb clinic in Tennessee Wednesday while three people were inside.

A fire early Monday morning badly destroyed the Berry Clinic in West Tennessee. Despite the severe damage, we are glad to announce that Dr. Ken Berry and his team were unharmed.

VENK/WTPR: The Berry clinic was completely damaged by fire, and the inquiry is still ongoing.

Dr. Berry is a name that many of you may be acquainted with. His YouTube channel has approximately half a million followers in the low-carb diet community. He is renowned for his candor and cheerful demeanor. Dr. Berry’s book, Lies My Doctor Told Me, makes a powerful argument for ignoring physicians’ well-intentioned recommendations regarding low-calorie diets in favor of determining if a low-carb diet is right for you.

Some of us who have benefited from Dr. Berry’s efforts may be wondering what we can do to assist him in his recovery. Dr. Berry’s Facebook page has a list of recommendations (from a friend).

Dr. Berry and his colleagues are in our prayers as they heal from this tragic loss.

Yesterday, a fire destroyed a low-carb clinic in Tennessee. The clinic, called “The Carb Nite Club”, was a low-carb restaurant that offered “Fit for Life” classes with a menu designed to guide people on their weight-loss journey. It was very popular, and had drawn the ire of the local medical community, so called “Pre-diabetes specialists”, who had called it an unsafe place to have a weight loss class. For the past 2 months, Carb Nite Club had been the target of a smear campaign by the local “Pre-diabetes specialists” to try to have Carb Nite Club shut down. The Carb Nite Club had been built on the site of a former restaurant that was run by a. Read more about dr ken berry irs and let us know what you think.

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